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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
Hope you guys enjoy this. I came up with it (even though it is based on FMA, just a different side to it. In my eyes, of course) and i'm still on the process of finishing it. ^___^ ENJOY FELLOW FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FANS!!!

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The room was silent. I can hear the wind very faintly and the snow hitting the window. I felt anger, disgrace, rage, ashamed, and like drowning my sorrows out and closing myself from the world. All i could see was a brother who needed help and one that was lost. And then, when I'm ready to get up and walk towards my little brother, something catches the glimpse of my eye.
>> "This wasn't supposed to happen!!!! EDWARD!!! look away!"
>> As soon as i see what i was not meant to see, i wake up from my long slumber.
>> "NI-SANN!!!" I wake with sweat pouring down my face and feel so cold.
>> " Emily!! wake up! it's all just a dream! get back to your post and stop slacking off!"
>> Second lieutenant Riza Hawkeye slapped the back of my head and i'm finally wide awake.
>> "And they call you the Silent Alchemist! what a joke!:"
>> Riza started to laugh while she fed Black Hayate.
>> "Do you think. . . " I paused and looked down at the obidient dog.
>> "what's on your mind, Emily? OHH! is that bothering you again?"
>> She rose from the ground and so did her faithful dog.
>> "it's just that -" Then all of a sudden, i jumped behind the great oak tree.
>> "Ha! you should be quicker Silent Alchemist! i didn't put you in this group for you to MESS AROUND!"
>> "Mustang, i suggest you keep that glove to yourself or-"
>> I was cut off with his maniacal laughter.
>> "or else what? you'll kill me?"
>> Mustang was laughing very loud.
>> "You know what? i don't have time for your asinine games. if you want to look for me, don't even bother! i'll be back soon."
>> As soon as i started walking, i felt something pull at my arm.
>> " before you leave, take this with you." Colonel Hughes handed me a stack of documents.
>> "and what do you suppose i do with all this crap?"
>> I handed them back to Hughes in a forcing manner.
>> "well. . . ." he said looking down at the papers.
>> " we need you to go to Resembool and solve something going on in town."
>> "WHAT?!!!!" I gave Hughes a wild look.
>> " i'm sorry, but your the only one that knows the town better than the rest of us! We have paired you up with a partner. . . ." then he seemed to have dozed off. Hughes was thinking to himself about how can such a young child be in the military( and as an alchemist no less) and yet have such a big smile on her face everyday, knowing that she has a huge burden but no one to talk to? Hughes looked down at Emily and saw the young, serious girl with beautiful blue eyes look so happy and yet hides it from the rest of them. Sadness is all that he could see. Hughes was remembering the day that he first met Emily.
>> " aren't you a little too young to join the military?" Hughes asked the beautiful, red hair girl with the serious face. She was wearing black jeans, with a black shirt and a weird sign on the back of her black sweater. It seemed she loved black! her hair was in two pony tails and she seemed to look like an 8-year old than a 12-year old.
>> "aren't you a little too old to still be in the military?" Emily snorted.
>> " i can show you around if your looking for your parents." Hughes took out his hand to hold Emily's. Emily pushed the hand aside and said,
>>" i don't need your help. i came to join the military to become an alchemist! were might i be able to sign up?"
>>"well, first, you need to be aware of what alchemy is." Hughes put his hands in his pockets and leaned back on the wall.
>> "and, second, i think you need to be older than 8 -"
>> "12." Emily interrupted.
>> "what?" Hughes leanded in front of Emily to look her straight in the eyes.
>>" i'm 12 and not 8. get your ages straight, old man." Emily started to walk away from Hughes and walk towards the building. When Emily was at the top of the stairs, she turned back to Hughes and said,
>>" oh, and by the way. My parents don't work here. They're both dead." then, Emily walked in the building and the doors slammed shut behind her.
>> I was furious, but it seemed to bring back Hughes from his little world.
>> " well, we don't think you'll be alright if you are by yourself so we decided to get you a partner." Hughes was staring at my left arm.
>> " i think you need it more than i do, you old fart." i murmured.
>> " what was that comment?" Mustang asked with his glove ready to send me another spark.
