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This is a pun intended. We all pretty much know that gal hair in general is BIG. But hime hair is set apart by just HOW BIG it can be sometimes. ALTHOUGH this is not to say that hair must always be huge, long, and curly all the time. Generally for more formal looks it's this way, but not all the time. For the casual looks these things definitely do not hold true.
* Color-Most people think that very light blond or orange are the only way to go for the Hime gal. However, this is not true, Loads of gals have dark blonde, light to medium brown and even completely black hair. As long as it looks well groomed and perfectly styled!
* Cut-You don't have to have the stero-typical 'hime cut' but a cut that is stylish and gal and somewhat versatile.
* Styling-This is important! The style should look a little to a lot over done, yet still stylish and chic. This is a girlie style and it's about when you make a 'poof' at the crown of your head, really get it up there! Don't just make a little one and think it's ok. BE IMPRESSIVE!!
* Accessorize-It's not just for the outfit! Place a flower, a ribbon and/or bow, a sparkley and or jeweled brooch/barrette. Make it PRETTY!!

Here is a community on livejournal that has plenty of pictures and tutorials to help you on your way to gyaruness
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