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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/22/08
hey there members. we have been having a bit of trouble with some people and creatures within the Mystical realm and the Realm of Humans. I will put up a list of people I want taken care of. I'll join in too. Killing people is just to fun to let you all do it yourselves. Give your name and what Race/position that you are. Write a little story about how you killed them and make it very detailed. and give a picture of you target. then one of them after you killed the, or of you killing them. once one has been killed. I'll put that you killed that person...... sounds fun huh. after we have finished with list #1. the person with the most kills will get a prize. then we'll move on to list #2. don't use the same story for a different kill. be creative with your kills. I WILL READ THESE! Let's get started..... This reminds me of the movie Hostel hehehe.
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Posted 2/20/08
Akro (Lycan) - Killed by Sirberius
Avetilde (Wyvern) (snake, hawk Hybrid) - Soul absorbed by dethreaper666
Azuno (Human) - beaten by MewtMM
Bya-ju (Vampire) - Captured by Blacksheep12
Blaze (Fire Elementalist) - Reaped by Sirberius
Bekoji (Warlock) - Drained of life force by Dethreaper666
Calene (Succubus) - Destroyed by Zane
Caterina (Witch) - Destroyed by Zane
Calz (Arrancar) - Torn to pieces by Sirberius
Ferrinez (Shinigami) - Cut to pieces by dethreaper66 (you will see tomorrow)
Fenrerr (Lycan) - cut in half by Zane
Hasha (Chymera) - Ripped in half by Deathreaper666
Kasha (Mermaid) - Destroyed by Zane
Kavaso (Fire Fox Spirit) - Incinerated by Zane Hediyoshi (Sirberius's dragon spirit)
Luther (Human) - beaten by MewtMM
Munda (Wind Elementalist) - Killed by Sirberius's Infinity Bullet
Oran (God) - Destroyed by Blacksheep12 and Dethreaper666 (team mission)
Ovan (Prophet) - Decimated by Sirberius's infinity bullet
Quazar (Necromancer) - Sucked dry by Dethreaper666
Ramona (Elf)- Drained of life force by Dethreaper666
Requiva (Dragon/Arrancar Hybrid) - e Reaped a nd givin to the Demon Lord by Sirberius
Salvado (Lycan) - cut to pieces by Dethreaper666
Serrian (Dragon) - Soul absorbed by dethreaper666
Telvi (Elf) - Capture for interigation by blacksheep12
Taquion (Dragon) - Soul absorbed by dethreaper666
Uvona (Water Elementalist) - Shot by Sirberius
Uquiador (Shadow Elementalist) - Drained dry by Deathreaper666
Vasharan (God) - Sent to hell to burn by Sirberius
Veldos (Vampire) - Neck broken by Fadisha
Xion (Succubus) - Bled dry by Blacksheep12
Yuado (Lycan) - Blown to pieces by Sirberius and Zane
Zeldora (Elf)- Drained of life force by Dethreaper666
Zefon (Wizard)- Drained of life force by Dethreaper666
Zycaira (Shinigami) - Blown to pieces by Sirberius and Zane
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Dante vs. Quazar Morte
(Revision 1: dmitrivalentine)

As Dante took his daily stroll around the city of Sibilis, he came upon a poster that stood out. Was it fate? Dante didn't care. He tore down the poster and read it.
On behalf of the Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council, a bounty has been put on the head of one Quazar Morte for an attempted assassination on Councilors Rubi Delacoure and Akirael.
"Why havent ? heard of this man they dont tell the new seats anything." Dante muttered quietly to himself.
With a sigh, Dante decided to accept this bounty, mainly for the money. He head to the Hall of Mystics to gear up. He put on a trench coat and attached his usual gear. He grab his broadsword with one hand and attach the sythe to his back. Dante headed out the window, allowing my wings to soak up the mid-day rays. He fly to the last known location of this Quazar charecter, a murky swap nicknamed Dead Fox Swamp.
"Oh, Quazar, where art thou, come out and play with me!" Dante yelled in a mocking tone.
"Who dares summon the wrath of Quazar, Master Necromancer?" A looming voice bellowed over the humid air.
"Your favorite neighborhood bounty hunter is all, now come out and play with me before I get bored and just kill you."
"You dare belittle me!" The voice responded as an inferno of green flames erupting from the swamp floor. When the flame went out, a young man stood in its place, weilding nothing but a bent up staff. Before Dante could throw out another insult, Quazar slammed the bottom of his staff on the ground and, at that moment, the ground broke up and demons began to pour out.
"So this is your little trickey, ha, I've seen better from a fairy." But Dante knew he was in for one hell of a battle.
Dante charged in, with sword in hand, cutting through the horde of demons blocking his path. He got maybe a third of the way to Quazar before Dante noticed he was surrounded. He spread his black wings and jolted upward in a blast of air, but the blade of his sword was downward and when he jousted it, the sword plummeted to the ground with the force of a meteor. When Dante hit the ground, a blast wave knocked almost all of Quazar's demons were down, showing a clear path to Quazar. Dante bolted for Quazar and the rest of his horde of demon minions. He made it to the rest of the demons and hacked them all to pieces. Then, before he could get to Quazar, Quazar chanted some language and low and behold the crack in the ground erupted with the green flames as before. But instead of a horde of demons, one giant demon whose body figure was that of a cenetaur but had the skin of molten rock, and a head made of the same materials but with giant horns and fire spewing from his eyes and mouth. Had Youichi been there, she would have recognized the familiar as Volcán.
"Oh shit... right as i think i got you where i want you, you summon this thing ... sigh well here it goes."
Dante flew up to Volcán's face and hacked at it with his sword, the rock starting to chip but Dante could tell he was far off from doing any kind of major damage to this creature. The creature grabed his sword with its massive hand and threw his sword to the side, as Dante plummeted to the ground. Dante grabbed his sythe and began to let his vampiric fangs grow larger in size, but by this time the demons he had shot to the side had made it back and encircled him. Dante spun around with the blade of his sythe cutting all the demons in half. He grabbed one demon and drank the blood from its body. Although not a sweet and euphoric as human blood, it would do. His eyes began to change to crimson red with the blood, and horns began to emerge from his scalp. HIs sythe glowed a crimson red as he once again flew at the giant molten demon.
Volcán belched a wave of flames at Dante but the vampiric hybrid's momentum was enough to blow right through, with one slice of the sythe cut Volcán in half, making the familiar erupt into flames.
"Now you've gone and done it you have made me mad." Dantesaid to Quazar as Dante sensed the fear in the necromancer's blood.
"Oh yeah well i got one more trick up my sleev ..." but before Quazar could finish his statement, Dante was behind him with his sythe through Quazar's chest as Dante sank his fangs into the necromancer's pulsating jugular, killing the necromancer slowly and painfully.
Dante returned with the mangled, and drained, body of the necromancer assassin, collected his bounty before going back to the Hall of Mystics.


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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/5/10
Sirberius Reono vs. Calz Tiamat
(Revision 1: dmitrivalentine)