>> "never mind." i said and i finally started to think to myself, " i hope you die, Mustang! and when you do, i will be there watching your slow and painful death. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" i had a smirk on my face and when i opened my eyes, everyone was staring at me like a lunatic.
>> "anyways, where is my partner? do i know this particular person?" i started to fiddle with my fingers.
>> " your partner will meet you at the Resembool train station at 300 hours." Riza exclaimed and stood in her saluting position.
>>"you leave in an hour so i suggest you go and get your things." Riza saluted me and so did Mustang and Hughes. the rest of the squad were looking out the window.
>>"and where will the rest of you be?" i seemed to jump up at the sound of my question.
>> "we will be attending another mission. so don't worry about it pipsqueak!" Mustang went up to me and padded my head.
>> "call me that one more time and i'll bite your hand off." i told him and then i went on my way.
>> "it seems that we aren't dealing with one small alchemist after all." said Hughes with the habit of having his hands in his pockets.
>>"are you saying that he's back in town?" asked Riza with a confused look on her face.
>> " not only that, he has company with him like always."

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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww. you left us hanging. your just as bad as the actual creaters. i really like it. you got a begining of a story!!!! is she going to meet ed in resembol?? so many unknow answers.
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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08

fullmetalalchemistfan1 wrote:

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww. you left us hanging. your just as bad as the actual creaters. i really like it. you got a begining of a story!!!! is she going to meet ed in resembol?? so many unknow answers.

I actually have up to twelve parts right now!!! So you want me to post them all? or bit by bit? i think bit by bit is better, because it does keep everyone guessing and the suspense is awesome!!!!!!
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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
ya i agree bit by bit is better!! and the suspense is one of the most important part of the story. i mean it wouldnt be a story without it.
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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
But of course, but of course!!! Well, just so i don't leave you hanging there, i'll post up the second one right now. ^___^
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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
"The Silent Alchemist" (Part 2)

Mustang was taking off his gloves and putting them in his military pocket.
>>>>>> "We are sure gonna have a hell of a day, aren't we Roy?"
>>>>>>Hughes told Mustang in a sarcastic manner.
>>>>>> "We sure are, Hughes. So, with that out of the way, someone needs to escort Emily to the train station."
>>>>>> Mustang turned around and everyone scattered and all that was left in front of his eyes was Black Hayate.
>>>>>> Mustang was furious, but then turned into a calm state. He found himself an escort.
>>>>>> "Miss Ichijo! stand in your position!"
>>>>>> Miss Ichijo was a young woman who worked in the archives office. She was very quiet and shy, but talked when needed to.
>>>>>> " How can I be of service Colonel Mustang?"
>>>>>>Miss Ichijo stood tall and listened carefully.
>>>>>> " I need you to escort Miss Emily to the train station. You will leave in exactly one hour. Meet her outside of the main headquarters gate and from there you will be transported to the Central train station."
>>>>>>" Yes, sir!"
>>>>>>Miss Ichijo saluted to Mustang in a very honorable way.
>>>>>>"You are dismissed!"
>>>>>>And then Colonel Mustang and Miss Ichijo went their separate ways.
>>>>>> " I really don't want to go to Resembool."
>>>>>>I said out loud while I packed. CLANK!
>>>>>>"what was that noise?"
>>>>>>I looked down and my pocketwatch fell to the floor and accidentally opened. Inside the pocketwatch were two pictures taped on the left side. One was my young brother, Edward, and the other was my younger brother, Alphonse. An inscribed sentence was at the top of the pictures. It said, " I will resurrect the equivalency that was wrongly brought." and there was a date that said, " Nov, 16 '11."
>>>>>> "soon i will find you brothers. No matter what it takes."
>>>>>> I had everything packed and was on my way. While i was heading out through the main gate, i saw Miss Ichijo Kurusagi standing all by herself.
>>>>>>" Why, good evening, Miss Ichijo."
>>>>>> I smiled to her in a compassionate way.
>>>>>> "Hello, Miss Emily. I was sent by Colonel Mustang to babysit-, I mean accompany you to the train station."
>>>>>>she giggled and saluted me.
>>>>>>"wipe that smirk off your face and hurry up." I opened the car door and got inside. As soon as i closed my door, Miss Ichijo opened the backseat car door and sat inside.
