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27 / M / writing my storie...
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Sirberius, Half Vampire, Half Dragon Hybrid. My prey is Zycaira the Shinigami, Kavaso the Fire Fox Spirit, Yuado the Lycan. Yeah that’s right, a three man kill.

“Man, it feels like my seal might break,” seemingly say to myself. “Yeah I know, I have taken too much power and let mine grow exponentially. But is it really suppose to feel like this.”
I put my hand over my heart. My hand started to glow blue as if it were going to break my second seal by itself. I raise my head up as if I am trying to hear something.
“You say that it is because I am in The growth,” I say quietly. “Ah yes I remember what that is. The point in time where a dragon’s power begins to grow to its full potential. So it’s that point in time now huh? Well I’d better not strain myself. But you know more than anyone how hard that is for me.”
“Whom are you talking with?”
I turn to find three people sitting on the ledge above me. I was in a deserted canyon. I had a lead from someone in Shanra that they saw three people, which are now known to be associated with The Fallen Order, head here.
“I am talking with a good friend of mine,” I say smiling.
‘You fucking idiot, no one is there,” said one of them.
He was a Lycan. I could tell by looking at the texture of his skin. It was grayish and rough looking. Plus he had the rough hair look that almost all Lycans carry. I knew of him. His name was Yuado. I had the opportunity to meet him on the battlefield back when I was with the vampire clan. Before I got my dragon half.
“No he is here, you just can’t see him.”
“Oh so you are talking to your invisible friend,” says the one to Yuado’s right. He was the Shinigami known as Zycaira. He was spotted in Shanra and labeled himself as a scout from The Fallen Order. He is the reason that I got the tip.
“He is not really invisible just not here at the moment.”
“What is he too much of a bitch to show himself,” the last one said. I looked at him and say an immense amount of heat coming from his body. He had to be a Fire Fox cause Fire Elementalist didn’t even let off that much heat. I move and get up to his face before they can blink. He tries to move but is to slow and gets hit by a punch of mine in the face. I jump back before his partners get the chance to hit me.
“That’s for insulting him. He would kill you himself, but right now he says he’ll leave it up to me.”
“You will pay for that. You will regret ever messing with Kavaso.”
“Ah so Kavaso is your name. I’ve never heard of you. I know those other two very well and they have an infamous history. But you are just a little cockroach. Your appearance with them must mean that you are a soft and weak little bitch. My friend says that he pities you.”
“I can’t be weak if Okuram sent me here first,” he retorts.
“Okuram? And who is this person?”
“How do you not know the name of the person that wants you dead,” Zycaira says. “You know of a fraction of our plans yet you don’t know the person that sees you as a potential threat. You are pathetic as the Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council. You are unworthy of your title.”
I start to slip into my Demi form out of pure rage, “Really? Well then let’s see if you are more worthy of it than I am you foul little cockroach.”
“With pleasure.”
He jumps down and pulls out his scythe.
“Sear for me Hyconduro.”
His scythe, Hyconduro I would suspect its name was, start shaking vigorously. I shake my head as my horns start to form to complete my Demi form. I grab my bastard sword off of my back an bring it in stance in front of me. He dashes to me and swings his scythe. A shock wave erupts from its blade and I block it with my sword. The wave pushes me back as it repeatedly bounce my sword back and forth in my hands.
“You might want to pay attention to all of your side,” came Zycaira’s voice from my right side.
I grab my gun out of its hostler and shot him in the arm. He wasn’t expecting it and was totally taken by surprise. I throw the shock wave down to the ground and jump over it. The wave flew to its master where is cut its master in half. Then in a puff of smoke the body was gone.
“See he told you to watch out.”
I was hit with a punch in my stomach and lifted off of my feet into the air to find Kavaso there waiting on me.
“You should listen more closely.”
He kicks me clear across the cliff. And there is Zycaira.
“Maybe you should take others advice, that’s what makes a good leader.”
He punches me down and I hit the ground and break the rock surface. I lay there feeling the pain that started to flow through my body.

Maybe you should stop playing with them now, a voice says in my mind.

“Maybe I should huh,” I reply.
I put my hand on my stomach and without even uttering the words for my seal break spell, my hand glows red and the seal breaks. My Reaper form starts taking hold and soon enough my dragon scale armor is on my person. Shadowy Death is floating carelessly in front of me waiting for me to grab it. I fly back into the sky and scout the area.

Behind you Sirberius!

I turned to find Kavaso rushing at me with fireballs in hand. I use my light dash to get behind him, grab his arm, and pelt him through a giant rock.

Now to your left and right.

