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aya_cool wrote:

momogoldfish wrote:

Anyone interested in drawing a mecha based manga? I would do it myself but anything much bigger than a human kills me XD...
Basically it's an apocalypse manga in the tradition of evangelion...

The story begins at the end of a normal school day, 15 yr old female lead Yuko is joking around with her friends when suddenly a beam of light zaps her and several others (including potential romantic interest and fellow classmate Shun) up into the sky!

The beam of light were apparently caused by extraterrestrial beings who had abducted a small number of Earthlings for several weeks before returning (most) of them back to Earth, mind wiped and plus one barcode style brand on the face. At first the alien abductees attracted wide media attention, but things began to go wrong when people associated with them started to sicken and die...

Fast forward three one knows how to smile anymore...

Though the alien abductees themselves were immune, the disease they brought back from the aliens have wiped out 99.9999% of Earth's population. Calling themselves the 'cursed ones' the abductees have formed into small, widespread communities connected only by a wiki-style internet site called Ocean. Whilst each person deals with the grief of causing the death of their closest and dearest, it seems that the aliens are not willing to leave the remnants of humanity alone.

Main characters:
Yuko (18): Female protagonist of the story, pilots the Venus von Willendorf shaped Archetype Mother that specialises in defence. Personality wise she is determined and resourceful but emotionally vulnerable.
Shun (18):Classmate of Yuko who was abducted as well. Formerly loud and brash the tragedy of the past 3 yrs have turned him into a withdrawn and silent wraith with amnesia. Grows half of his hair long to hide the brand on his face. Pilots the shape-shifting Archetype Fugue that specialises in speed.
Shitai (23): Formerly a happy-go-lucky ronin who now views the world with a cynical and nihilistic attitude. Shitai (dead body in Japanese) is not his real name but the one he adopted after what he views to be the end of the world. Pilots the Archetype Elektra that is bristling with guns and cannons of every shape and description.
Yuta (17):Self taught computer genius who is one of the leaders of community Eden where the above 3 resides. He suffered spinal injury during the mob violence that followed the outbreak of the disease and is now confined to a wheelchair. Calm and brilliant, he is the strategist and main contributor of information from their community to Ocean.

If anyone's interested, PM me and I will fill in the details ^_^

Can I do the mecha design for the bad guys?

Sure, actually I have no idea wat the bad guys mecha will look like...but make sure they are reasonably alien (hopefully not too humanoid). Look forward to seeing them, mayb you could post them somewhere 6_^
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