>>>>>>"May i ask you a question, Miss Emily?"
>>>>>>Miss Ichijo was staring at me through the reflected mirror in the front.
>>>>>>" if it involves something personal and about me, than you can just forget about it, Miss Ichijo."
>>>>>> The car was moving at a suitable speed. I would get to my destination in 10 minutes, but it seemed that Miss Ichijo wasn't going to leave me alone.
>>>>>> "sorry, Miss Emily. well, send my regards to Miss Mel-."
>>>>>>"Miss Ichijo, did you finish filling the paperwork that Colonel Mustang gave you?"
>>>>>>It seemed that Fury didn't want Miss Ichijo to finish her sentence.
>>>>>> "oh, yes! with every detail included."
>>>>>>Miss Ichijo smiled to Fury and then turned her head to the window. The car stopped at the main doorway from the Central train station.
>>>>>>"well, here you are Miss Emily! i hope you have a safe trip and say hello to everyone for me."
>>>>>>"MIss Emily, take care and come back in one piece."
>>>>>>Miss Ichijo smiled at me and so did Fury while i was getting my bag from the backseat of the car.
>>>>>>"will do. take care! both of you. i'll write to you and i'll send my progress to Colonel Mustang."
>>>>>>i waved at them and started to walk towards the building. when i looked back, the car was gone.
>>>>>>"oh, well. here i go."
>>>>>>i made my way through the train and sat all the way to the end. while i looked out the window, i started to daze off. next minute i knew, i fell fast asleep. it seemed that i dreamt of a deserted place with chimeras all around. i wasn't being hunted, but two boys were.
>>>>>>" does that look like -?" i couldn't help but stare at the boy with the golden hair and automail arm.
>>>>>>"ni-san?" i fell to my knees and couldn't believe it. was that my brother?
>>>>>>" Ni-san!! i found yo -" i reached out my hand to touch the boy's shoulder and when he turned around, it was a disfigured chimera.
>>>>>> " you did this to me, Emily. why did you run from your fears? i will kill you for what you did to our mother!"
>>>>>>the chimera pounced at me, but before anything else happened, i woke up.
>>>>>>" excuse me, miss. but do i know you?"
>>>>>>a young woman with long, black hair came up to me and stood right in front of my view. she was wearing a long blue dress with some cute flowery sandals. she looked like an angel.
>>>>>>" oh my god! Emily?"
>>>>>>the woman put her left hand on her mouth and was very happy and amazed.
>>>>>>" i thought you were still in Central? i never thought i would have met you here! don't you remember me?"
>>>>>>she put her hand down and looked sad, seeing that i didn't really recognize her.
>>>>>>"wait a minute. . . . . . . . Nina? It's you isn't it?"
>>>>>>i was very happy to have found someone i knew in this godforsaken train.
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Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
ooooooooooooooo. what will happen next???
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you must wait and see in a couple of days!!! hehehe. i'll keep posting every couple of days or so, that way the suspense gets to the readers!!! nyaaaaahaaaaaaaa!!!! ^___^ so what do you think so far? i have the rest already written, so i'll just be posting every now and then. makes it easier on me .hehehe
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"The Silent Alchemist" (Part 3)

>>" Yes!" she smiled and then giggled.
>>" My, you've grown! How long has it been?" i was in awe to have met with an old friend.
>>" It's been about 5 years already. So how have you been? Have you found your brothers yet?" She sat next to me and put her bags aside.
>>" I've been surviving. I haven't found them yet. I think i was close, but then i didn't reach up to them." i looked to my opposite side and saw a man reading a newspaper.
>>" It must be hard, isn't it? well, i've been pretty well! father has started working and mother also! we've been doing great!" she kept smiling.
>>" That sounds great! And were are you going?" it seemed like i didn't care about that right now seeing that i had other things on my mind.
>> " i'm going to the Eastern Region to visit my sister. I'm going to be an aunt!"she clapped her hands together and was giggling in a higher pitch.
>>" Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. Hopefully everything goes alright." i smiled back at her.
>>"and where are you going off to? another wild adventure?"