I fly higher and Zycaira and Yuado crash into each other.
“Dan Iresi Bocume. Mass Flame Shot.”
I fire of a giant fireball from the palm of my hand at them, but they dodge it.
Instantly I am chained to a giant cross.
“Oh crap this is going to hurt like hell,” I say under my breath.
I am suddenly overcome with a burning feeling that shoots throughout my entire body.
“Don’t worry your suffering will be over in a few minutes,” Kavaso says holding a bow and arrows made of fire.
He starts shooting them off and they each hit a different part of my body and disappear away. They don’t even leave wounds because they burn my skin to seal the wound. I wince from the pain but I do not yell in pain. I have been through worse than this. But if it keeps up I will surely die. And they will succeed with they’re plans.

Ok Sirberius I say that you should really stop holding back now. If you don’t want to die.

“But I can’t get my hands to my seals. How am I supposed to break them?”

Just leave that to me. When this is down. I want to use the power of the third seal. I wish to have fun now.

My seal over my heart started to heart started glowing blue and my third seal over the right side of my chest started to glow black. They broke and my Ka’dai energy flowed so strong that I could feel the crucify spell start to break. But it didn’t give out completely.

Now do it!

I let my power wrap itself around my body. A white aura now covered me and my power shot up. My white sleeveless shirt form with the bar that wrapped under my arms and behind my head and back. My wrist guards formed along with my armor at my legs and hips. My dual handguns changed and my guardian weapon Rengito took they’re place. I broke the cross by issuing a constant flow of power from my body.
“Kavaso,” I yelled out. “Boy do I have a special treat for you. My friend says that he would like to have fun with you now.” My body starts to become infused with a red aura. “Please don’t disappoint him.” I put my hands in from of me, “Aconto Hushabay Zane Hediyoshi,”
The red aura left me through arms and gathered in front of my hands. There it took the form of a body. It had a patched up red and blue hat and clothes that matched the same style as the hat. It had blue short blue hair that showed underneath the hat. Its eyes were blue and gave off a cold look to Kavaso. Then it smiled a devilish smile.
“Boys, I’d like to introduce you to my dragon spirit friend. His name is down in history as Zane Hediyoshi, the Divine Dragon. He is the reason that I have a dragon side. I gave him a place in my body and he shares his power with me. Isn’t he a such giver?”
Zane took a bow and looked back at me. I grabbed to two dual swords off of my legs and threw them to him. They were his, I just carried them around on me for his sake though he didn’t really need them. He put his power through them and they opened up to form three bladed dual swords. He held them upside down by the handle and put his arms at his side.
“Hello maggot,’ he said in a sinister tone.
Kavaso, sensing Zane’s power was far more powerful than he could handle tried to run.
“I hate little punks that talk bad but can’t back it up,” says Zane now in front of Kavaso. He puts his hand to his forehead,” You are fucking worthless in my eye maggot. May you burn in the hands of the Demon Lord for you weakness.”
Zane shoots off a powerful blast of fire that completely incinerates him and makes a giant crater in the ground below. The other two rush at Zane but I jump in their way.
“Don’t think that I’m just going to let you guys tag team my friend now,” I say was a smile that had them shaking. I spiked Zycaira on the head and had him plummet to the ground. Zane appeared in front of Yuado upside down. He does a flip and kicks him down to the ground with his friend.
“Shall I do it now,” he asks me.
“Sure. I know you are dieing to anyways.”
“Ok,” he says raising his swords in front of him. “Chaotic Strike.”
Two clones of Zane show up and they all drop down the ground. Zycaira and Yuado where on their feet and getting ready to launch an attack. The two Zane clones ran at them, slashed them in the chest then kicked them into the air where they met Zane. He spun around like a tornado, repeatedly cutting the, and slashed them downward. They flew back to the ground. Zane landed and the clones came where he was so they could surround the Zycaira and Yuado. Each of them raised their three bladed swords, which were glowing red, and dashed off. The two put their swords to the ground and cut across diagonally and Zane cut down vertically.
The result was a giant triangle like sign that boxed in the two. This was where I came in.
“Reaper’s Hold,” I said grasping my hands together.
Two skeletal hands came out the ground and held two together. I fell to the ground the find Zane standing by myself. We turned and put our backs against each other’s.
“Remind you of the old days huh,” he says to me.
“A little bit,” I reply looking at Zycaira and Yuado. “But we aren’t done yet.”
I extend my right arm in their direction. Zane does the same with his left arm.
“You start off remember, Zane.”
“Yep, alright here we go,” he says. “Draining.”
“CANNON!” we both yell.
A golden eye forms in front of our hands. Eight spikes form around the eye and make a circle. The spikes spin around slowly and we can see Ka’dai energy start flowing through the air and into the eye.
Then we both say, “Fire.”
The energy in the eye shoots off in a beam. It hits its targets and engulfs them along with their screams for mercy. They are completely destroyed and nothing is left to say there was ever anyone here other than ourselves.
“You see now the difference of our power,” Zane says.
“You were never worthy to step foot against us.”
“yet you had the nerve to insult ‘us.”
“You even tried to say that we where not worthy of the title Grand Mystic.”
“But now you are the ones left in the hands of the Demon Lord.”
“Your souls shall burn and suffer for eternity.
“And there is nothing that you can do to stop it.”
“But nonetheless…”
“We shall pray for your souls.”

