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(D. Gray-man)What kind of Akuma are you
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28 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
2.Human skin you are wearing Gender,Appearance soul inside you
4.Akuma appearance
5.Powers Special attacks
6.If you want back story who brought you back and who you directly serve like the Noah or the Earl
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
1) Sir Pimp-a-lot
2) my soul is a boy. my body is a very hot person who will make a girl melt.
3) level-unknown
4) akuma appearance-i am just like a human being
5) powers-by one glance, even w/out direct eye contact, the person shall go into an orgi state.
6) back story. i was a total pimp until the girls i played killed. now i wonder the earth for a while until i finally took ovev this good looking male. now i just roam the world giving people orgi's
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30 / M / The Black Order
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
1. shibui
2. a boy with some cool ass clothes
3. level 5000
4. boy with cool ass clothes
5. i can write on you till you die
6. i was created to kill froi tiedoll because I AM THE BEST ARTIST!!!!!
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23 / M / Canada :D EHHHHHH...
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/21/08
1. Omega
2. A male exorcist who was once a general. He was defeated by The Noah family and the Millenium Earl
3. lvl 5
4.Looks just like a Noah
5. Has anti-Innocence Can make his entire right arm a blade or lance and his right arm a bow with arrows that never stop until they hit their target.
6. Back story, I was the strongest General being General Cross's master . Was sent on a mission to the earls old head quarters
was defeated by 5 lvl 3 akuma 3 of the noah clan and the millenium earl himself
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26 / M / singapore
Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/23/08
1. liquefied poop
2. a small boy wo happened to put his face into a toilet bowl which has been used and broken down for a long time. the bacteria quickly dissolved the boy, afterwhich the earl, having pity on the boy decided to put the boy's soul into the digusting looking leftovers
3.level 1.
4. guess
5.[stink to high heavens]
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25 / M / ~Unkown~
Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/23/08
1. Exp.Akuma666
2.Purplish Red/ Male/ Deus soul 555 to 666
4.shadow creeping though everywhere and when u see my eyes ur shake in fear and all ur sad memories come to pass.
5.the shadows creep in to me and i exploded revealing a pure light and heavenly wings apper(6 wings)
but later the shadow of the light flows upwards and becomes a Akuma looking with 6 wings never dieing...
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23 / M / Hell
Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08
2. hot sexy girl ^^
3. biggest
4. stalkerish
5. able to go through anything and has alot of guns
6. none!!!!! i go for CROSS cus i likelenalee XD
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M / Cambridge, Ontario
Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08
1. ragnarok
2. cute innocent girl that no one would think that she is spying the black order organization
3. level 4
4. looks like a dark shadow with red burning eyes
5. deletes the existence/s of a person/s, remove there memory( if she doesn't want to kill that person), can change into different appearances in human form , (cant be detected by the "talking gate" or by allen that she's an akuma)
6. was sent by a noah to spy on the black organization or give them false information about millennium earl's plans
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23 / M / Deep in the Sea O...
Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08
1.Allen Walker
2.Normal Human
3.level 4.5
4.Still a normal Human
5.Enhanced human senses by 5000 times Enhanced strength/speed/intelligence/life span by a million time Controls the very fabric of time and space.
6.Created upon When a Noah and a Level 4 are mixed together and went on a mission to spy on girls panties
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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08

1.Yagami Light
2.Human / Male
3.Level ----- N/A (Too high to be calculated)
4.Smexy O_O
5. Make the enemies tell him their name and write the enemy's name in a smexy position on to da Death Note and BAM! The person's dead..
6. No background cus hes the GOD!
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25 / M / Malaysia
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
omfg this forum rawks!!!
looks like a normal guy
turn ppl into poop
back ground: a guy who forgot to fluch accidentally fell into the toilet bowl and got flushed into oblivion , returned to serve the earl for revenge on himslef??? xp
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27 / M / Portugal
Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/13/08
2.psycho diclonius girl with pink hair,horns and that has 2 personalities
3.lvl5(almost 6 just needs to hunt some more humans)
4.She has the same characteristics of the human girl she was born from and some extras,that includes:
horns(bigger then the ones when she was human),sexy pink hair,red eyes,human form,sexy outfit
5.her attacks are powerful and fast,her weapons are the vectors,she can grow them the length she pleases and she has 45 of them.
Her special attack is vector hengen hanshoku that multiplies her vectors and gives her 2 times the speed and power,but when she does it the vectors become visible.
6.died when kouta smashed a plate on her head by accident(the plate was very expensive),then kouta tried to revive her and she killed him and all the people who lived in their house(including the dog).

Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/16/08
name: hunter
skin and stuff: a normal (sexy)guy
akuma appearence: like a noah
powers: a sword
story: died in an accident and became the earl´s akuma
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M / Singapore
Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/4/08
Name: Kassarin ^_^
2. I wear no one!!!
3. level 5
4. Your usual sniper
5. ULTRA ANGLE!!!! I can snipe halfway around the world XD
6. I accidently trip on a curb and died T_T Oh well, i was brought back and lived as a bounty hunter and a akuma.
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