>>"no. i'm going to Resembool to go solve a rather peculiar mission. After that. . . . . . . no, maybe before, I'll go visit winry and aunt pinako. i need a tune-up for my automail." i showed her my left arm and she moved it from side to side. It seemed you can hear a clatter inside and some springs loose.
>>"are you an Alchemist now?" she put my arm down and put her hands on her laps.
>>" yep! became one about 4 years ago. tough, but made it through with flying colors!" i took out my pocketwatch and showed it to Nina.
>>"Wow! i'm so glad for you! i heard that you were the youngest one. But then a new one came in after a year or two and became the second young Alchemist to join the military. i think the boy was 13 at the time." she looked out the window.
>>" I've heard of that also, but i haven't met the lad."
>>" yeah! someone told me that he had a right arm and left leg as automail!"
>>i was in shock! i think i knew someone like that, but who?
>>"are you sure, Nina?"
>>"NEXT STOP, RESEMBOOL." i can hear the conductor through the intercom and the train was halting.
>>"yeah! i'm very positive." i got up and reached for my bag.
>>" so this is your stop, huh?" she looked up at me in teary eyes. i reached down and hugged her.
>>"yep. don't worry. when i get a chance and find my brothers, we'll go visit you. Promise."
>>"don't forget, ok?" i started to walk close to the exit when i heard her.
>>" i never forget promises." and just like that, i left and the train was on its way.
>>"(sigh) now where to go first?" i looked both ways and saw a girl about my age standing a bit far away. then i remembered! my partner should be around here waiting for me.
>>" Excuse me. . . . . . ." i kept staring at the girl but she didn't pay attention.
>>"ummmmm. . . . . have you seen anyone else here? maybe someone from the military?"
>>"are you Emily, the silent alchemist?" she was still paying attention to something else.
>>"never mind. i suggest you leave, you dog of the military. we don't need another alchemist in this town." then all of a sudden, she ran.
>>" what the hell is wrong with these people? i can't even come back home without someone hating on me! this is why i always try to stay away from the old crowd."
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"The Silent Alchemist" (Part 4)

I started to walk down the road and as i did, i was remembering my childhood. This is where me and my brothers would come and play for hours, until mom would come out and look for us. Our mother was beautiful. She had short, brunette hair. She was always wearing a silk green skirt, a white blouse and her apron. She would change clothes, but that was when she was on her last days. (meaning her death) Winry, our neighbor, would come with us everywhere. She was a little blonde girl that always wore a cute little dress with cute little sandals. We were always having our fun, until Winry's parents died. That was a very sad day for her and for us. Then , our parents died . Me and my brothers knew that we couldn't survive by ourselves. So we decided to live with aunt pinako and winry. After all of that happened, i took over the care of my brothers and Winry. They hated me for being strict, but i only did that to protect them. Well, can't be lingering in the past.
>>" It seems that now that i see this old house, it looks smaller than how i remembered it!"
>>I was finally at aunt pinako's and Winry's home. i felt like a child again. I saw Den, our dog, staring at me. She barked at me and then she jumped in a great happy manner. i started to giggle and hugged Den.
>>" How have you been? You still chasing squirrels, Den?" she licked my cheek and started to bark in a manner to get them out of the house.
>>"It seems that's not the only thing she jumped today. Emily.... Why have you been gone so long?"
>>Aunt Pinako came out of the house and had her smoking pipe in her mouth. she was about 4'5 - 4'6.
>>she was very short, but very lovable. I got up and ran to hug her.
>>"I've been trying to find something. or someone. Don't worry though, aunty pinako. i will try to come more often now. It's been 5 years already and i couldn't stand it anymore. I'll be here for about a week or two."
>>i started to walk inside and i found a tall, blonde girl working on an automail arm. She was wearing a bandana on her head and overalls. She looked skinnier than when she was a child.
>>"are you still up to that, Winry?"
>>i put my bag down and kept staring at her. it seemed that she was crying out of joy.
>>"you idiot. i can't believe you're even here."
>>and then just like that, i saw her run towards me and hugged me without even letting go of the automail arm.
>>"I've missed you, big sis."
>>now she was really crying. it almost made me cry.
>>"i've missed you too, Winry."
>>i hugged her back and i felt like never letting go of her again. as i embraced her, i remembered to ask them something but it seemed that Winry read my mind.