“I am so bored. Isn’t there anything interesting to do, Youichi?”
“No,” Youichi said. “Just sit still.”
“I can’t. If I knew that the Council was going to become this boring, I would have disbanded the Council a long time ago,” Sirberius complained while blowing his black red streaked hair out of my eye.
Sirberius was sitting there playing with his fingers. It was another boring day and nothing was happening. Usually the Grand Mystic could keep his patience, but there was something different about today.
“Grand Mystic, I have urgent news," said Noe Cross, bursting through the oak doors.
“What is it?” Sirberius asked, bewildered.
“The town Faralda sends a message. They say that the renegade Calz Tiamat is terrorizing their city. They are requesting assistance immediately.”
Sirberius jumped out of his seat with enthusiasm and a joyess step as he walked to the weaponry.
From the main chamber, Sirberius heard Youchi scream, “No, Sirberius, what you are thinking is not a good idea.”
“Really? Well the people say that they require help immediately and we don’t have the time to look for someone to handle the situation. So I’m going whether you want me to or not.”
She glared at her superior one final time and then sighed, “Well, I guess that it can’t be helped. Go if that is what you wish.”
“Alright.” Sirberius turned into the weaponry, grabbed his dragon spell book and put it into his pants pocket. Then the Kim-un-Kur grabbed the bastard sword Heine's Zero and put it in its sheath on his back, and grabbed the dual handguns Heine's Shadow and attached them to his sides with their holsters. After Sirberius put on his fingerless gloves, he set off.
“Now to go and handle this.”
Sirberius' black dragon wings shout out of his back through the slits in the back of his shirt. He then took off through the air. Ten minutes later he arrived in Faralda. The marketplace was in ruins. The wooden buildings were set ablaze and people lay dead in the street.
“Who the hell are you?”
Sirberius whipped around to find a vampire.
“I am Sirberius, Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council. I was sent here to find Calz Tiamat. You wouldn’t happen to be him, would you?”
“Why, yes I am him. Thank god you got here. I was getting tired of killing all of these minor creatures. Now I get something a little tougher,” he said with glee.
“Hahahaha. Yeah, I know what you mean,” Sirberius said, drawing his sword. “How about we skip the crap and get right to the part where I kick your ass and kill you.”
“Do you really think that you will beat me?”
Sirberius started slipping into his Demi Hybrid form. His nails grew, hands changed into dragon claws and so did the feet as they burst through his shoes. Sirberius could feel his teeth sharpen and then the world changed into that of a more vibrant one as if the dragon eyes set in. Sirberius twirled his sword around a bit and pointed it right at Calz.
“Come, don’t tell me that you are scared.”
“You filthy bastard. I’ll make you eat those words.”
He snapped his finger and a horde of chimaeras appeared from the ground. They all started flying at Sirberius. One of them swung down at Sirberius but he blocked the blow with ease. Sirberius looked up, sucked in a deep breath and shot fire at it. It yelled out in agony as the fire engulfed its monstrous body. Sirberius jumped up and sliced right though it’s head. Dark crimson blood squirted out and sprayed everyone.
Sirberius licked his lips and ran at the next one. He sliced it at it’s feet and it fell down.
“This is so boring.”
Sirberius flew into the air and recited a spell. “Dan Iresi Bocume. Mass Flame Shot.”
A giant fire ball appeared above Sirberius' head. He grabbed it and flung it down at the chimaeras. They were incinerated on contact.
“You should pay more attention to your real opponent, “ came Calz’s voice.
Calz's hands came down on Sirberius' head and knocked him down into the ground. Sirberius hit with such a tremendous force that the ground trembled.
“Ha, any harder and that would have actually hurt,” Sirberius said, dusting himself off.
Calz appeared next to Sirberius and tried to kick him in the head, but the Grand Mystic caught his leg before it made contact. Twisting around in a circle, Sirberius threw him into a building, picked up Heine's Zero and threw it at the vampire. It went through his stomach and had him pinned against the wall.
“I really hate people who take cheap shots.”
Calz disappeared from the wall, leaving Heine's Zero there, and reappeared next to Sirberius. He threw multiple punches, all of which Sirberius blocked. The last one, Sirberius grabbed Calz's hand and broke it. Calz screamed out but Sirberius didn’t care. Sirberius grabbed one of the handguns and shot his left leg, sweep his right leg and slammed him into the ground. Sirberius grabbed both of his arms, put his foot in his back, and pulled them.
“I have killed many with these arms. No, I shall act as a god would and take that of which hurts you away from you.”
Sirberius pulled and pulled as Calz yelled and pleaded for mercy. But it was too late. Sirberius gave one final yank and the bones cracked and the skin tore right off. Sirberius held both of Calz's arms in his hands, while both sockets were pumping blood like fire hydrants. Dropping his arms, Sirberius called Heine's Zero to his hand and rose above his head.
“I hope that you go to hell and burn for all eternity,” Sirberius brought his sword down as Calz gave one final yell for mercy as the sword contacted with his head and split his skull in half. “But nonetheless, I shall say a prayer on your behalf.”
Sirberius removed the sword, put it back in it’s sheath and disappeared in a blaze of fire into the night.

A mile away, two figures watched the fight with binoculars. One was a scientist from Organization V named Vaquero. The other was Marcosius, a rogue god who worked at Vaquero's ranch.
"Your chimaeras were beaten very easily," mocked Marcosius.
"I'll just have to adjust the next back differently," said Vaquero. "The chimaera made from one of Rubi Delacoure's attempted assassins, Hasha Kitsune, shows promise. I'll get Raoul Uquiador to take him out on a test run, maybe against Dante."

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L'rac "Larac" Aledan vs. Bya-ju Midnattsol

A little girl walking through the woods in the middle of the night carrying her bag. Two vampires out of nowhere approached the little girl.
"Miss, it's dangerous here at night, especially for a pretty thing like you, a lot of illegal blood drinkers are out, hehe."
The girl replied "Please don't hurt me, I'm looking for my brother. We got separated in this forest."
"Don't worry, we'll take you to our camp. It's safe there. Your brother might be there."
The two vampires smiled and escorted the girl to their outpost.
As the full moon rised, the vampires became overwhelmed with bloodlust, the girl quietly stands in the corner, watching the vampires engulfed in madness.
"I told you little girl, there's a lot of illegal blood drinkers here."
She calmly replies "I know."
As soon as they attacked, the girl pulled out two swords and fought the vampires until one was left.
"How come you're so strong, little girl?"
"I'm not that strong, the question is why are you so weak?". When the girl attacked, the vampire got a bite of the girl's arm.
"Gaw, your blood is horrible. . .your'e . .you're not human."
The girl quickly slices the vampire's head. "I'm not even a girl."

Waiting in a blood bar, where vampires get a legal drink of blood, the girl drank away her sorrows.
"Just lovely. I dress up just for this Bya-Ju guy, thinking he might be into those sweet innocent lost girls kinda type."
Drinking beer and talking aloud to the vamp bartender, the other vampires stared.
"My poor swords got tainted by stinking vampire blood." The vampires in the bar stared at the girl.
"Uhmm, sir," the bartender spoke. "This is a blood bar you know, you can get your beer at any local bars and also, you're annoying our customers."
"Annoying?! I'm a friggin' customer too." The girl climbed up my seat. "Hey, you blood suckers! I mixed the blood with demon blood." Laughing her ass off watching some of the vampires vomiting the blood, three of them were pissed and the one with the hood just smiled. She got carried out by some ugly ogres "And stay out you nutter."
She sat outside waiting "Three." Readied her blades "Two." Climbed on the roof. "One." When the guy with a hood came out, she quickly slashed both his arms.
"Damnit, it hurts. How did you know it was me?!" Bya-Ju shouted.
"It's easy, you were the only vampire hiding his face at a FRIGGIN' BLOOD BAR! & besides, I'm a prophet."
"Dont talk so big because I dont have my two arms, i can still kill you."
"Eis leh mahdere soumph" Bya-Ju chants as the prophet ran towards him. Bone spikes propelled from inside his body and destroyed the prophet's clothes and impaled her.
He laughs at the prophet. "You fool, those needles weren't just for show. They were cursed!" The prophet morphed into his original male self.When the prophet got close, he sliced both his legs.
"Did you think I would chase you without knowing a little bit about you?
"Wait, I can give you gold I've got stashed."
"SYADDAP! Even though it pisses me off not to kill you, you're more expensive when I return you alive so hold still while I tie you with wire."

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Larac Aledan and Dante vs. Oran

"A message from Sirberius? Since when does he send me a request?" Dante wondered.
Dear Dante, on behalf of the Mystic Council and Atlantis, we have sent you an exclusive hunt, with a VERY generous reward. The hunt's name is Oran. He is a god from the Land of the East and has become a major threat to the peace we strive to hold. He is a god with a very loyal group of followers, who will do anything their master commands; also he has powers that even the Council doesn't completely understand at this time. According to Akirael, he was one the supporters of Archangel Azriel. Bring back the body dead or alive and you will be justly rewarded. Atlantis is paying the bill so you can be sure the reward will be good. As I've been asked by Elder God Rotaru to request Oran be captured alive so that he can be interrogated so that they can find the location of the missing Archangels.
"What is this trash?! Who do they think I am? I’m no knight so don’t just send me do your biddings. Then again, it does seem like there will be a good reward, eh, I’m in. So Land of the East, aye?" Dante sighed. "Kind of far but I guess I could get there faster if I fly there."
With a sigh, Dante's wings burst through the holes in his coat and grabs his scythe, broadsword, and this time his two katanas -attached to each side of his belt- because last time his sword didn’t get the job done too well. After gearing up, Dante bursts out the window, leaving the room a mess from the burst of air.
"I really have to stop doing that."
As Dante gets closer to the eastern part of Hi-Ave, he comes to a realization ... he doesn’t know where in the Land of the East the god resides.
"God damnit," Dante yells, then chuckles at the irony of the statement. "What the hell am I going to do now ... oh well, I guess I’ll have to kill everything here till I find this guy."
Dante notices a robbed person on the side of the road. Dante flies to the ground to "talk" to this person.
"Hey, buddy, you know of any tyrannical, pompous gods around these here parts?" Dante yells to the stranger with a slight mocking tone.
The man spins around and replies "Don’t speak to me like you know who I am. I ought to kill you right here, you hybrid freak of nature. Hmph, vampires, even half of 'em, still stinks"
Shocked, Dante replies "whoa, settle down there, got to take my race into this, do we? Well I think that you like to su...." but before Dante finishes his sentence, the man launched forward clutching Dante by the throat and holding him in the air with shear force. Dante, using his wings, shoots a burst of air at the person forcing him to release him.
"What the hell was that, why does everyone interrupt my god damn insults. I swear, first a demon summoning prick and now a cloaked wannabe. Man, this takes my self-esteem down a notch or two." Dante exclaims.
"Wait, what ... You're the moron who beat Quazar... what's your name... Danny?"
"It's Dante. Who are you?"
The robbed man morphed into a young man with long hair. Dante recognized the man as Larac Aledan, a fellow member of the Mystic Council. Dante decided to make a comeback. "What was your name... Larry was it?"
"Larac," corrected Larac angrily.
"You're suppose to be the shapeshifting prophet. Can you change into anything else except an old hag?"
"Tell you what, if you buy me a night of drinks, I will show you more of my ability, and hey, maybe you will have some fun."
"Alright, I'll buy drinks. I mean, come on, how much could you drink anyway."

"WHAT THE HELL! IS THIS IS THIS MY BILL? How the hell could you drink that much beer in one night, no, in two hours?! GOD DAMNIT, now I need that bounty to pay this off?" Dante yelled.
A joyous Larac replies "Bounty? *hic* You wouldn’t be looking for Oran, would you? *hic* I hear he has been *hic* commanding these parts."
"Yeah, I am looking for him; he has a hefty price on his head that I will need to pay off all this booze."
"Well you are in luck, my friend *hic* I happen to know where to find said god *hic* under one condition." Larac talking drunk but oddly not enough to impair his movements.
"What, now wasn’t the booze enough? I don’t have much money left."
"Take me to a strip club and I will tell you where he probably is *hic*,” Larac replies with a sly smile.
"Probably?! I hate you, you know that?".

