Short and dirty:
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Posted 2/20/08
Short and dirty:
1. Prizes: 3 stars and 2 shirts offered.
2. Write a 1 200 to 10 000 word short story or poem.
3. Ends on Febuary 15th on Midnight (PST). (might extend this)

Table of Contents: [use ctrl-f and type in the number value (ex. to find welcome message)
[1] - Welcome!
[2] - The Prizes.
[3] - Tools and tips
[4] - Rules
[.5] - The submission method.

[1] If it's one thing I've learned during my time as a member of this website, it is that there is a lot of hidden talent here. You see Painters, Photographers, Graphic designers, Profile Poets and [b...
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