>>"you just missed them.They haven't been here in over three years. and right along when you come, they're gone."
>>she was wiping the tears off her face. i was staring straight into her eyes.
>>"who are you talking about, Winry?"
>>"I'm talking about Edward and Alphonse." i sat down on the couch and replayed that sentence a couple of times in my head.
>>"What?" i stood in shock.
>>"They left about two days ago and it seemed that they were looking for you. We told them that we haven't seen you in over 5 years. But i think that you'll be glad that they left a surprise for you!"
>>she smiled down at me, but i didn't look up.
>>"there is no surprise. How can you say that? I haven't seen them in over 5 years and you're telling me that they left a surprise!?"
>> then all of a sudden, i heard the front door slam open.
>>i turned and was speechless. for the first time in 7 years, i saw this girl who has tortured me from childhood. The girl with the cat ears and fluffy tail.
>>"Melissa?" my half sister.
>>"the one and only!" she smiled at me and this was the best surprise so far. I was pissed but happy at the same time.
>>"Stupid Raven! I've been looking for you and i had somewhat of an idea that i would find you here with these losers!" she put her hands on her waist and was laughing. Winry and aunt pinako gave her an evil glare.
>>"but how?" i felt like this was all a dream.
>>"well, just so you know, which obviously you must be stressing yourself out, your brothers are well." just by hearing that made me more relaxed.
>>"and i'm here also about a mission." she took out a couple of documents from her bag. they looked the same like the ones that Hughes gave me.
>>"you will also be glad to know that you are coming with us!"
>>"No Duh, you Idiot!! why would i let you go off with my brothers and without me? i'm one step ahead of you, sis!" i got up and ran towards her. i hugged her and she hugged me back.
>>"so, why are you over here, Melissa? and where did Ed and Al go?" i badly wanted to know what they have been up to and wanted to see them.
>>"They left to the Northern Region. They went to go get more information on the philosopher's stone. They left me here to handle this mission and told me to catch up with them in a couple of days. Maybe a week or so."
>>she sat down on the couch and made a hand gesture for me to sit with her.
>>"What they don't know is that you will be their surprise!" she smiled at me and i smiled back.
>>"That would be a very nice surprise indeed." just by thinking about all of this gave me a big appetite.
>>"so, aunty pinako! what's for dinner?" i stood up and stretched. Melissa saw that while i stretched, my sweater's sleeve came down and showed my automail arm.
>>"you haven't found it either, have you?" i stopped stretching and looked down at her.
>>"This is my burden to bear. I am the responsible one for getting me and my brother's body parts back to us. I mainly blame myself for my stupid mistake and dragging them with me. You have no part in finding the stone and neither do they. What i don't get is that why aren't they looking for me?" i felt sad now.
>>"they have been. the problem is, you haven't noticed and you always miss them." she padded me on my shoulder.
>>"what do you mean?"
>>i felt confused.
>>"why do you think they have been searching for the philosopher's stone? to get back what you lost and what they lost. They really want to see you again, but they don't want you to get involved in anything else or get hurt. That's why i came with them! to also look for you." i finally understood a couple of things. why i haven't found them and why they have been gone for so long. then, something came to my mind.
>>"Are Ed and Al in the military as Alchemists?"
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"The Silent Alchemist" (Part 5)

>>"As a matter of fact, they were both accepted as alchemists! The same as me!" Melissa was smiling and reached into her pocket to bring out her pocketwatch. I reached in mines also to show it to her. Aunt Pinako and Winry were now staring at each other with a puzzled look on their face.
>>"So how long are you both staying for again?"
>>Winry was now facing us with both of her hands on her waist. Me and Melissa were staring at each other and then we began to chuckle.
>>"As long as we make your life a living hell." Melissa told Winry and got up to go walk towards the kitchen. I got up and pulled up my sleeve.
>>"Think you have enough time to repair this?"
>>Winry looked at it while i moved it from side to side, showing that there were some odd noises inside my automail arm.
>>"I think it's do-able. You know? you are just like your stubborn brother. Both of you ALWAYS have to do something wreckless to the most best automail there is! Isn't there a day were you WON'T do some damage to it?"
