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Posted 2/20/08
Well it's more like of a story/poem. ^____^ but here it is. hope you guys like~

Something inside me keeps me trapped at night.

Anything would help, with a little push from sight.

The light flickers and reflects through the glass,

So much to go through, as that little energy ball expands.

The room cuts out the breathable air,

"What keeps me here?" Is what I ask while playing with a strand of hair.

There are things questionable, to me and to God,

A battle and war that is yet to be fought.

"You can't stay in the past, you must focus on the present."

That keeps coming in and out of my head.

Pondering over and over again on decisions to make,

It drives me insane and I don't know what to take.

The yelling, the screaming, it helps not for me,

For it is something my eyes cannot see.

"I keep circling, when I should confront it directly..."

I fall and sit on the floor gracefully...

I put my hands ontop of my head,

As if maybe, just maybe, an answer might just fall on me instead.

"Closing your eyes might help."

I scoff, knowing how time will tell.

"Maybe if I let darkness consume me, everything will be taken off my chest..."

"If it was possible, I would take all your weight to let you rest..."

That voice was faint, yet familiar.

Darkness was already working and it continued...

"Who are you?" I tried to open my eyes, but the faint light was out of my grasp.

"Here... can you see it? Hold onto my hand..."

"But if I leave, all will come back... I want to stay here.

If I stay, I will have no more need to shed a tear."

"You might be correct, in certain aspects...

But have you ever considered you'll become just like an insect?"

The hand seemed to be reaching out more,

And I could see this glorious imminent glow.

"Why do you want to help me?

I'm nothing but a burden, or are you too blind to see?"

"I'm here to help you, and you are no burden to me.

If I can clearly see, then you can clearly see..."

And something unexpected happen...

That glorious hand reached out as fast as it could, pulled at my arm, and embraced as if I almost fell...

Gently, I felt a warmth on my chest.

And I saw the darkness leave, whilst what came was rest.

"My eyes feel heavy, but I now fear the dark..."

"Don't worry, nothing will lurk...

What I can promise you is this...

It's ok, you may fall asleep,

For I am here, our souls to keep.

I will not let anything happen for you are in my arms,

I shall protect you from anything and anyone.

So sleep for a good long while,

When you wake, I will still be here awaiting you with a gentle kiss and smile."

And with that, I let my eyes close and fall in a slumber,

Knowing that with him close to my side, light will conquer over darkness and I shall fear it no longer....

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Posted 3/1/08
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