"WHOOOOHOOOO, yeah, that’s how I like it, babe, yeah, SHAKE THAT devil ass of yours," Larac yelled with joy.
What have I gotten myself into, well, might as well enjoy the sights, Dante thinks to himself.
"Ok, so where is this god so I can go and kill him." Dante demanded the next day.
"Well, honestly, I’m not 100% sure, but I think he is in the castle down the road ... takes like 5 minutes, you can’t miss it." Larac replied.
"Hey, you are the one who trusted a stranger, not me. Pfft, blood suckers."
"If Oran isn’t there then I’m bringing back your head, you got that?" Dante shouted as he flies towards the castle.
"You do know he's a god, right?" shouted Larac but Dante was too far to hear him.

Dante reached the castle and kicked in the door "There better be a damn god here or I'll break down the whole place." Dante yelled. And at that moment the castle begins to twist and turn and spiral, and before he knew it, Dante was in a different place. Surrounded by nothingness standing atop of a desolate rock spire. From around the spire a group of what seemed to be hooded monks slowly walking toward Dante. As they approached Dante grabs his Broadsword and attacks the first monk and easily kills it. It didn’t even try to avoid the attack. Dante then kills each and every monk with no effort at all. But that wasn’t the end of the monks; they arose from their dead bodies as winged beings resembling angels. Each wielding a ghostly spear flies straight toward Dante, impaling him through the chest by around ten spears.
"You really think this will stop me, I AM PART DEATH GOD AND IMMORTAL VAMPIRE, your silly spears won’t kill me." Dante then erupts his body into flames, killing all the 'angels' but weakening Dante a bit as well. "Show yourself, all mighty god. Your slaves mean nothing to me. It is your head I require."
"Silly being, you think you stand a chance against a God? Then you will die a fool." A booming voice replies.
Then a being truly god-sized, Dante standing maybe the size of its hand. "Why do I always have to fight giant beings. Is it my luck? Did I piss Sirberius off or something?"
Dante spreads his wings and charges sword first into the face of the god but it didnt do much damage.
"Hahahahahaha, you think that puny attack could kill me? I'll show you a fate worse then death." Oran yelled.
The place begins to twist and turn again and Dante ends up in a hellish place with fire and brimstone. "Afraid, little imp?" Oran says.
"Imp? IMP?! I'll show you imp." Dante yells as he tosses his broadsword aside and grabs his duel katanas. "Argh!!" Dante flies at the god's face, sending multiple slashes into the face while dodging the gods massive hands and occasional eye beam. This time Dante does some significat damage, but the god proves to be stronger yet. The god catches Dante by a wing and tosses him and fires an eye beam hitting him dead on. Dante's burning corpse falls to the ground.
"Is that all you had? Ha, you are as pathetic as i thought," Oran mocks.
"Heh, you think im done, but the fun hasnt really started yet, im only warming up." Dante says, obviously lying. Dante grabs his signature scythe and begins to chant "Signi Chrono Ham-blas Etoea," a shinigami chant that imbeds the scythe with the power of the shinigami. "This power is more than enough to kill you, too bad there might not be a corpse left to take back. I'm sure a couple pieces of flesh might survive."
"What is this power? You will kill yourself in the process and you still won't kill me. That isn't enough to take me out." Oran defies.
As Dante flies at Oran for a final charge of power, but Oran is prepared and as Dante is about to strike, a shield erects around Oran. The attack breaks through the sheild, but at the cost of a lot of the power. The rest of the attack hits Oran dead on.
"Now die!!." Dante yells.
An explosion erupts from the impact shooting Dante back into a rock formation that turns back into a pillar, the room is going back to normal and Oran is losing his power.
"I will admit that would have killed me had I not used Damien's shield. You have proved to be a worthy opponent but you will not live to see my demise. I win. You have nothing left." Oran yells as he is about to kill Dante with a blast from his hands.
Right as the blast is shot, someone jumps in and grabs Dante and jumps out of the way.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Dante asks.
"I made a promise didn't I? I said I will show you my transformation if you bought me drinks, so here I am. And I need to borrow your katanas," Larac replies with a big smile at the same time growing two extra arms.
"I'm taking your spotlight. I probably won't be able to take him by myself so you just rest till your energy replenishes."
"Damn you for taking my kill. You better leave some for me. This is my bounty.
Larac fiercely strikes Oran with the four swords he carries.
"Nuisance, scrapes cannot kill a god of my caliber" Oran brags.
"Hey, Oran, my grandma bleeds less than you" Larac mocks while striking continuously.
Larac pierces all four swords at Oran's right eye
"Gahhh, you're only making me mad," Oran shouts
Larac hits a fatal blow, cutting Oran's right leg but Oran's counterattack matchs his. Oran, with his large fist, strikes Larac.
"Holy cow, *cough* never saw that from the dream, you done yet kid" Larac says to Dante.
"Uh, I wouldnt say fully recovered. How long have you been fighting? Ten minutes? Thanks." Dante replies sarcasticly.
Dante raises to his feet, scythe in hand. "This is it, Larac, we have to finish this now!"
Dante starts to spin his scythe while Larac begins to ready his blades. Dante flies at Oran and cuts the gods throat with the scythe and then Larac jumps into the wound and using his swords tears the god from the inside out, bursting through the chest of the god, killing the once almighty god.
"We did it." Dante says with a gasp of air as he collapses to the ground. Larac following right behind him.

"So when do we get our money, Dante?" Larac asks
"Our money? I had to pay for your damn drinks and show, you dont get any," Dante replies.
"Is that so, jerk. How about next time I leave your ass to die." Larac says mockingly.
"If that is a threat, I might have to kill you right here."
"And ruin the new carpet? What is wrong with you vampires?"
"Hey, what do you mean by that?"
"I dont know. How about the way you smell of blood all the time, or the messes you leave behind?"
"Hey this is my dorm. You are always free to leave."
"Eh, I like it here, kid. I think I'll stick around."


Edit: Added picture in spoiler [Mewtmm]

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Sirberius Reono vs. Blaze Abonos
(Revision 1: dmitrivalentine)