With that said, Zane and me continued our travels through the canyon. Conversing about how it all reminded us of out youthful days…….

Me and Zane


Plus Zane's Drain cannon
Plus my Infinity Cannon
Equals total annihilation

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25 / F / In a Big Black Sw...
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Fadisha kills Bekoji (Warlock)Caterina (Witch)

Knocks on door.
'Kiratch! Kiratchi you bastard! Open up for a knock the hell out of you and this shack!!'
'Maybe he's not home.'Deidore said
'He'shome alright' pausesto sniff' Kiratchi! You fucker! Quit messing with me! I'll kill you.'
Old man creaks door open.
'Nee-chan good evening.' He smiles.
'Kiratchi quit fucking around.
Man stops smiling. 'What do you want Ky?"
'Bya-Ju got captured'
'That idiot always get in these spots...Let me guess you wanna know where he's at... I dont know I dont sense him.... Probably at the council....'
'Like I thought Deidore he's no help.Lets go'

To be continued
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dethreaper666 (dante) versus Taquion (Dragon), Serrian (Dragon), Avetilde (Wyvern)/(snake, hawk Hybrid)

The day grew darker, and I havent seen Larac for days now. Did i finally get rid of him? I kinda miss his annoying comments. Then again he did steal some of my money and my spear again. Oh well, it has been pretty dull since i last heard of Sirberius taking on a group of three, man he just keeps on getting stronger, i really need to step things up if i plan on beating him when we fight. Oh well ill go out for a stroll then. I spread my wings and fly out of the window, of course i brought my weapons, cant leave home without them. I need to get stronger, but i need to fight something worthy of my power. As these thoughts come to fruition i notice the place where I fought the chimera and that elementalist. That was a pretty tough fight, but this time i get a sense of something much more powerful eminating from the hills just beyond the village. I decide to check it out.

As I came upon the hills i notice a cave in the hill, but this was no ordinary cave something about it was unnatural so i decided to check it out. As i aproached i heard voices coming out from the cave.
"Again our men have fallen, can no one kill this Sirberius guy, or any of his pathetic council members?"
"I dont know Avetilde, he has more power then we first expected."
"But Serrian he is not the only one of them that has killed our men. He has a group of elite fighters who have been equaly as big of a nuceance."
"Ah yes Taquion there are others like a certain Dante, who might i add is standing right out side, have none of you seriously noticed his presence? Maybe this is why they are able to kill our grunts and scouts." Avetiled replied.
The figures in the room scuffled around a bit then emerged from the cave to see me sitting on a rock. Two of the figures looked alike, both had horns on there heads and spikes comming out of their bodies and had dragon wings, but there was another who looked similar to the others but also had wings like a bird (bigger of course) and a tail that was like that of a snake.
"An ugly bunch of creatures now arent we." I mock at them
"Ah but what we lack in appearence we make up for in brutality." The left dragon spoke.
"Yeah yeah well i can look awsome and kick all three of your asses so who wins there?" I reply
"You are indeed strong and that is why the three of us will take you on at once, we are no grunts we are all lieutenant's you are in for one hell of a fight." The middle odd one spoke
"We will see about that my friend we will see, I have more tricks up my sleeves that no one has ever seen." I reply

Then i instantly went into my true hybrid blood lust form knowing that this will be one hell of a fight. The two dragons attack at once flanking me from my left and right. The Hybrid also attacked from the front. I blocked the frontal attack but the dragons hit their marks, i collapsed on the ground in pain, that attack would have killed me if not for my rock hard skin in this form. i return to my feet and fly into the air, the three of them followed. I pulled out my scythe and flung it at one of the dragons and in surprise he was hit right in the wing plummeting him to the ground. The others still at full speed were close to me when i doged the other dragon and blocked the hybrids attack but the force from the attack made me fly back a bit.