>>she turned around to pull out some tools from her toolbox.
>>"i need you to take it off."
>>she pulled out a wrench and i backed away a couple of steps.
>>i clutched onto my sweater and kept staring at her.
>>"NO, YOU DUNCE! your arm! take out your arm from the socket, or do you want me to do it for you?"
>>her eyes looked glittery like if she was ready to jump me and pull my arm apart.
>>"Fine! but it's gonna hurt. . . . . . .. . . . . . alright, here goes."
>>Melissa and Aunt Pinako were staring at me and Winry. They must have been thinking that they were going to see a free show.
>>"But before you do, remember that you're going to go into town, armless, and won't get it back until another two days-three days tops."
>>she was walking closer and closer towards me and wouldn't stop staring at my arm.
>>"Now you tell me? some friend you are!" i kept backing away.
>>"How about this? on three, you pull it off! ready?"
>>"ONE!!" I screamed while i closed my eyes.
>>"THREE!!" I pulled the automail arm out of the socket and prepared myself for the pain that i would feel next.
>>"GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" i screamed out of the top of my lungs and let myself and the arm drop to the floor. before i pulled it out, Melissa looked away and closed her eyes. she couldn't bear to see me in that pain. i waited a couple of minutes to let the pain go away and breathed profoundly.
>>"Are you whining?" Winry bent down to pick up the arm and had a smile on her face.
>>Melissa stood up and was screaming at Winry.
>>"It's ok, Mel. it's my burden, remember? i need to withstand the pain and just live with it for now."
>>i finally stood up and smiled at Winry. She stopped smiling and looked down.
>>"i'm sorry. that was out of hand." she turned her back at us and began to work on my arm.
>>"it's ok, Winry. you just have a big mouth, that's all."
>>"So shall we leave into town now , Raven?"
>>Melissa was staring at me now.
>>"Alright then, let's start walking."
>>We were already outside of the door when i yelled out,
>>"Aunty Pinako! we'll be back a little bit after dark! don't wait up for us!"
>>"We know the routine already! Just make sure you come home without a scratch on both of you!Be good!"
>>"Don't worry, shorty! we will!"
>>Melissa yelled back at Aunty Pinako and before i knew it, i saw something flying and hitting her head.
>>"Next time you make a rude remark, i'll burn those ears off and put them on my wall!"
>>we left running and saw less and less of Aunt Pinako and Winry and more of the town.
>>"shall we, Mel?"
>>"yes, let's!"
>>as soon as we got into town, we realized that there wasn't that much competition going on. The stores all around looked so peaceful. it almost looked like a ghost town. the only automail shop was at Aunt Pinako's. what i didn't get was that why were all of the stores closed and at such an early time? we saw people walking around, but it looked like they were running from something that was coming.
>>"Wonder what's going on?"
>>I was looking around to find some answers. i saw a woman running towards us and Melissa stood in front of her to stop her.
>>"Why are you running?"
>>"Who's he? what's going on here?" i also stood next to Melissa and the frightened woman.
>>"THE LITTLE BOY WITH THE SCAR ON HIS ARM!! YOU MUST GET OUT OF HERE!!!" we looked behind the woman and saw the ground shaking with flying blue sparks going up in the air. It looked like someone was transmuting something and it didn't look good.
>>"What the hell?" Melissa started to run towards the blue sparks and so did i. the woman also left sprinting out of the way. i was more focused on what was going on than on my missing arm.
>>Melissa was making a hand sign and multiple clones came out. i was still in the process of perfecting it, but the most that i could do were three. it seemed that i was better at Alchemy than in jutsus.
>>i made a hand sign and two clones came out.
>>we all split up in seperate ways and went through the rumbling streets. as we were getting closer, we finally saw a couple of people ahead.
>>Melissa was trying to get them out of the way, and while she did, she threw kunai's at the black, mucky things that were attacking the citizens.
>>i took out a shuriken and threw it towards them.
>>Melissa jumped up to the roof and ran more freely and faster.
>>she made another hand sign and a huge water wave was coming closer towards us.
>>i stopped to think and watched Melissa go forward.
>>she was running towards the wave and jumped in.
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"The Silent Alchemist" (Part 6)

>>i looked behind me and saw the little girl that i met a little while ago at the train station.