Sirberius sighed. "Yet another boring day," Sirberius said, on the verge of tears.
“Sirberius, do you have to do that all the time?” hissed Dapunzuel.
Sirberius looked over at him and cheerfully said, “Yes. It’s so boring here. There is nothing to do. Nobody has even come on with any bounty offerings. Which reminds me, I wonder how Dante is doing with his hunt.” Sirberius laughed under his breath. “That’ll teach him... I even made sure that Larac was there. He hates vampires so I made sure that Dante’s bounty was in the same place as him. Dante’s probably jumping down his throat right now. I am so evil.” With a smug grin on his face, he drank some of the water Dapunzuel had brought.
“Did you say something Sirberius?” Youchi asked sternly.
Sirberius nearly choked. Coughing, he said, "Nope, nothing at all."
She glared at him. “You should really stop abusing your power.”
“I am not abusing my power,” Sirberius said with such seriousness that she backs down. “That god needed to be killed. I can decide who I want to send to handle the job or not.”
Sirberius sat back down and look at her, then smiled. He look over to Dapunzuel and he has a look of fear on his face too.
“What, have you guys never seen me mad?”
“Actually, no,” said Dapunzuel. “But I have something that may interest you. Remember that fire elementalist that burned down four villages killing all who stayed there who's wanted by Vahasi Jūbei Hyachi? Well, he has been sighted near Glycosa.”
“Sweet! Something to take my mind off of this boredom.”
Sirberius ran off to the weaponry and grabbed his usual gear plus a few spell books. As he was walking out, Youichi yelled from the main chamber room, “Don’t burn down the whole town while getting caught up in the action and excitement.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll have everything under control.”
Sirberius let his dragon wings slid out through his jacket. He shook them around and took off into the night sky.
“I wonder where he could be. He must be really cocky if he thinks he can cause havoc so close to the Hall of Mystics. He must be powerful. I really can’t wait.”
Then a fireball shot from beneath Sirberius and hit him in the chest. Sirberius winced from the blow but didn’t really feel anything. Looking down, he saw a teenage red-haired boy dressed from top to bottom in red. He was smiling up at Sirberius.
“Sirberius, I have waited a long time for you to come out. Why don’t you come down here and play with me?”
Sirberius retracted his wings and dropped down to the ground where he landed gracefully.
“You are kinda impatient to have announced yourself like that. You’ve got guts, but do you have the strength to back it up?” Sirberius drew his sword.
“Yes, I would say I do,” he said as he formed fireballs in his hands. “But I am here to see how I match up against the Grand Mystic himself.”
The fire elementalist threw the fireball at Sirberius and Sirberius hit them off into the sky with his sword like a bat against a ball. Sirberius charged his dragon magic into the sword and swung it at the elementalist when it glowed a vibrant red. A fiery crescent moon slash shot toward him. The fire elementalist dodged it and started up another attack.
“Wait a minute. Before we get all into the battle. I would like to know the name of my prey.”
“My name is Blaze Abonos, a member of Jūbei's Forces of Nature,” the elementalist replied.
“Ok, well, just to let you know that the name of your killer is Sirberius.”
Sirberius erupted my body into fire and started going into his Demi form. His horns grew out, dragon eyes changed the world around him, his dragon claws and feet form, and his black tail shot out and whipped around. Blaze shot out his fireballs that were in his hands and Sirberius countered with a burst of dragon fire from his mouth. The two collided and exploded.
Sirberius rushed through, putting the sword in its sheath, and kicked Blaze in the chin. Blaze flew into the air and was able to stable himself there with wings manifested out of fire.
“Oh, you are quite good. This might actually be interesting.”
Sirberius jumped into the air and hovered right across from him.
“Hey, I’ll give you an edge. I won’t use my sword.”
“Okay but don’t expect me to hold back anything.”
“Didn’t ask you to,” Sirberius said, flying at Blaze.
Blaze shot out a storm of fireballs. Sirberius swatted them away and made it right in front of him. The hybrid threw a punch and connected with the elementalist's face.
“Ha, bingo.”
Suddenly he exploded and sent Sirberius flying. Then Blaze appeared right above Sirberius and brought down his foot in an attempt to kick his opponent but Sirberius caught his leg, spinned around and threw him to the ground. Sirberius drew both of his handguns and shot Blaze in both arms, legs, and in the chest.
“Vo Manafloish. Explosion.”
Blaze's body exploded and Sirberius said in disappointment, “I expected bigger things from you. I guess you were just another pushover. Ha, pathetic.”
“Really, I expected you to see that body for what it really was. You seem to be the pathetic,” came Blaze's voice from behind Sirberius. A sword pierced Sirberius back and went through his stomach. Sirberius winced from the pain and looked back.
“Hahahahaha. I have something to tell you, little boy,” Sirberius said as he extended his wings and pierced Blaze's body. “Don’t ever underestimate me. There is a reason why I am the Grand Mystic. A little punk like you could never understand the extent of my power.”
Sirberius flung the elementalist over his shoulders and shot dragon fire at him. He was somehow able to absorb it, heal his wound, and stabilize himself.
“I know your power has its limits. This is as powerful as you are. I can still get stronger! Let me show you my true form.”
Blaze's flesh began to look like it was being melted as it slid off of his body. Underneath was a giant fire creature. The true form of a Fire Elementalist. His body increased size and towered over me.
“Now what do you say, foolish creature?” He said with a laugh.
“Well if we are pulling out all stops then I guess that I should come clean.”
“What do you mean?” he asked, confused.
“I have seals put on my power. My abilities are constantly growing and they need to be contained until I am able to fully control them. That’s right, I can’t even control the full extent of my own power. But let me show you what I can control.”
Sirberius put his right hand to his belly button and spoke a spell, “Icoru Do Ramshi Nocla Induado Hytosa.”
His hand glowed read and faded back to its original color. Sirberius felt his power increase, which meant the first seal was lifted.
“I have five different forms, and you have seen one of them. I also have power of another race. Let me show you my Reaper’s form.”
Dragon scale armor started to form around Sirberius' body from fire that his body was letting out. Spikes were shooting out of his shoulders and his back tassel-like tail form. He put his hand out to his right and my scythe formed right into his palm.
“You are the only one that has seen this form in a long time. Be free to feel honor,” Sirberius said in a demonic tone. “Not let me show you the power of my scythe.”
Sirberius put it in front of him and said, “Reaper’s Touch.”
The scythe glowed red and vibrated between his fingers. Blaze started shooting off fireball, but they were blown away by Sirberius' Ka’dai energy level.
“No, this can’t be the end. I will destroy you!”
“Foolish little bastard. You are going to fucking die here. You have no future. Your fate was sealed the moment that you challenged me!” Sirberius shot out four long spikes. One in both of Blaze's arms and legs. Blaze yelled out in agony. He started to plead for forgiveness, but Sirberius ignored him. The spikes spread his arms and legs out as Sirberius raised his Scythe. Sirberius swung horizontally and a sonic wave flew out through Blaze's stomach. Then the Grand Mystic swung vertically and another sonic wave flew out and sliced Blaze down the middle. Blood started spraying out everywhere. Blaze's yells of terror were still ringing in the air. The four spikes spread out more, taking a piece of Blaze’s body with them. Sirberius snapped his fingers and the body parts erupted into purple flames along with spikes.
“Your tyranny led to your demise. But now you are free to burn in hell and feel a fire far worse than your greed. Nonetheless, I will still say a prayer in your name.”
Sirberius turned around and flew back to the Hall of Mystics. Leaving a scene of blood in his wake….
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Posted 2/22/08
dethreaper (Dante) fighting Salvado (Lycan)

"HEY DANTE GET UP QUICK!!!!!" yelled Larac
"what, what is it, why are you waking me up?" I reply in a sleepy tone
"Dude i dont normally drink beer, I tend to not poison my body." I reply knowing he is freaking out about the beer.
"WHAT!?!?" Larac yells
"Why are you here anyway? I thought you left ... you are like herpies you just wont go away." I say jokingly to Larac
"Yeah yeah, oh by the way you got a letter from the man ... Siberius, moron. Im gonna go buy us some booze have fun." Larac states.

I grab the letter and open it up, I give a long sigh. "Dear Dante, On behalf of the Mystic Council you have been asked, with great emphisous, to aprehend a fellen who has been stealing from the towns people of Sibilis. I know that you really care about the safety of the people of Sibilis, so i left this task up to you.

"Man i am really getting irriatated at being a god damn bounty hunter. I guess this is what i get for having power, but this time it is against my own towns folk. I guess i have to do it then." Dante thinks to himself.

I gear up with the normal wepons and coat and fly out the window to find this creature. It is getting late where is this thing, i've been flieng around all day and i have had no luck thus far. The moon is full tonight, the moon is all ways beautiful when it is full casting its grace upon the earth lighting up the darkest nights. I suddenly hear a howl while flieng above a darkened ally. I awoop down knowing i have found my perpitrater.

"Here boy, ive got a treat for you, Come on want to play fetch?" Dante mocks whistling and clapping his hands also.

A growl speaks from the shadows of the ally "So we finally meet Dante, i've heard alot about you. The God killer, and i hear you also killed Quazar, I dont think i can let this go with out you paying the price, and the cost is BLOOD." as a lycan pounces at me from the shadow tackeling me to the ground.

I grab my broadwsord and begin to channel my death god energy into the blade. It begins to glow red, but this enemy is to fast i cant concentrate and and dodge at the sametime. "Well arent you going to tell me your name mutt?"

"Mutt? HA I am a purebreed not some filthy dog, you hear me boy, the name is Salvado and i am old enough to be your great grand father. I will tear your flesh and suck the marrow from your bones, Now prepair to die!!!" Yells Salvado

What he didnt notice though as he was talking I was charging my sword, as he lunged at me i dodged quickly ramming the sword into his side. The blade's energy made the lycan fly across the ally slamming into a wall. I used enough force to stop a meteor dead in its tracks, but some how this creature was not only able to survive but to launch another assault. I quickly dodged the onslaught of fangs and claws. I spread my wings and took flight, but this lycan was not as stupid as he looked. He used the surrounding buildings to advance to my height and grabbed my by the wings and slammed me into the ground pinning me.

"Heh you are better then I thought," I admitted
"And you have disapointed me, i was expecting a better fight from someone who took out Oran." Salvado replied.
"How do you know i didnt want you to get this close right where i wanted you?' i replied as i sink my fangs into Salvado neck. He managed to escape but not after i got some blood out of him.
"Now you will see my true form you pathetic mutt, you wil perish in your ideals as i banish you to the inner circles of Hell. There no one will hear your prayers, or screams. You will regreat killing my townsfolk, i will avenge the lives lost, you will be my next victim." I say as my body begins to change into my Bloodlust Hybrid form. My wings become bat like and my fangs become longer, my nails become as sharp as razors and my skin hardens like a rock.

"Your Blood only can barely allow me to get the very basic of this forms power, but thats ok it will be more then enough to end your life. Ha, your blood is so weak it is ironic that this is whats going to allow me to kill you, although i could have done it in my previous form, i just like this form. It isnt everyday I get to transform, First you will see, Then you will die!!!" I yell as my transformation is complete.

I begin to walk toward Salvado as he attacks me his claws go nothing against my death god skin, I am close to immune to most forms of attack in this form. As Salvado begins to realize his attacks are doing nothing he tries to run. He bolts out of the ally way but in a flash i am in front of him.

"What cant you see my movements?" I mock
He turns and runs up a building and almost falls grabing the ledge to save himself. I am already on the roof and i extend my hand as if to help him up.

"need a hand?" I say
He slaps my hand away and tries to jump from the building to the other building. "You know what i am done playing around."
I swoop down at him and catch him before he reaches the next building. I fly high into the air and threaten to drop him. "Now tell me how do you know who I am and how did you know about my other bounties? speak or die!" I say in a stern voice.

"OK, ok ill talk ... We all are employed by the same person. We are apart of an organization." He admits.
"What is this organization called, and what do they want." I reply
"I dont know i am only a pawn, they dont tell me the details." he answers.
"Then you are of no use to me anymore, i will send a message to your organization." I grab my scythe and toss Salvado into the air and with the force of my scythe i slash sixs times at the air each one sending a sonic wave that peirces the frail body of the lycan. Cutting the body into pieces that rain to the ground ... a bloody night indeed.

true form (low power)

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Posted 2/22/08
Sirberius, Half Vampire, Half Dragon Hybrid. My prey is the God Vasharan.