"heh, you werent kidding you three are much better then the others i have foughten. But you are not strong enough, this is only ten percent of my true power in this form. I will show you twenty percent." I say still aching from the attacks.
I place my scythe in front of me allowing it to float, then i begin to chant. "Kargath Aleria Kalamai, Souls of the dead come to me"
My scythe then glows black and red, as the souls of the past slain return to me their powers. I feel the power flow through my veins, I then launch at one of the dragons, grabbing him by the neck and as i am about to sink in my teeth, he blasts me with a green flame, i didnt pay attention to his hands a novice mistake on my part.
The pain subsides very quickly, but it was enough to throw me back a bit. "Ha you think that you have hurt me well try this on for size" i say as i slam my scythe into the ground calling forth the power of the necromancer Quazar, and the ground breaks apart and a horde of demons rush out from the ground attacking the dragons and hybrid.
They easily kill the demons but it allows me enough time to get behind one of the dragons and finish what i started. I sunk my teeth into his flesh, which was much tougher then most other creatures i might add. The life force flows from his body, and into my blood stream. He shakes me off but he is extremly weakened. I grab my scythe and begin to spin it as i chant "Zaraxus Serinium, Soul syphon" A black flame blast hits the dragon and absorbs his life force into it. Then the flame returns back to the scythe and into my power.
"Taquion!!! You will pay you freak." The other dragon replys. By this time the horde of demons has been completley wiped out.
"His soul belongs to me now, and in me he will eternally suffer until i call upon him to give me his power, which i think i might do now as a demonstration. My scythe disipatates spikes erupt from my back and horns grow on my head, my skin becomes Harder then diamonds, My eyes glow red but black flames emit from them.
"Now you see my Oversoul Blood Lust form." I reply
I dash at them shooting firballs from my hands igniting the second dragon in flames, but does not kill him due to a high resistance. I arrive in front of the dragon but before i can hit him the hybrid shoots a beam at me from the snake like tail, I quikly dodge it but the other dragon takes advantage and spins around whipping me with his tail tossing me into a cliff.
I recover quickly and fly full force into the second dragon impailing him with my spikes, i then pin him to the hill. I jump back as he begins to fall down to the ground and i summon a black flame in my hand blasting him with the full force of my soul syphon, absorbing his soul.

The hybrid creature at this point begins to laugh "You think you are still a challenge? Ha you are pathetic, i am much stronger then my brethren here and even with their power you can not hop to defeat me. I will crush your body with my ultimate attack." The creature threatens
"You cant scare me you stupid ignorant ass hole." I reply

I dash at him with the force of a hurricane, i tackle him onto the ground and send a barrage of punches into his skull making him bleed, but his grin begins to make me feel uneasy. I jump back and blast him with the fire attacks i borrow from the dragons life force. He seems to absorb the attacks, He then places his palms together and focuses his energy into his palms.
"This is all the energy i absorbed from your attacks this whole battle, I have concentrated it all into this attack plus my own energy so now you will surely die!" He yells as he fires the attack.

The attack fires so quickly the only way i could mitigate the damage was to use my wings as a sheild, It didnt do much but it was enough to keep me alive and ready for one more attack, "Now Become part of me and give me your power." I reply

"No How did you survive that attack you should be dead!!!!!" He yells surprised at my survival.

"Soul Syphon!" I yell ignoring his statement.

The soul syphon takes his life energy, and absorbs it into myself. I then collapse on the floor drained of my energy, I sleep.

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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 4/19/08

Mewt Magashio Morakami takes on Azuno & Luther

Walking through town I seen a wanted poster on a wall. The picture was a bald male with ear piercings (Think Bullseye from daredevil without the target on his head and a few changes).

Wanted: Azuno,human male, prefered dead. Guilty of the following:murder, practicing illegal magiks, stealing, rape....

The list continued for a bit before ending. I knew what I had to do, lucky for me. After asking around, I found a place where he might be.

I walked in and there he was, sitting down with a guy, they looked the same age. I began walking towards him.

"Hey you know you have a bounty on your head?" I said

"Yeah and what about it?" he replyed without looking at me.

"Well its mine." I said this and he began to laugh

"You are one funny ass guy, you know that? No is killing my ass, not even the grand mystic himself!!!" he then punched me, and I flew into a table and broke it.

Tonite I was going to have some fun, I then got up and dusted myself off.

"Feel proud, for you are the only mortal that has ever touched me." I said

I launched at him without a weapon hand. I threw a couple punches and kicks, he did the same. We did this untill I grew bored, which wasn't long. He muttered what sounded like a spell.

"denim unoje cirem, elemental cannon!!" he yelled

a ball of mixed elements formed. he then obsorbed it.

"I'm not like other mortals, I was raised from a child up in the Fallen Order. I know many things that a mortal should not."

He now had an armor made of differnt elements. I took this time to look around. I noticed that his freind was watching our fight.The place was empty except for us, it was also littered with broken chairs & tables. I formed a sword/axe and went at him. i managed to cut an arm off before he noticed me. He said something else and his arm reatached.

"You may not know this but I won."

I'v had enough, I began to rip limbs off. There was blood every where. He said the same thing he said before and his limbs reconnected to his body. I threw him aside, if he stayed alive he would make a gift from me to the council.

