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(D. Gray-man)What kind of Akuma are you
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F / It's a little red...
Posted 4/18/08
1. Howling Wolf
2. A girl wif black hair n silver eyes~
3. Duno. As high as possible
4. Mysterious girl wif wolf ears n tail :3
5. Howl *owoooooooooo*
6.Accidently killed a wolf belonging 2 The Earl n seved him when i died
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28 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 12/11/08
1.Alexander Vi Vongalo
2.My own, tall black male, dressed like a mafia boss
3.the 1st level 4
4.I hate transforming it messes up my skin but i turn into a Samurai wearing black and red armor with a demon face mask that has the kanji for 42-42-564(kill kil die) and a white kimono underneath also carrying two odd weapons as shoulder armor and a katana
1.most used Distortion-causes everything in its range(can take out a city) living or not to be erased even other akuma
2.Distortion Slash-send a wave of distortion out at a single target
3.the two shoulder armor thing are Harkens(the things in Code Geass) that split into 10 pieces so about 20 shot with it can go in all directions can be charged with distortion energy in two ways
1.spread them out and charge to either strike or make a sheild-Shield Of The Distorted shots of distortion energy
4.The End Sword-the Harkens come off and become apart of the katana make sword skills greater and more powerful
5.2 tranformations 1.Deth Pheonix-armor changes to all dark red and distorion energy now released as flame-move Flame Pillar
2.Hao-final form all attacks are useable and no longer wearing armor just a white kimono and white hakama wearing a demon mask and hair goes back like a kabuki actors
6.Mother lost me a day after birth and called me back then i killed her then when the Earl told me to get in her skin i got in my own instead(in the hospital) then as a baby i grow as an akuma killing,my skin grows at 2X normal the Earl believes that its becuase my soul is in my actual body when i became level two i transformed less to keep my skin nice by keeping my sword from tranformed out, when i became level 4 i was 20/40 depends on how one counts i am under direct orders of the Earl and some Noah mainly Road sent out as a sure fire innocents getter and city destroyer also can not self destruct for some reason, One day sent out to find an innocence and kill some exorcists used Distorion there was one survivor a little girl that had the innocence when i was about to kill her couldn't harm her so i took her back to the Earl's place then when the Noah were gonna kill her i stopped them then to keep her alive i told them i was gonna use her as bait to lure out other exorcists and the Earl approved so she's like my assistant her name is Sherry

its long because I like to think up fanfiction
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29 / M / cavite / phil
Posted 5/4/08
lvl 100 haha
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22 / F / Indonesia, Jakarta
Posted 5/7/08
For my friend... Jessica
3.level 5!!
4.A beautiful female
5.A very powerful specialist sniper and when she attack with her bullet, the bullet could destroy anything on its way!!
6.Called back Natassjaa, her BFF... and work for a Noah (Jasdevi) to spy on Allen Walkerand for him to pay his master's debt
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M / nyc
Posted 5/7/08
1.Name = Rakshasa
2.Human skin you are wearing Gender,Appearance soul inside you = steel blue; androgenous; no soul (I eat souls for breakfast)
3.Level = it's over 9000!!!! (yah, old joke)
4.Akuma appearance = 8ft tall, extremelly muscular, steel blue skin color; eye color can change at will depending on mood, long flowy fire hair, human face
5.Powers Special attacks = all martial arts, energy attacks, indestructible, immortal, all knowing and all seeing.
6.If you want back story who brought you back and who you directly serve like the Noah or the Earl
I was created through the copulation of the universe and the black mist beyond...
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
1.Smile hamster! (after i brought him back from the grave!)
4.A balloon! In a shape of... something cool i can't think of know, and and im sooo big i engulf the entire planet*laughs
5.BOring people to death or pursuasion (i can persuade someone to be my slave >=))*runs after allen
6.fell into the street where a truck just happens to be driving at collossal speed!
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 5/26/08
1.Name Tiger

2.Human skin you are wearing Gender,Appearance soul inside you someone who looks cool

3.Level 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

4.Akuma appearance looks like a human

5.Powers Special attacks.... summon NineTail demon fox

6.the earl amaze me... i decided to become a akuma
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28 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 6/5/08
1.Aromatizzare Diàvolo
2.A large male Itaian Chef
3.level 2
4.A gaint Metal Demon with Flames inside like a demon oven
5.Flames and spice based attacks
Pepper-flames shoot out of arms legs or mouth-Jalepeno,Habenero Chipolte make flames more intense
Mint-Ice shoots out
Spice Of The Devil-Black flames shoot out,poison,lightning,and powder
other spices-Cinnimon,Salt,Sugar
6. one of the wolrd greatest chefs gave the Earl a dish he didn't like got turned into and akuma as punishment
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M / Singapore
Posted 1/27/09
1) John
2) Smooth skin, Man, Scary
3) Level 3
4) Handsome
5) Control weather
6) Brought by my friend, serve to kill humans
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M / Hawaii
Posted 10/8/10
1. Goombah
2. chinese guy
3. level 4
4. red halo above head, spikes on shoulders and back, mask over face, gun lance(right arm), gun blade(left arm)
5. mind control
6. killed by noah for not getting their chinese take-out order right
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