“This is a very nice day for a stroll,” I say looking at the sun. “God I’m so glad I have dragon blood running though my body. Otherwise this would burn like hell.”
I got a bit of time to walk around the community to suck in the sunrays. (Really I just found a way to slip past Youichi).
“I don’t know why everyone is so uptight. I made the Mystic Council to just keep an eye on everything. Not to be so stern about all the matters in the Mystical Realm. ~Sighs~ This is all starting to be a drag.”
I stopped at a market stand to look around for something to eat. Then I heard some commotion going on not more than 15 meters from where I stood. Thank to my dragon hears I could pinpoint where it was all coming from. I jumped onto a nearby church (big mistake) and ran over the building tops.
“God damn that hurts,” I said wincing from the burning sensation. “Note to self, even coming in contact with holy things burns like hell.”
I stopped on top of a of a two story house to find a bloody scene. There were dismantled bodies inside of the fountain that stood in the middle of the town square. Heads detached from their lower half were stuck onto poles. Their eyes still open with the look of terror still on their faces.
“What the hell happened here?”
“I happened,” said a voice from below.
I looked straight down and saw a man now more than 30 years standing against the building I was on.
“Why the fuck did you kill all of these people,” I said angered.
“They were only bait to lure you out. I could sense your Ka’dai energy signal. You did a very good job of trying to hide it, and to someone that wasn’t very well trained it would have been unnoticeable. But to someone of my stature, it was like looking at the sun.”
I thought for a minute, “Damn it I forgot to put back the seal on my stomach. Oh well, that just means less work if I need to use my Reaper form.”
“So now that I have you here, it is time to do what I came to do.”
“Oh really,” I say enthusiastically. “And just what are you here to do?”
He laughed, “My name is Vasharan and I was sent here to kill you.”
“Ha don’t make me laugh you weakling. Know your place and difference between power and go back home.”
“Are you trying to mock me? My power is far more powerful that you could imagine. That’s why I was sent here to face you. They knew that I would stand the best chance in killing you in a fight.”
“And who would ‘they’ be?”
“I can’t relay that information to you. Plus you will die here so it really shouldn’t matter to you.”
I smiled and started at him, “Is that so? You really think that you are capable of defeating me?”
“Yes. If you haven’t noticed, you don’t have anything to fight with.”
“That’s what you think.”
I snap my fingers and my bastard sword and dual handguns appear on my figure.
“My weapons are always no more than a snap away. You’d really think that I would step out into the open, as it’s been, without anyway to protect myself? If so you are really stupid.” I jump down off of the building and land about two feet away from Vasharan, “Now fight me. That is your reason for coming isn’t it. I really don’t like long lectures. I’m one of those people that like to get right to the point.”
I swung my sword down at him and he disappeared. He reappeared near the fountain.
“Fine then,” he said pulling out a broadsword from his side. “If you wish to be killed so soon then I shall give you what you wish.”
He charged at me with unbelievable speed. I jumped up to dodge, but he followed. His sword lunged at me and I swept it aside with mine. I spun around and kicked him on his cheek and sent him flying away. He landed on a wall and stood up on it. Vasharan threw his sword into the air and it flew at me. Again I tried to dodge but it followed.
The sword was swinging at me like someone was fighting against me with it.
“Ha telekinetic powers. What are you, some psychic or something.”
“No I am a god,” he said with pride.
“Oh, then I guess that I shouldn’t belittle you and fight you seriously huh?”
I started going into my Demi form. My horns started forming out of my skull, the world changed as my dragon eyes set in, black dragon claw replaced both my hands and feet, my fangs grew out, and a tail shot out of my tail bone. I stopped fighting against the sword and grabbed it with my dragon claw. It kept trying to move but my grip on it did not give it any hope of getting free.
“This is my main fighting form.”
“Oh is that so. Well I guess that I should use my fighting form too.”
A gold aura started to glow from around him. His hair turned gold and started to spike upward. His muscles got bigger and his eyes turned to a goldish color. I could feel his Ka’dai level battle with mine which meant that we where at about the same level of strength.
“Well well well. This should become very interesting.”
I pushed his sword aside, put mine on in its sheath, and charged at him. He jumped down from the building and flew toward me. I threw a punch and he blocked it with his feet. The kicked at me and I threw him down to the ground. Vasharan landed gracefully on his feet.
“This is my first time fighting against someone worthy of my presence. I commend you,” I say to him.
“Like wise,” he says with a smile.
I form a fireball in both of my hands while he makes some sort of electric current around his arm. I put both of my fireballs together and launch them. He throws his electricity out and the two attacks collide. The impact of both completely obliterates the town square and our battleground turns into that of a wasteland.
“You think that we are tied don’t you. Well let me tell you now that you are wrong. I have been holding back tremendously. Let me show you my true god form and let you cower in fear of my strength.”
He started to grow, and his power grew with him his body had this electric current flowing around him. His hair grew long and draped down his back.
“This is the true power of a god. Run in fear from my greatness,” says Vasharan in a deep booming voice.
“You stupid fuck! Why do you all think that you can underestimate my level of power? You can’t say that you are more powerful until you put that strength against mine. So let’s test this out.”
I draw my sword as he throws a punch. I block it but the force makes the ground crack underneath me. I lose my balance and take on the attack. I hit the ground, bounce back up and am hit by a kick that sends me high into the air.
“ENOUGH,” I yell in rage. “I well not tolerate such disrespect of what I have tried to accomplish within the Mystical Community. I will silence you once and for all!”
I put my sword and return to my human form.Then I put my hand over my heart.
“Ichirin Hotoka Sasumi Chigren Luvidno Zane.”
My hand glows blue and the second seal on my power is broken.
“Let me show you another form of mine. One that is way more powerful than this one. Even more powerful than that of my Reaper form.” My hair turns grey and my hairstyle becomes spiky. A white aura wraps around my body and settles there. It turns into a whit sleeveless shirt with a bar going under my arms and behind my back and neck. Gloves, and wrist guard form. Armor plates form around my hips where my dual handguns are. I draw them and they have turned white. I charge power through them and yellow blade form on a long extended part of the gun that is connected to the handle. They seem to just hover in the air, but the follow the guns’ movements and stay where they formed.
“This is my third form. My True Hybrid form. I may look human but don’t let that deceive you. I can use every power that I have gained from the enemies that I have drained as well as my own. And now I have my guardian weapon Rengito.”
I raise my dual handguns at him. They hum as is excited about the upcoming fight.
“So now you rush to your death oh great god. Come and look death in the eye.”
He threw a punch, and I jumped back and shot four bullets at his hand. Each one shot off one of his fingers. They fell to the ground in sequence and hit with a loud bang. Vasharan roared in pain and threw another punch. This time I ran at it and swung my guns up and a shock wave shot out from the blades. They streaked right up his arm, cutting it completely off and into to three pieces. He fell down and held his severed shoulder as blood poured out of the socket.
“Now do you understand the difference between our powers,” I said putting my handguns up. “You stood no chance the moment that you angered me and incited my rage. You were playing a deadly game from the beginning by killing all the people here. And now you will join them in the afterlife.”
I surge my power around my right arm and my scythe formed in my hand. I raised it and pointed the blade at his chest. The scythe started to glow a deep blue and vibrated hard.
“Reapers Dance.”
Three other copies of me appeared in a line. Two on my right and one on my left. The first one darted out and jumped up to cut off his remaining arm. Then the other two rushed off and cut his legs. But Vasharan stayed levitated in the air. It turns out that a giant purple spell circle was behind him, holding his body in place. Finally, I ran up to him and jumped above his head and raised my scythe.
“You will die like the others but instead of going to heaven, you will burn for all eternity in hell!”
My scythe grew in size and I swung it down. As I dropped back to the ground, my scythe’s black was cutting through his whole body. Once I cut him in half, his body burst into purple flames and the flames flew into my opened right hand.
“You have suffered a fate worse than death and will suffer much more in the afterlife. May god’s mercy be rained down upon you. But you can’t expect to get any mercy for your crime. You shall get what you deserve. But nonetheless, I will say a prayer in your name.”
I absorb the purple flames into my body. Put both seals back in their places, and walk of into the sunset…..

My True Hybrid From with defeated god Vasharan in background
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Posted 2/22/08
Dethreaper (Dante) bout to destroy Ferrinez (Shinigami)

"Man what was that silly lycan talking about an organization ... could be dangerous, eh i doubt it is anything Sirberius and I cant handle" A loud noise crashes in the distance. "Wonder what that is" I fly over to see Sirberius using his reapers dance technique on a giant god-like figure "Damn that Sirberius, always trying to one up me ... one of these days our battle will be a battle people will be talking about for decades... damn i can hardly wait." I say to myself. I take flight heading toward my quarters, "That damn Larac better not be drunk and passed out again ... i have to find away to get rid of his ass ... eh he is harmless, well i mean he could kill you easily but harmless in a drunken perv kinda way." I laugh to myself thinking about the battle against Oran. I arrive at my house and notice a sign on my door. It reads "Dante an old friend needs your help, you never abandon a brother, a kinsman." "hat the hell is this shit. I dont have any brothers and kinsmen? another vampire? what ever probably a trick from some one in the mystic council." I walk inside my room.