"Done with him already? Now we can fight." the guy said calmly

" die now!" I said this before I threw my weapon. It stopped an inch in front of his face. I phased out and back in behind him.

"You shall die painlessly, but you will die none the less." I said this and then sunk my fangs into his neck. I released him when I was sure he was bone dry. His lifeless body fell to the ground, to my amazement it reverted into the body of an old man. I minorly healed Azuno so he wouldnt die and casted a binding spell on him. I picked him up & put on my shoulder, I then left that hellhole to deliver my gift.
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Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
Sirberius, Half Vampire, Half Dragon Hybrid. My prey is the Prophet Ovan

“Who’d have thought that we would have come back here,” I say.
“Yeah,” Zane replies. “We had left all of our past behind here. I wonder if we will still be welcome after all this time.”
Zane and I have been traveling for three days together now. Zane has finally awakened from his 5-year slumber. He was put under a spell after a compact I made. It seems now the spell as wore off. We were now at the place where it all started. Our past and history together started here in the city of Zelcova.
Zane looked off into the town, “I wonder who all is still here.”
“I don’t know. But there is only one way to find out,” I say walking into Zelcova’s main gates. Zane quickly followed after me. As soon as we get into the city perimeter, we instantly hear some familiar voices.
We turn around to find our old childhood friends, Saria (Demon) and Ruuso (God). You see, Zelcova is a town of mixed races. Most of the people here have either lost their homes or have run away. Zane and I traveled around after our town was destroyed due to war and came here. These two were some of the first friends we made. Saria is my age, 17, while Ruuso a bit older than all of us, 20.
Saria jumps onto both of us, “Zane, Sirberius! It’s so good to see you guys again.”
“It’s good to see you too Saria,” Zane says smiling.
She gets off of us and Ruuso comes in front of us.
“We were kinda worried about you guys when we started hearing the rumors about The Fallen Order targeting you Sirberius,” he says. Then he rubs us on the head, “But we knew that you two are inseparable and that as long as you are together no one can take you guys down.”
“Stop is Ruuso,” I say shaking my head. “A lot has happened since we left here 5 years ago.”
Saria and Ruuso look at each other and then look at us.
“That’s something we would like to ask you about,” Saria starts.
“What happened on that day? The day that the God village attack here.”
I look up at the sky. Not really wanting to relive that day, but I knew I had to tell them.
“Well when the Gods attacked, me and Zane tried to go and hold them off. We knew that we weren’t strong enough to take them down ourselves. But if we could just delay them so everyone could escape, then we would feel satisfied and run off with everyone,” I stop and turn my head.
“But things didn’t exactly go as we had planned,” Zane says picking up where I left off. I guess he could see that it pained me to relive it all. “The moment that we started to fight them, we realized that they were way out of our league. We tried to escape, but they had now intention of letting us go. One of the gods launched its strongest attack at Sirberius, and I jumped in the way to protect him. In result… It killed me…”
Ruuso and Saria jumped back in shock.
“That can’t be right,” Sara says with tears in her eyes. “If you died then how can you be here right now? If you were dead then you couldn’t be standing in front of us!”
I look at her, “That’s because I made a pact with the Demon Lord. I begged the Demon Lord to bring him back. And to give me the strength to defeat the Gods. He gave me what I wanted. But I was set with a task from him. Destroy all of those whose souls are impure and send their souls to him to be tortured for eternity. I accepted, and he brought Zane back to life. But the thing is to play with a Divine art as soul resurrection is very hard on the spirit. And as a draw back, Zane’s spirit was placed inside of me. Zane and I are the same now because of it. If I die, Zane dies and vice versa.”
Ruuso and Saria just stand there in silence staring at me. I turn my head and look down.
“But thanks to that pact that he made I am still alive and our power is the same. Our power keeps growing because of the blood that he drank in the past. All of those who donated have given us a piece of their power and the power to keep the Mystical Realm,” Zane says smiling.
“Yeah that is true and for that we are grateful. I guess that Sirberius would do anything to save his brother…”
“Well of course I would, and that was the best thing that I could think of at that moment. But now I have to deal Okuram. He is leading The Fallen Order.”
Saria looks up at me in shock, “But isn’t Okuram…”
“SIRBERIUS! Come out and play with me.”
I turn around and see another familiar face. A Prophet named Ovan. I stand up and clench my fists.
“What do you want here you bastard,” I yell.
“I have been sent by Lord Okuram to get red of you. He sees you as too much of a threat now to leave you to inexperienced people. He also now sees your followers as just as much of a threat to his plans as you. Now all generals and captains of The Fallen Order are given the ability to join the fight against you.”
“I don’t care,” I say drawing my broadsword off of my back. “I’ll just kill them all. But why is that you who predicted my only way to save Zane now steps against us. Okuram is no good, and you should know that better than anyone Prophet.”
“I know, but now I get the chance to steal the greatest power there is to be known yet. The power of the Demon Lord is the most powerful there is. And I want it for myself, before Okuram can get his hands on it.”
“Well you will need to kill me first.”
I charge at him and swing my sword, but he disappears before I can hit him.
“You think you can kill me with that speed and lack of power. Ha I see the Demon Lord’s power is of waste had gone to you.”
I break my first two seal without touching them and instantly power up to my True Hybrid Form. My broadsword vanishes and is replaced by my dual guns known as Rengito. I point one of them at him.
“Do you really think that this power is wasted now?”
He vanishes and appears near Zane.
“I’ll kill him if you take another step,” he says.
But his moves were too slow and already known to me. I was behind him before he could touch Zane.
“You are as truly pathetic as you back in our home town Redoma,” I say pointing my gun at the back of his skull. “But know you have disgraced the honor of being born there just as Okuram has you weakling.”
I grab his neck and throw him into the air. Then I jump above him with Rengito already aimed and ready to fire.
“Justice Barrage.”
I instantly start firing off shots into his frail body. Each one meeting its mark. In total, I shot him with 50 bullets. I floated back down to the ground and he soon followed.
“Not done yet.”
I twisted around and kicked him back into the air.
“Infinity Bullet.”
My guns began to shake and glow a nice vibrant blue. I fire both of them at the same time. They combined together, hit Ovan and exploded him into nothingness. Soon after, it started to rain blood.
“Well that takes care of that. I will be sure to say a prayer in your name for your stupidity and ignorance,” I say turning around to face the others.
Then I hear a voice, “When did you become such a holy person.”
I instantly turn around and see the person I’d least have wished to see.
“Long time no see, eh Sirberius,” Okuram says with a smile.
“Yeah and it still could have waited a bit longer, brother……”

