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Post Reply whats your chines animal????find out here!!! :)
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21 / F / Brooklyn, New York
Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/21/08

Pigs are splendid companions, intellectuals with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. They are sincere, tolerant, and honest. By expecting the same from others, they are incredibly naive and sometimes taken advantage of. Regardless, they seldom hold a grudge. Pigs are exceptionally funny and good-humoured, and will overlook other people's faults for the sake of social harmony. They love their homes, but spend most of their time and energy indulging themselves with the best of everything -- they secretly crave a life of luxury. Their steadfast, patient nature make them good, amicable organ-
izers, but even Pigs have limits, and their rage is something to behold! When it comes to love, they are true romantics who spend the money for the full nine yards.

Sincere, Diligent, Genuine, Obliging, Generous, Friendly
Materialistic, Pigheaded, Gullible, Naive, Lazy, Superficial
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32 / M / Left the moon. No...
Posted 4/27/08
I'm an ox, awesome!!!!!
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Posted 8/2/08
I already knew for a long time that I'm a Rat. ^^ Iunno...Maybe because that trait runs through my Azn blood?Lol xD
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F / In a corner .
Posted 8/14/08
OMG I already know since I'm chinease!!!
Posted 8/14/08
lol. sorry, this is for the people who don't know. i didn't know what i was for a long time. lol. i knew i was a leo, but not that i was a horse too.
Posted 8/18/08
im a rooster
Posted 9/14/08

Rats are imaginative, charming, and truly generous to the ones they love. However, Rats have a tendency to be quick-
tempered and overly critical. At ease with company and groups of people, their intelligence and observation allows them to quickly grasp a situation from multiple perspectives. Rats know how to spot opportunities and seize them, but their opportunism, ambition and restlessness can lead to too many commitments. Don't be fooled -- although shrewd in business at times, Rats are passionate lovers, with a depth of feeling that is seldom recognized by others.

Charismatic, Sociable, Intelligent, Affable, Quick-Witted, Popular
Exploitive, Calculative, Secretive, Greedy, Acquisitive, Devious

The following occupations best suit the Rat personality.

Some notable Rats in these fields include William Shakespeare, Amadeus Mozart, Gene Kelly, Winston Churchill and George Washington.

Posted 12/29/08
the first post of a tiger here!
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