"hello brother" A shadowy figure speaks from the corner of the room.
"I have no family, who the hell do you think you are walking into my room like this ... do you have a death wish or something?" I reply
"Ha ha ha you cant kill a Shinigami, we are gods of death. You and I are indeed brothers from the same father ... different mothers might i state. My mother wasnt a dirty vamp ... she was a real woman a shinigami like us" he says insultingly
"A dirty vamp you say ... buddy you are no brother of mine, you may have been created from the same molecules as me but you are no where near family to me. Actually since you are so brave show me proof you are what you say you are." I calmly reply
"Proof? you want proof how about this for your proof." He walks from the shadows looking about in his mid-twenties carrying a scythe and a Book in his other hand, Black angel wings erupt from his back.
"So you are a death god, but can you handle the wrath of a cross breed, i have more power then any death god or vampire alike. You stand no match to me, but you already know that dont you? Why else would you try to persuade me to your side. Well "brother" how about a "friendly" compettition." I mockingly say to him.
"You underestimate me, and you will suffer for it. I merely tried to save you." He replies.

I Spread my wings and grab my wepons, that are already on my person, and i flyout of the window and high into the air, he follows. "Shall we begin, i dash at him with high force with duel katanas in both hands, attacking with a furry of blades every strike missing its mark, maybe a scratch or two hit but i was indeed was surprised at his speed.

"So I see your speed exceeds that of this forms, let me go into my hybrid form, my heart rate quickens, my pupils dialate, I scream as a spiral of fire surrounds my body. My katanas become attached to my arms, givving me blades that are attached to my arms, I Dash at him again with another furry of slashes that seemed to make contact. I flew back and his mangeled corpse burst into black fire. It was a fake, i franticly look around trying to find my assalent. I pick up his voice chanting off some kind of spell, i look up and he is right above me chanting something out of his book. "Arath' delina, Corrupted flame" He chants.

I notice five points of fire surround my body, then a stream of flame connects these points forming a pentagram, I cant move my body. He paralyzed me.
"what is this, a death god doesnt use spells? You have decieved me who are you really, TELL ME." I scream as the flames begin to move closer to my body.
"I have not lied to you boy, i have merely told you a piece of the truth, I am a Shinigami, but i have been given powers far beyond that of a normal Shinigami, The Fallen Order has allowed me to gain tremendus power." He replys.
"The Fallen Order? Are you the ones who sent that lycan and that god to attack what the Council has tried so hard tp preserve? What is your goal, why are you doing this?" I question
"I owe you no explination, you are but a spec, a minor nusence to the big picture." He replys
"Then why have you been trying to kill me? What do you want with me?" I ask I can start to feel the flames burn my skin.
"You? Ha dont flatter yourself we dont want your puny power we want the head of it all, we want Sirberius." He laughs
"What? Im not good enough ey well let me show you the power that will one day beat Sirberius," My skin turns rock hard and my wings grow razor sharp, the blades return to thier katana state and i place them in their sheaths. My fangs enlarge and my eyes turn blood red. "Prepair to feel the wraith of my Bloodlust level, and this is without any blood to fuel me so im not at my peak but it is more than enough for even you." I break the spell with ease and fly up to the Shinigami. "My brother Ha you arent worthy to wipe the blood off my scythe," I spit in his face and with one punch knock him unconcious, I sink my teeth into his neck, the sweet sensation fills my body with blood. I stop right at the brink of death and wait for him to recover conciousness, then i grab my scythe and cut both of his arms off. Then I cut off his feet, then from the knees, and finally the nubs that are left. I drown out the screams of terror and pain as i slowly slit his throat with the razor sharp edge of my scythe.

The battle is over but now I know the real reason of the attacks, sigh i guess i have to tell Sirberius, even though it would be entertaining to watch him find it all out on his own. I go back to my mortal form and walk home, it isnt everyday that i get to drag a corpse to Siberius and throw it in his face.

The End

Note the blades on the arms

Blood lust form .. again

one arm down other apendages to go
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Posted 2/22/08
Blacksheep12 (Prophet leader) vs Xion (succubus)

I went to the nearby village to buy something to drink,"you know where theres a liquor store here?" I asked a villager "Your not from here are you, you should stay here for the night". "now why the hell would i want to stay in this craphole" i replied, then a woman spoke "dont you know?, a rogue succubus has been seen in the forest". "The demon has already taken fourteen of our men, even three angels sent to vanquish her never returned". I'm not a hero, When i see a large bounty on someone I'll be happy to take em "Sorry but not, interested" but as i tried to walk away a little girl grabbed my clothing, she was small & was crying "papa? where is papa?" the villagers whisper gossip "i heard her father was one of the victim". people might think i'm a sucker for tears but I'm not, i just don't like it when women cry. "don't worry little girl, I will look for your papa".

Before I went for my hunt, I visited some of my wizard friends to ask for some materials and went to Dante's home he wasn't there. I borrowed one of his spear and left a note

midnight. I changed my shape into an alluring angel and grew long wings and flew over the thick forest. I used my pendulum to direct me to the succubus. "hmmmm, shes fast." I landed on the ground so she could follow me there. she landed in front of me, i bowed down "you know I'm not your simple succubus" she spoke. "I knew you were not an angel" i asked calmly"how did you know my pretty beast?", "angels have this cheerful white aura surrounding them, you. . .you have this dirty gray aura HAHA" she answered. "so why did you come here?, did you come for pleasure or for death". i quickly charged her with the spear "I CAME FOR BOTH!!" I shouted. She dodged every strike i throw "tsk tsk tsk, you know prophet. you should have consulted your dreams before battling me". I lost my concentration when she knew who I am, I threw away my spear & I lunged my head into her breast. "You have given, up i see" she mocks me with those words but i replied with my life on the line "I never give up" then pushed her to a tree & aggressively kissed her lips and removed her clothes & her reply was stabbing me with her claws in the back of my ribs, i coughed blood & i drowned her mouth with it. "you cannot kill my with your foul blood" talking proudly, i did not listen to her words I only continued to defile her body and mine. I slowly used my pendulum to retrieve the spear and when i got hold of it I stabbed her left wing with the spear nailing her to the tree "this will not stop me shapeshifter!" she shouts at me while I ran towards my bag and opened the sac of silver dust and covered her area with the seal Tetragrammaton. as i was almost finished with the seal a voice came from behind her "papa?! papa?!" with a sad tone. I ran towards the girl "Idiot, get away from her!!" I shouted. When i got close to her a piece of bone came out of her right shoulder "I'm sorry, did you know her shapeshifter?" i saw the succubus right wing from behind the girl.

The little girl was crying while she was lifted by the succubus' right wing "papa?! papa?!" then the succubus quickly bit off a large portion between the girl's neck and shoulder and threw her away. I looked away, "what happened shapeshifter, you know looking the other way is. . ." I did not listen, I continued on finishing the seal.

At the same time i finished the seal, the spear was also removed.

I rested on another tree, "what now prophet?" she asked me standing inside the seal "Your going to starve me to death". My ears was deaf from all the noise the only thing on my mind was bringing hell to her. four days have passed, I have been feasting myself with worms, squirrels & birds and all she does is tempt me with all carnal desires, she thought she could tempt me when i was not in the mood. I was still awake at the fourth day, at that day she was behaving like a woman crying to me, wanting my help. at the seventh day i went inside the seal carrying a heavy anklet, her eyes was empty at the same time showed her thirst & hatred for me. she became weak & I chained both our ankles, she didn't mind my actions. she embraced me like we were lovers, I embraced back. we were at it for 2 days straight like newly weds in their honeymoon, every time she escapes i pull her back giving her all my love. at the ninth day she kept gasping for air and kept asking me questions like "Will you let me go?","why are you doing this?". she cried like a girl, my heart was as cold as ice and giving her love at the same time.

At the tenth night we talked like a couple "I'm really sorry Larac" she said to me, I never listened to her words i just caress her hair and felt her skin. "If i didn't killed that girl would you have let me free?" her feeble words. "Your killing me, Larac." trying to beg for my pity. "I know" with the feeling of emptiness i replied. "please let us escape together, the council will never find us and even if they do we can take anyone of them". I extended my teeth like a vampire and took a bite of her wrist, she thought that was an act of love but my purpose was to let her bleed to death. I took the anklets off and got out of the circle "I'll wait for your corpse tomorrow" she cried when i said those words. I took off to the village to buy a drink.

When i got into a bar a man asked me if i saw her daughter she showed me a picture "can i have this picture, so in case i happen to see her i will let you know" i asked him. after he gave me one of the picture i went to the nearest tattoo shop to have me a scar, to remind me of something. . . . . .i sat outside the tattoo shop drunk. . . . . . "HAHAHA, i was never a hero to begin with". . . . . . . .

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Posted 2/22/08
dethreaper (Dante) versus Uquiador (Shadow Elementalist) and Hasha (Chimera)

"I bet it was that Asshole Larac man that spear was an antique"
"Hey im back, here is your spear by the way. Can i ask you a question Dante, are we heros?" asks Larac obviously drunk and emotionaly distraught.
"Heros? What we do is kill to protect, we kill to keep peace, we kill mercelessly and without a second thought, No Larac we are not heros. But we dont do anything wrong either, we take the lives but to protect the lives of many more, what we do is just but we are not heros." I reply
"Thanks im going to the strip club now, oh Sirberius gave me this letter to give to you." he replys tossing the letter and placing the bloody, feather covered spear against the wall.