Me and Zane (Childhood)
Us now
Saria and Ruuso
Me and Okuram
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Man this forum rocks lol
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Dethreaper666 (Dante) and Sirberius versus Akro (Lycan), Bekoji (Warlock), Calene (Succubus), Caterina (Witch), Fenrerr (Lycan), Kasha (Mermaid), Munda (Wind Elementalist), Ramona (Elf), Uvona (Water Elementalist), Zeldora (Elf), Zefon (Wizard)

Ending of Sirberius's story

I stare at Okuram. My brother. And my enemy.
“Why are you here,”
“I came to see how strong my brother really is,” he answers. “I’ve only heard of your strength from my subordinates. I just had to see it up close and personal. Now that I have seen it, I shall take my leave.”
Okuram turns around and starts to walk off.
“Oh no you don’t,”
I say raising my guns to him. I fired off two shots. But he vanished before they got the chance to hit him.
I turn back around and head over to Zane and the others.

Begining of my story

The Night grew dimmer and the sun nearly completely gone by now, I notce Serbirus as i am on my normal night time patrol. He is in a town that ive seen many times, a town that was once destroyed in an ancient war, everyone knows of the war. The war between the gods and the creatures of the Mystical Realm. I fly down to him "Sirberius I have located a big group of Fallen Order members ... i dont know what rank they are but if they are anything like the last three i fought i might need some help. Are you in my lord." I speek as i kneel down respectfully.
"How did you come upon this group? How many are there anyway?" replys Sirberius.
"Yeah and What kind of creatures are we up against this time?" replys a person i have never met before yet i feel as if i have met him before.
"And you are?" I question him
"The name is Zane, i used to be a part of Serbirus but i have recently been set free." Zane replys
"Then it is an Honor to meet you." i reply "I counted eleven of them, multiple races, i couldnt see them all but i noticed some elementalist and lycans ... i think the three of us can take em out." I state

The three of us suit up and take flight, Me in my hybrid form, Sirberius in his reaper form, and Zane in his dragon form. I lead them to a castle where i spotted the group of Fallen Order members. We land but there is no one in sight.
"So you found us did you, i knew if we let the hybrid see us he would go and fetch you Sirberius." The lycan replies.
"Dante, Sirberius the two of you will die here today ... who is this guy." The lycan points at Zane.
"Your worst nightmare my friend, the name is Zane to bad you wont tell the tale of the day you take me on." Zane replies.

Zane dashes toward the lycan with his duel blades and cuts him into three peices killing him instantly.
"Damn man, we havent even started yet," I say laughing
"Heh, sorry i guess i got ahead of myself." Zane replies.
"Well we might as well finish this then." Sirberius replys.

