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Posted 2/19/08
Boys Be is one of those first romance animes that i watched back in 2000.It is pretty nostalgic when i think about it.Basically,it is about a group of friends dealing with love and hormone.

Boys Be is okay but the huge problem with it is that it has too many relationships.As a result,the relationships are not fully explored,and this really pull the show down.For romance anime,i would enjoy it best if there were dramas going on,but the dramas here are not much or exciting enough.Let's just say the lack of emotion is the cause of it.There are not much character development either.The episodic nature of the show didn't help much.

The animation is not good at all.The characters didn't make much facial expression,so most of the time when you see them they have this flat and dull face that looks the same all the time.But it is a 2000 anime,so i will just overlook that.But heck,they could have widen their budget a bit since this is only 13 episode.

The only thing that i may really like is the theme songs as well as the background songs.I thought it fit the anime perfectly.

You should probably watch this if you like slice of life anime with romance in it.But dont expect too much drama in it like KGNE.

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Posted 5/24/08
Yeah.. Boys Be should have more than 20 episode to deepen each of the characters story.. But, maybe because of budget.. Great anime though.. The plot is good and the story line is great.. Nice anime to watch with someone you like.. *smiles*
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