I open the letter and it reads "Dear, Dante I am personally asking you to take care of a certain rouge elementalist that has been attacking people around the country side. I am to busy to do all these hits at once, i know you are capable. Thank you, Sirberius."
I put the letter down and gear up, "i guess ive got another fight on my hands." i say to myself.
I thik to myself that if this is an elementalist then i need to go prepaired, i need to get my gear suited up with magic resistance.
I head to the market place to a special black smith whom i personally know. He created the weapons i use besides my scythe.
"Hey Espion, I need you to imbude eternium to my weapons, im going up against an elementalist today." I yell as walking into the store.
"Yeah yeah come on in Dante ill be done with this in a moment." he replys.


"See ya later Espion." I yell as flying out of the shop.
"anytime" he replys.

I fly as fast as i can to the village of Zar' Crah. As i reach the village i notice Black tar like bubbles engulfing houses and other landmarks. I also see fire and charred areas of earth. "Hey come on out, I am here to kill you lets get this done with already." I yell.
"What cant you see me mutt?" A voice replys
"Come on out why you hidding i know im good looking but dont be intimidated." I mock
"Oh yeah me afraid of you, funny" The voice replys as Uquiador appears out of one of the tar like blobs.
"Intresting trick, but kinda gross." I joke
"Oh yeah your funny but you will die here today." he replys
"If i had a dollar everytime i heard that one." I mock
"I will show you then." He then forms a black blob type bubble in his hand made out of shadows. He throws the ball above his head and it crashes over him giving him a black armor. Then He jumps back and fires three vollies of shadow blasts at me. I dodge two but one of them hit me on the leg, The shadow formed like a sticky tar around my leg paralyzing it. "Intresting trick, but you have alot to learn." I reply.
"Oh really now lets see you fight when you cant move." He yells as he fires around ten bolts of the shadow substance. I use my wings and with the force of them flapping blow the bolts back toward him they all hit him dead on. "Ha ha ha Thank you for the power boost." He laughs as his armor gains spikes, he then concentrates the shadow energy into both palms of his hands. He then fires a shadow stream at me, i am able to dodge only because of my wings. I then begin to transform into my hybrid form, the blades fuse with my hands, and my skin hardens. I speed towards him but i phase right through him.
"What the hell was that?" I ask confused.
"Im a shadow elementalist you cant hit me." He laughs at me "Hey Hasha You done burning shit down."
The ground begins to rumble and a giant chimera jumps down. "Hasha lets combine forces and end this quickly."
Hasha makes a couple grunting noises and then Uquiador jumps on top of Hasha. "You cant take us both on you hybrid mutt."
"Ha ill show you my true form then to make this more intresting." I reply. My bones begin to ache and my heart races, my pupils dialate, and then the transformation begins.
"Now prepair to die for this form is way more powerful then you will ever be." I say as i charge at the two. But the Chimera proves to match my own speed. I need blood to maintain this form, and i cant grow in power until I drink some blood. I stop attacking and start to charge up, a black flame swirls around me as my muscles tighten, the flame the concentrates into my broadsword. I swing the sword and a blast shoots out from the tip. The Blast forces the two to seperate for a split second, which was enough time for me to catch the chimera and sink my teeth into the creatures muscle and i drank the blood from it until it through me to the ground. I landed vicioucly and i started to compulse as the powerful blood flowed through my veins. I got up with black flames shooting from my eyes. I attack the team again, by this time the have combined again. I grabbed the creature and ripped off its legs with two quick attacks. The chimera was on the floor. "What did you do, how did you manage to get this strong. What are you?" Uquiador states with shock as Hasha bleeds all over the ground. "You have forced me to use a good fourth of my power, you are the first ones to see this power so feel special. You will go down in history as the frist to die by my fangs." I state.
"What no, please dont kill me, ill do anything, i will tell you everything about The Fallen Order. Thats what you want right. If you kill me then you will perish by the might of The Fallen Orders Elites. We are just grunts, we are the basics of the basics, and you still struggled against us. You wont survive, but i can tell you where to go where they wont find you just let me live please." Uquiador pleads.
"Your words fall on deaf ears my friend. You will not be able to phase through my next attack, it will disolve you from the inside, and yes it will be very painful.
At that moment Hasha used the last of its strength and launched himself at me, i caught him in mid attack and ripped his boddy in half.
"Now it is your turn boy." I state.
"Not yet im not done yet, I will summon my shadow feinds." He threatens.
As he says that portals open on the ground and shadow minions jump from the ground. I begin to charge up my final attack, my body erupts in an infernal of black fire, then i throw an attack the size of a golf ball of concentrated energy. It hits its mark the minion in the middle. The minion explodes and a supernova emits from it and wipes out all the other minions the blast spread far enough to barely hit Uquiador knocking him out of his phase shift. Then i apear behind Uquiador and sink my teeth into his exposed neck. I drain him of his life force slowly and painfully. I gain incredable power, then i revert back to my hybrid form. I grab the elementalists corpse and the upper half of Hasha and fly away towards the Mystic Councils Castle to show proof of my kill.


me of course


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Posted 2/22/08
Sirberius, (Half Vampire, Half Dragon Hybrid). My prey is the Dragon/Arrancar Hybrid Requiva.

“YOU SEE!! This is why I told you not to go out fighting against these people,” Youichi yells in my ear. “But no you wanted to be reckless. Now look where it’s gotten you. You are now targeted by… by… what was the group again.”
“The Fallen Order,” replies Dante.
He just brought us news that all of the people that we have killed so far have all been under the same rule. And their goal is to take me out…
“I say let them come,” I say smiling.
Youichi turns to me and hits me upside the head.
“Ouch,” I say rubbing my head. “That hurt. What was that for?”
“Because you are such a fuckin retard. You say let them come? Well what if they do? They would destroy all that we have worked for. Is it really work it?”
I stand up out of my seat, “Then we will kill them all before that happens if we go out and find them before they find us, then we are saved. As a matter of fact, I think I will check out a new tip about a Hybrid destroying the village of Shanra. I’ll go and investigate that,” I turn to Dante. “I want you to keep a low profile for the moment. If I get any updates on members of the Fallen Order I will send you a letter like always. And please do try not to kill Larac.”
“Alright,” came his reply as he walked out of the oak doors.
“So you are still gonna go out and risk getting killed?”
“Yep pretty much,” I say with a smile.
Youichi rolled her eyes, “You really are an idiot.”
“No I’m not just gonna sit here and what for them to kill others. I am going to protect this civilization with my power and crush those who appose me.”
I went into the weaponry grabbed my dual handguns, bastard sword, spell books, and this time I thought I’d take my dual swords with me. I walked out of the Mystic Palace and into the night. The moon was as radiant as ever. I spread my dragon wings and took off, heading east to Shanra.
Shanra was a village for Shinigami, so it was only natural that an Arrancar attack here. The Arrancar and Shinigami have been at war with each other for some centuries. A young man approaches me and speaks to me.
“Sirberius, there has been trouble here lately.”
I nod my head and reply, “I know. Can you just tell me where the Hybrid has been spotted recently.”
“He is out already. He waits for you in the Town Square.”
I turned tail and headed back to the skies to search for the town square and headed there. I landed and folded my wings against my back.
“Hey Sirberius,” the Hybrid says. “I see you found me. Look around. Have killed no yet. Just roughed some people up to lure you out here. I even sent the guy to let you know where I was. All I want is a fair fight.”
“Ok I respect that,” I said drawing my sword. “Tell me, what is your name?”
“I am called Requiva. I was made by my master, and the leader of Fallen Order.”
“Wait, he can make mystical creatures,” I say shocked.
“Ah, I’ve said too much,” he glides over in front of my and draws a spear. “Now prepare yourself Sirberius.”
He lunged at me, hoping to jab me with his spear. I swept it aside and stabbed him in the chest.
“Don’t tell me that you are really this weak.”
“No,” he replied. “I just wanted to see your reaction time. It sucks.”
He grabbed my hand and pushed me with enough force to send me flying. I hit a wall but had no time to think of it for he was trying another attempt at jabbing me with his spear. But this time he succeeded I and raised me in the air while I was still on the spear. I shot out dragon fire from my mouth and threw me off of his spear.
“I see that I will have to already take it up a notch with you. I can already tell with out using my Demi form that you are stronger than that form.”
I put my hand on my stomach, “Icoru Do Ramshi Nocla Induado Hytosa.”
My hand glowed red and the seal broke. My Ka’dai level doubled and I started my transformation into my Reaper form. Dragon scale armor started forming around my body from fire that my body was emitting. Spikes shot out of my arms and legs and my back spike tail formed. I raised my right hand in air and my scythe, Shadowy Death, appeared in my hand.
“Ok let’s go at it.”
He was already transformed. His blue dragon tail was short and he had half of his hollow mask covering his face. His claws where extended and holding his spear. I rushed in and took a swing. He blocked it with his spear and then launched an attack of his own. Dodging it by jumping up a swung my sword down and broke his spear in half.
“Oh man that isn’t fair. Well I guess my dragon magic will work.”
A ball of water formed in his hand and he shot it at me. I dodged it and it hit the wall behind me. I turned around and say that the water had frozen solid on the wall.
“Ok note to self, do not let those things touch you.”
He kept launching them out and I kept dodging them. After a while the whole town square turned into a frosted wonderland. I came in for an attack, which he dodged. But I expected this and swept his feet with me scythe’s blade. Requiva fell to the ground.
“It’s now or never,” I say while putting my hands together and folded my fingers between each other. “Domusa Racshal Vemertan. Death Dimension.”
The Square got dark, and then walls shot up and boxed us in. The walls all had hands and heads reaching out and groaning. They were the lost souls that were condemned to hell and agony for all eternity. I saw some of my earlier work within the walls but no time to admire them. I had one more spell to complete before I was done with my two-part spell.
I grabbed my scythe off the ground and pointed it at Requiva, “Reaper’s Wrath.”
A red beam shot out of my scythe hit the ground underneath Requiva. He was too shocked at the ‘lost souls’ that were in the wall. I giant black demon came out of the ground and took hold onto him.
“What kind of trickery is this,” he yelled out.
“That is the Demon Lord. The keeper of all spirits condemned to suffering. You are about to be added to the list. I get to borrow his strength but the cost is one soul.”
My scythe’s blade pointed upward and now looked like a spear. Then it was engulfed fire. I put it over my shoulder and raised it up.
“This is the power of a true reaper. Only those of great strength can do this and not be sucked in. And you said that would kill me. But without power like this you are nothing but a spec on the ass of the world. Know your place you fucking piece trash. You can’t kill me.”
I brought the fire blade down and a fire wave shot out at Requiva. It tore through ground like a knife through butter. It ht him and his scream damn near blew my eardrum. The fire wave completely incinerated him. The Demon Lord sunk back into the ground and the death dimension disappeared.
“That was one of the toughest fights I’ve ever been in. I didn’t even have the strength to break my second seal. All this fighting is tearing at my Ka’dai energy. But still you should have realized the difference of our power. You were naïve of your place. And that’s why you are suffering a fate that is in the Demon Lord’s hand. I shall say a prayer in your name…….”