The three of us rush at the ten remainding members, I attack a wizard known as Zefon, a warlock named Bekoji, and twin elfs named Zeldora and Ramona. Zane attacks Caterina a witch, Calene a succubus, and Kasha a mermaid. While Sirberius takes on the remaining duel elementalists Uvona, water, and Munda, wind, and also Akro another lycan.

The twin elfs attack me one from range with a bow using flaming arrows, and the other up close using twin daggers. I dodge the ranged attacks fairly easily, and the daggers come close a few times and niche me once. I grab the close elf and lift her up as a sheild against the arrows now being shot three at a time. The arrows Pierce the puny elfs thin skin killing her and engulfing her in flames. The warlock summons a giant golem that rises out of the dirt and begins to attack me with its giant arms. I run up along the golems arm and ram my broadsword into his skull but the creature is not organic and the attack does nothing to it. I realize that to kill it i need to kill the warlock. I summon the spirits of the dragons i killed and begin shooting fire balls at the warlock and one hits its mark igniting him in a black flame. The flame retracts into my body. I have learend how to use my soul syphon instantly in conjuction with normal attacks. Three arrows hit me in the back but my thick ckinn absorbs the majority of the damage.

At the same time Zane has already killed the mermaid with one slice of his blades. He then rushes at the succubus, and it tries to subdue him in a failed attempt, Zane flips over the incoming fire ball casted by the witch. Zane throws a blade that impails the witch in the heart and in a blinding flash kills her. The succubuc at this time has attacked Zane with a whip hitting him in the back leaving only a small redish mark. Zane turns around and casts a spell "Dragon Fire," he yells as his hands glow red and he fires a blast into the seductive creature killing her.

Sirberius, in the middle of avoiding blasts casted by both elementalists as the lycan remains on the attack, yells to Zane "come on now you didnt even toy with them."
Sirberius then uses his scythe, shadowy death, and cuts the lycan in half absoubing his soul into the scythe. The elementalists summon a combined giant made of water and air, It is intangable and cannot be hurt, the it can be stopped. Sirberius, grabs his duel guns and instantly breaks his two seals "infinity bullet," he yells as he fires a huge blast into the creature that dissolves it into nothing and continues on killing the wind elementalist. With another shot He kills the last elementalist.

"Done yet Dante?" Sirberius yells turning to see me sucking the blood out of the body of the wizard, with the bodies of the elves and the warlock in a pile drained of all life force.
"Yeah i have been waiting i got a bit thirsty." I yell back

"Man were those really members of The Fallen Order? Did we get that much stronger since the last few fights?" Sirberius asks.
"I know what you mean. I struggled against some of the earlier fights. I bet Larac is looking for some of these members as we speak ... to bad for him ... this is what he gets for taking my money." I reply
"Well im out ill see you guys another time, nice to meet you Zane i look foward to our battle Sirberius, dont forget i will beat you." I sayas i fly away.

The End

Blood lust form

Zane and Sirberius
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Real Name : Ru'ul Va'arinth avalde Areadhleth
Other Name : Va'arinth, Varinthiael, Varinthi
Name Meaning : 'The Lonely One'
Type : God
Age :-Unknown-
Deity Race : The Vargicans or 'the Exiled Ones'
Level Divine : 67 Divine (that means he's a powerful god )
Title or rank given : 'Lord of the 7th Netherworld', 'Dark Prince of Va'athril', 'Ruler of the Dark Winterlands'
Powers or elements used : Darkness, Ice and Astral (Light) element.
Special powers/ Great powers : Dark Winter, Dark Holy, Blizzard of the Abyss, Wrath of the Exiled Ones
Headquarter : Frozen Palace, Mount Va'athril, Varinthiael's Netherworld
Weapons Used : Laenacranth (Black sword with a runic inscription on the blade) & Valdacranth
(Golden staff with divine power, gifted by the Aemireans = the Ruling Deities)

Subordinates : Lythammos the disciple, Avithanas the advisor,
Ryvathanos the subordinate,Syrlathan
the messenger,Manothas the guardian,'Jannas the grand
commander,Svactimael the collector and Ardhelael the
Info : Varinthiael are once an Aemirean, a class of ruling deities who rules the universe and heaven. He was betrayed by their own kind, exiled and casted out from Eanthralhein (world or the Aemireans) to Vathrulhein (realm of the Netherworlds). For thousands of millenia he sleep to his ruied world, gathered back his powers and gained supporters who followed him since the exile and take revenge to the eliminate the Aemirians. He is now awaken from his slumber and then he begin his act of revolution on his own to destroy the corrupted Aemireans including their Cheif God, Khazaseth....
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The Wolf Summoner

At the hall of the Frozen Palace, stood the Dark Prince on his throne, beside him was Lythammos the Disciple who always beside him as his beloved servant.Avithan and Ryvathan come inside the hall with a prisoner, walking through Varinthiael. The two servants bow down to him except the prisoner.