>>i threw a shuriken at the little girl, but she bent down and it missed.
>>"WRONG!YOU SHOULD BE MORE PERSISTENT, RAVEN!!" three homunculi popped out from my side and i threw three grenades at them. they were small, but they were also designed to make a powerful explosion with the help of Alchemy.
>>"YOU BASTARDS!!" i looked up at the water wave and saw Melissa fighting her way through the mucky creatures. i thought to myself, " smart move, Megumi. I never would have thought of that." when the smoke cleared, the little girl jumped at me and pinned me to the floor.
>>"Wait a minute! you're not a girl! you're a -"
>>"Boy? you are so gullible!"
>>i looked to my right and saw the scar on the little boy's arm.
>>"WHO ARE YOU?!" i hit him on the stomach with my knee and rolled to the side to pin him down.
>>"My name is Wrath and i'm with them! i warned you, but you didn't listen to me! Now, YOU WILL PAY!!!"
>>he transmuted a rope and it pushed me off of him, making me fly off to the nearest homunculi.
>>"Hello Raven! REMEMBER ME?!"
>>"ENVY! haven't you DIED?!"
>>She grabbed me from the back and had her arms tied to mines.
>>"I see you're missing an arm! how lovely!!"
>> she turned me around and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, but then jumped up instantly.
>>i ran towards her, but she kept doing backflips. i stopped and drew a transmutation circle and a huge cage grew from below her and captured her.
>>Wrath went up to the cage and transmuted it without a circle.
>>i ran to tackle him but Sloth stopped me on my tracks. i was breathing heavily from all the action that was going on and it fell silent. I can hear the rumbling and crashing in the background. the town was getting damaged, but Melissa was trying her best to stop the creatures and to protect the citizens. Sloth had one of her long nails towards my neck as a threat that if i moved even the slightest, she would kill me.
>>"What do you want?!"
>>i turned my face a bit to see eye to eye with Sloth. Gluttony was standing next to her with an evil grin on his face.
>>"Can i eat her? she looks scrumptious!!!"
>>He was very big and fat compared to Sloth.
>>"if you do, she'll be the death of you. Don't even bother."
>>Sloth was a very slim person. Sloth suddenly jumped back and i saw a big sword swing towards them.
>>"I suggest you get your grummy hands off my sister!!"
>>I saw Melissa with a couple of kunais and a big sword. I'm guessing that one was a clone! i forgot all about that. Sloth had a weird expression on her face.
>>Melissa was on a rampage now and i saw one of my clones come out beside her.
>>"caught up in the moment. what did you expect?"
>>Both clones went after Sloth and Gluttony. Wrath went after the clones, so that left me and Envy.
>>" IT'S ON NOW!!!!"
>>i threw a couple of bombs, but Envy dodged them. She transformed into a coyote and pounced at me. i crawled under her and with a kunai, i cut a part of its tail. Envy transformed back to its original form and was cursing at me.
>>"That's enough, Envy. Let's go!"
>>Sloth and Gluttony seemed to be retreating, but Envy wasn't going without a fight.
>>"THAT'S IT!!"
>>Envy was running towards me and then i saw the big water wave right in front of me.
>>". . . . ..OH, CR-" but before Envy finished her sentence, Melissa was smiling and seemed to flick Envy to a very far distance.
>>"Raven, be warned. we'll find you and them. as soon as we have the stone, we'll kill you all."
>>"What are you talking about?"
>>"We know about your brothers. if we find them first, we'll kill them. it doesn't matter as long as we have the stone in our possession. you have been warned, Raven. we'll look for little Edward, the fullmetal boy first!"
>>Melissa was getting really angry.
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"The Silent Alchemist" (part 7)

Sloth, Gluttony, and Wrath left towards the direction that Envy went. Melissa let go of her water jutsu and landed on a nearby tree. all the clones dissapeared and so did the mucky creatures.
>>"Don't worry, Mel. they're carefull and they wouldn't let themselves get caught by the likes of them."
>>"i think i'm more worried about you than them. Come on. Let's go back with Winry and aunt pinako."
>>we both started to walk up the road. there was a complete silence, even once we arrived with aunt pinako. before we went in through the door, Melissa stopped.
