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whats in store for you today???
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Posted 2/20/08
Prediction for 2/20/2008
You may find sometime to relax and catch up with all that is pending. You may enjoy the support of your subordinates at the work front. Do not get swayed by anybody’s sweet talk. There may be behind the scene activities or ulterior motives at play.

Prediction for 2/21/2008
Unnecessary problems regarding communication device will take up your time. You maybe forced to slow down and suffer delays at work due to this practical problem. It is nothing serious but it is always good to be careful.

Symbol: Scorpio
Colour: Maroon, Dark Red
Metal: Steel, Iron
Gem: Pearl
Posted 2/20/08
For today 2/20/08: A friend or coworker is doing something exciting with their life. You want to be doing this, too. So what's stopping you? You don't need any more resources than you already have. Just up your creativity and throw in a little bit of drive. What's the best way to enliven your creativity and drive? Get out and mix it up with different types of people! It's a good time to make a date, meet up with an old friend, or just go out into the world by yourself and start some sassy conversations.

For tomorrow 2/21/08: Despite the fact that you are feeling better than you have felt in years, right now is not the time to go out and celebrate. You are not overly-impulsive as a rule, but today you should behave even more conservatively than usual. Bide your time and the right opportunity to have a blast will present itself soon enough. Skip any splurges and stay close to home. You can have just as celebratory a time cuddled up with a good book or your sweetie as you can at a big party.
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Posted 4/13/08
Thanks! ima check it out everyday! =P
Posted 12/29/08
ya me too!
my horoscope describes me today!
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