"Akhare yanakhare zi Varinthi" (a solute or greeting word when confronting a powerful person), "My lord, we have succeded your order and bring this creature that you wanted". Ryvathanas said honorably.

Varinthiael look at the person who was in chains. A male demon in open-black jacket, opening part of his upper body and hischained hands.His black-jean throusers suits him for his wildness.

"Bow down to the Dark Prince, demon!" Lythammos angered with the attitude of the demon.

The demon raise his head up with a grin smile and sigh, "my my, the god's pet growling that acts like a god.."

"Why you impudent..!", Lythammos try to beat the demon down but stopped by his master's hand. Lythammos bowed and get back to his place.

Varinthiael sigh back with a small smile, "so you who are called the Wolf Summoner?"

"only my victims called me that sire.." the demon said with a threatening voice.

"you're the one who can summon wolf demons?

"I have more powers than that..." replied the demon.

"And possess them to the dead corpses and resurrect them as Lycans?" Varinthiael ask back.

"hmph, you know my servants can defeat anyone even you o mighty Varinthiael.." the demon smiled in demonic style.

Varinthiael laugh a little that makes the demon nervous like beign insulted.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Great courage and bravery to oppose anyone, dontch 'ya Wolf Summoner", then the Dark Prince wave his hand and magically make the chains around the demon broken even his clawed hand.

"You're very suitable to be my servant, demon", "will you join me?" Varinthiael with small smile again.

Lythammos shocked a little of what his master had done but he keep silent to watch of what will happen then.

The released demon then laughed horrorbly and ready to shown his diabolical attack, his red aura surrounded his body but Varinthiael didn't seen to be frightened.

"Thank you for releasing me but i'm sorry that i reject your offer, how about YOU who be my servant, or else i KILL YOU!"

The demon strike to attack and focus to hit Varinthiael, but suddenly with a speed of light, Avithan blocked and stoped the demon in front of him and pointing his finger on the demon's forehead. The demon shocked of what he saw.

Avithan then cast a simple divine incantation that makes the demon stand in confusion. Avithan cast a word "Dark Holy!". His pointing finger flashing with dark light and blast into the demon's forehead.

The demon then trembled in pain and his hands hold his head as he was in agony of headache.

Varinthiael and his servants keep watching the painful demon and after a few minutes, the demon fainted. after a quickly while, the demon rise from his fainted slumber, standing in front of Varinthiael and began to kneeled down to bow.

"I am the servant of the Dark Prince of Va'athril, let me serve you, give me orders as my absolute submittion to you o mighty Varinthiael.." the demon then raise his head where there's a black mark on his forehead, mark of full submittion to the Exiled Ones.

Varinthiael then smiled to see his new servant and said "Good, arise my Ahndemian (a lesser servant that have a Dark Holy mark in it's forehead)"


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Luther was in a graveyard, weeping for the loss of his true love, Naomi Xion. A week earlier she had been killed by Larac.
As Luther was walking by, he overheard a few voices.
"The Mystic Council has begun war with the other Fallen Order lieutenants," said Ken'ichi, "Avetilde, Serrian, and Taquion are already dead."
"You gonna fight?" teased Tim Drei.
"No, me and O'Dranoel are going into hiding."
"You may want to be careful," said Vislumbrar, "you don't want Okuram getting angry at you."
"You better be careful too," teased a woman, licking Vislumbrar's ear.
Luther recognized that voice. It was a voice that was like the heavens. A voice that was more beautiful than Telvi's.
Luther peered from behind the tree to Naomi Xion next to, nearly on top of, Vislumbrar.
"That reminds me," said Ken'ichi, "I heard about Ovan. What is the Final Five going to do now?"
"Who knows," sighed Tim, "Ein Stein is off working on Cloud 9, Dr. Zwei is making a memorial for Ovan at Besaid."
"And Vier Weiss?"
"Like anyone knows that. That bastard is always running around someplace. To tell the truth, I haven't seen him for the last month. It sure has been a good month."
Xion laughed. She suddenly stopped and lurched her head in Luther's direction.
"We have a visitor," informed Xion.
Before Luther could even breath, Tim fired a bullet. It struck Luther's shoulder.
"Gah!" screamed Luther.
Luther fell down. Vislumbrar and Xion walked over to them, shortly followed by Ken'ichi and Tim.
"Luther, meet my new lover," introduced Xion, "his name is Vislumbrar. Vissy-pooh, meet my deceased fiance."
As if on cue, Vislumbrar slammed his foot into Luther's neck, crushing it.

Days later Luther's body was found by the man whose daughter had been killed by Xion. Turns out the man's name was Laden, a Nirvanism lieutenant to Pravda van Alba. He reported the body to the authorities.
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