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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/21/08
Yami no Matsuei is a half shounen-ai,half horror anime show that i watched years ago.Basically,this show is about how shinigamis guide the souls of the deceased to the next world.The central character is Asato Tsuzuki,arguably the most powerful Shinigami there who has an angsty past and emo at times.Together he and his colleagues face the challenges in the form of Muraki,the handsome yet mad doctor.

The animation for this is quite good actually.The characters are drawn really beautifully,detailed,and gorgeous looking.As a typical shounen-ai anime,this anime feature very little appearance of women.The beautiful character designs made most of the males there effeminate looking.You might have some hard time choosing who is the hottest there.The contrasts of lights and darks really lifted up to the mood.I enjoyed all the music,all except the ED which i dont like it.The background music compliments the scenes perfectly.

There 4 arcs.My favourite by far would probably be the one with the violin.Because that is where we can see tsuzuki going really emo and releasing his shikigamis to almost full power.(too bad he didn't release Touda)We didn't get to see all the 12 shikigamis,as Tsuzuki use mainly Byakko and Suzaku.

The ending left quite an amount of question.We haven't see more about Muraki,and we know he is not dead,we dont know more about everyone's background either.So the ending may not seem to be satisfactory to some.There are only character development for Tsuzuki and Hisoka.You would forgive me for saying this,but other than Tsuzuki,Hisoka and Muraki,the others seem to be only mere "side dish".Their presence are not important.The one who bind this story together is actually Muraki,and yet we dont really know much about him except his childhood.

Despite the flaws,Yami no Matsuei is quite an enjoyable shounen-ai anime.The character interaction here is pretty good,and there are a few humours here that will make you laugh.The story is not complex,but it is unfinished.At least it is better than complex animes that are unfinished.*coughEvangelioncough*

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