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F / Chronos Academy
Posted 2/19/08
Review your favourite manga here. Tell us the following:
1.The name of the manga
2. The mangaka (author)
3. Genre (whether it's supernatural, romance, comedy etc)
3. What's it about?
4. Why you think other people should read it ?
5. What makes it interesting?
6. Your rating (out of 10)?
Anything else you think is important to tell other people about.

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25 / F / st lunatic high s...
Posted 2/25/08

-the gentlemen's alliance/shinshi doumei kurosu
-Arina Tanemura
-drama, romance, school Life, shoujo
-In return for a business loan of 50 million yen, the prestigious Kamiya family gave their daughter Haine away to the Otomiya family. Haine, now an Otomiya, is appointed to the student council of the exclusive Imperial Academy, a private school for the aristocracy. Even though Haine is of proper lineage to be on the council, she finds herself struggling to find her place among the many secrets of its elite members, especially those of the president who holds her heart--Shizumasa Togu, aka "the Emperor."
-(i'll get back to you on this)
-(i shall also get back to you on this) >.<"

be prepared to be surprised, there are alot of surprises in this manga!
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25 / F / st lunatic high s...
Posted 3/13/08
-st lunatic high school
-comedy, supernatural
-forced to attend the prestigious st lunatic high school Niko Kanzaki discovers a haunting secret in her demon filled night classes. she applies higher learning to find out the differences between the humans and demons but the mysterious ren shows her that the races also share some things in common
-i highly recommend this manga because it's quite funny, and the story line is pretty good, and the characters are great, and the artwork is pretty darn spiffy, if i don't say so myself ;]
-not sure if there is anything else to know...oh...this series goes for 2 volumes .. :|

well just read it, and that is all

i will protect my ninja way~~ (^_^~)
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