My Reaper's Wrath
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Posted 2/23/08
Blacksheep12 (Prophet Leader) taking on Telvi(Elf)

I wasn't really going to a strip club but i don't want to disappoint the kid. I was just visiting an old friend in his old castle. He has all the rich noble accessories An army, Informants & power. "Yo Luther" I greeted him "Well well, if it isn't number eight, So is it my turn now? council member" I laughed when i heard his words. "So is that how they call us now?".

We laughed and drink mead "Larac, did you come here for information about the fallen order or for me" When he finished his words he conjured a sword took a swing at me, i dodged two of his attack. He then used his old tricks, summoning skeleton hands to stop my movements and created an explosion close to my chest throwing me, slamming me into the wall. when he was about to cut off my head he laughed "HAHAHA and i thought you were the one to take me down" i quickly grabbed his blade and took a swing at him.

"You Idiot you almost killed me" the thoughts in my head was if the council members could see us now, questions would start to arise in their mids.

"so you came for information after all" said Luther, "Nah, i don't need it, already know half of the story". "You know we have our own prophet too" his voice in a sad tone "I know" i replied. "And you know Xion has a sister" even though i already knew, it surprised me that he would give such information. "tsk tsk, you probably dont know that for every battle each one of you take, there is someone watching. one probably is probably waiting outside". "Luther I didn't come here to know about the fallen order. I came here for an old friend, Telvi" I told him."then why come here to me?" i answered "oh come on Luther you know your the only one that can hide someone from my dreams" He laughed at my answer "you were always the smart one Larac, shes upstairs". we both went upstairs "Larac you should wait till morning, you know she doesnt wake up until the sun is up" he told me while opening the bedroom door "hmph how can i forget a friend's weakness".

I sat on a nearby chair and watched her, waiting till the morning comes. "Larac, is that you? It's been a long time" she asked me while stretching her smooth body "It's morning Telvi" I told her. "so mean, not even a good morning hmph I'm not talking to you" saying those words as if nothing bad is going to happen. "Telvi get up and get dressed!" Luther's voice outside the room. I escorted her downstairs with luther, "Luther. . .The Fallen Order won't be happy about your actions" Luther did not reply.

When we finally reached the yard, words were not exchanged. "OK this will be a duel to the death, no rules applied. Any questions?" Telvi raised her hands and jumped around like a school girl "oh me, me, me, can we use summonings & magic?" Luther did not answer."dont be stupid Telvi, use everything you've got in this fight" she looked at me furiously and showed her tongue like a child. "No more questions?, Then let us begin".

Telvi quickly summoned a soil golem and used the yard's grass as projectile to attack me. I used sword dance to cut all the grass targeting me then suddenly the golem attacked me, cutting me off from my momentum. while i was avoiding the grass and the golem Telvi kept firing fire balls at me, burning bits off my cloths. I used dispell so that the grass would not follow me any more, I ran towards her with my dual blades. when i got close she used the the roses to entangle both my legs, she was creating a very hot fireball. she fired at me but the golem charged at me throwing me away from the fire ball. the golem melted "Idiot, Look what you did, I almost got him" i was regenerating my bleeding leg while she was scolding her golem.

"Claire, Anastasia come out now!" when she called out the name the ground was shaking. The shaking stopped then suddenly a bone golem & a metal golem came out of the ground, the metal golem & the bone golem charged at me. I closed my eyes & breathed deeply slowing time, my tattoos glowed. when time returned to its normal state i quickly ran towards the metal golem and used twenty strikes on the left side of its neck destroying the seal. when the metal golem stopped its movement i quickly jumped off and landed on top of the bone golem, I used sword dance because my sword can quickly cut through any bone.

After immobilizing the two golems, i ran quickly to her and stabbed her in the belly. The blades went through her, then she suddenly used the thick roots behind me, clasping me & pulled me away from her. "Idiot, you shouldve cut my head off, both of us know that i'm better in regenerating". I was pinned in the ground because of the roots, She took my blade out of her and threw it away. She came close to me and made a vine sword, I quickly stretched my left hand four feet longer and grabbed her leg, causing her to fall. I forced my way out of the roots, She stabbed my leg but still I grab hold of her head "Sanctus sanctus dominus deus, tua sancta nomina & obsecro te domine" causing her to fall into eternal sleep.

"A binding spell, or should i say curse?" Luther asked. "Just get her to bed Luther and tell your butler to prepare my favorite beer" I told him. "your going to keep her alive?", "the council might need her, shes also a departing gift. I will be away from the Mystic council for the moment". Upon leaving Luther & me had our last conversation "Larac, I loved her" said Luther. "Loved who?" I asked "Xion. . . .". i left without saying goodbye carrying Telvi with me.

"Larac, you have returned with good news I hope" Youichi Asked. "This is Telvi, you might get a few information about the fallen order. and also I'm requesting for all the names in the bingo book" when Youichi gave me the book I told him "Youichi, I will be traveling but I will still send you messages of my kill & also tell some of the council to watch their backs, especially Sirberius"

When I got hold of the book I went to Dante's house while he was away. I borrowed his spear & two bags of gold and left for my journey. . . . .


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Posted 2/23/08
Fadisha~assassinated Veldos~

*knocks at door*
'What?' I asked sipping sake and uncrossing my legs.
'Come in Deidore...' I said
Deidore enters
'What is it now?'
' Bya-Ju was captured.' Deidore
'What? When?' I said sitting up straight.
'A couple nights ago.'
'And you tell me now. Jesus!' throws sake bottle at the wall. Liquid splashes up everywhere 'Dammit. Who?-No a council member right.... Shit... I'll reign this dump soon enough if they stop killing off my people...'
'umm...' Deidoe begins.
'What there's more...'
'They want Veldos killed...'
'Veldos.... fine...'
'You're going to do it?'
'Whyever not? Expect the unexpected Deidore my friend. Trust is a bitch.'
' --- Master....'
'I know' laughs...' Get my sword and some sake Deidore we're going fishing tonight.'

Later that Night
'Are we there yet?'
'Soon Master.'
'Are we there yet'
'Soon Master'
'Deidore I'm wired.'
'Hai Master....'
'Deidore duck!' jumps on him pushing him to ground. Blade rush across where we were.
'Well aint that a bitch.' mutters. 'Yo. Come out.' sips sake and face opposite direcion.
Veldos steps out of shadows.
'This? This I have to kill?' he shouts. Obviously angry i wasnt much.
'Bitch. I'll kill you.' I state wiping my mouth and handing deidore my sake and sword.
'' Dont underestimate me girl.' Veldos states drawing his sword.
'Hai hai shut up.' I reply pulling on my gloves.
'Master go easy.'
'Sure thing quick and painless. No fun tonight Deidore?'
'No fun.'
'Bitch. Shut up.' rushes towards me swings.
I block with hand. Swings again. Blocks pushes palm on the blade. Starts melting. Veldos jumps back.
'What the-?' he says looking at blade as it continuosly melts.
Runs towards him. Drives kick in his stomach sending him into the trees.
'Deidore go get him' i said sitting down.'-Wait no need-'
Veldos steps out rushes towards me.
Drive kicks in his stomach and chokes him against a tree.
'Wh-Wh-What are you?'
'Your worst nightmare. Can you tell whoever sent you that I'm not happy. That I'll find him... kill him and mutilate him. Tell him that for me.Thank Deidore I would have castrate you if it wasnt for him'
Breaks Veldos neck.

'Pity you were weak. I would have love to try my new sword on you.' I told Veldos's body.
'Lets go Deidore.'
'Hai master'
'Its a beautiful night right?' I ask sipping my sake.
'Hai. What are you going to do now?'
'Find the bastard who got Bya-Ju of course'
'Of course' Deidore echoes weakly.
I smile slowly and sip more sake. 'But first a quick stop by Karitchi.'



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