how do u feel sometimes?
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Posted 7/19/07
there are times when i feel like i am left out. i feel like no one listens to me no more. i have always been a good friend and not once have i ever stopped listening or turned away. these days i no longer talk about the way i feel because just telling people that i thought would listen just ends up brushing me away.

example my cousin. we have been with each other since the day we were born. we have always been close we are both interested in the same things. i use to be able to tell her and talk to her about anything without her judging me. but now i feel like she looks down on me due to the fact that i didn't past my lifeguard test.
when ever i am with her i feel like i don't have to worry about anything. i could crack jokes with her and just be me even when i am depressed. i think that it is cool to be interested in the same stuff but she finds it annoying.
i see her as my twin soul. someone i could do everything and anything with, but it seems like she dont see it the same way. when she sees me she acts like i am always bothering her or something.

i hate to be left alone. i hate to be not cared for. and that is exactly how i feel sometimes. people make me feel like i dont matter much to them. people tend to leave me behind unless they need something and they act like as if im not even there to begin with.

i have been going through a hard breakup for the past half a year and when i try to talk to people about it, they either ignore me or they dont even try to comfort me and life only gets harder by the day for me. i feel like i should just quit and give up on everything i have. sports was my only salvation from these kinds of problems but since the seasons are over its kind of hard for me to be motivated.

i desperately want to find someone that i could talk to. i just want to have someone be there for me when i need it. someone to care for me. someone to comfort me and hold me and tell me that everything is going to be ok when i feel like the whole world is just going against me.

but as of this moment i feel like i am on my own in this big cold world.
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Posted 7/19/07
heeey..i see you have problems, but yenno keep your chin up !
eventually things blow over and meanwhile, yeaah it's hard to deal with.
stay strong .
Posted 7/19/07
you posted this already. No one cares!
~locked again
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Posted 7/19/07
Sorry, please do not use this as your personal blog space.

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