>>"how do you know them? what are they anyways?"
>>"they are called homunculi, or shape-shifters. the reason they are mostly after me is because i created a philosopher's stone."
>>"Woah! time out here! you actually created one? what did you do with it? why didn't you tell me?"
>>I sat down on the front of the stairs with my hands buried on my face.
>>"WHY? why would you do such a thing? is that why-?"
>>"that is one reason why i'm called the silent alchemist in the first place. it's not a proud title that i can carry with me. If Edward and Alphonse knew the truth," i paused and stood stiff. a while passed with no conversation. Then, Melissa broke the ice.
>>"let's go inside." i stood up but walked away.
>>"where are you going?"
>>"i'm going to mom's grave. i need some time alone."
>>"do you want me to come with you?" i just kept walking and Melissa ran in front of me.
>>"why are you acting like this? you were never so determined, or serious before. what the hell happened to you while you were gone?"
>>"i grew up, that's what the hell happened to me. maybe you should too." i gave her a push aside and left running while tears ran down my face.
>>I ignored everything that my sister yelled at me from the distance. i was finally approaching my mother's grave and as soon as i did, i collapsed to the ground and cryed hysterically. this was the only place where i could drown my tears and no one could hear me. maybe no one could find me here either. i wished for so many things that i wanted it to all just dissapear. i always questioned my life. why do i live? do i live to be free, or to be a dog? being taken wherever others want me to go and for me to follow every order given to me. why did i become what i am now?
>>"mother, if only you could hear my plea. why did you bring us into this cruel and unfaithful world?"
>>"she brang you three in because she loved you and always will."
>>i looked behind me and saw Winry with two bouquets of flowers. she handed one of them to me and the other she put in between her parents' graves.
>>"how would you know if that is true or not?" i put the bouquet on top of mom's grave.
>>"because you can always know a parents love is the thing that unites them and their children."
>>"how did you know i was up here? did SHE tell you?" winry nodded and said,
>>"she thought it would be best if i talked to you, seeing that you blew her off."
>>"she just doesn't understand what i have been through. what i still need to go through."
>>"that is why you need to talk to her. if you feel you're up to that task." i stood up and was facing winry. the breeze felt less heavy, like if something bad has gone and passed by. there was a long silence. i looked down and stared at the grass.
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"The Silent Alchemist" Part 8

>>"i guess i'll talk to her. BUT I WON'T LIKE IT!!" i raised my head and smiled at Winry. She burst out laughing and said enthustiastically,
>>" come on. let's go home and eat. you must have worked up and appetite! i'm almost done with your arm." she turned around and started to walk down the hill. i looked at the tombstone and said goodbye, ran down the hill after winry.after a while, i caught up to her.
>>"HEY WINRY! WAIT UP!!" she stopped and looked back.
>>"HURRY UP, SLOWPOKE!!" i finally was standing next to her, trying to catch my breath.
>>"we're almost home. can't you hold up a little while longer?"
>>"I'm just soooo hungry!!" we both looked at my stomach and heard it growl pretty loud.
>>"you're pathetic." she slapped my back adn i fell to the floor. she just started to laugh.
>>"why do you do this to me?!!" i almost had tears in my eyes.
>>"here, let me help you up." she reached out her hand and pulled myself up.
>>"thank you."
>>"no problem!" she just smiled.
>>"i really mean it." i was brushing the dirt off my jeans and from my sweater.
>>"you are someone who i can trust and who i can talk to. i know i can be a burden, and probably Ed and Al too, but i'm just trying to do the best for all of us. i'm glad that i can come home with you guys and both you and aunt pinako will recieve me with arms wide open. i really thank you from the bottom of my heart." i looked at her and she looked at me with teary eyes.
>>"well, you're my sis and family needs to take care of each other. whatever happens, we will always be there for you, Ed and Al." we started to walk and finally saw aunt pinako and Melissa standing outside of the house.Melissa finally just smiled at both of us and she went inside.
>>"you see? she's not mad. she's just also waiting to talk to you."
>>"i guess. (sigh) well, here i go." i walked inside and winry stayed with aunt pinako.
>>"those two have grown up. especially Emily."
>>"she's older and wiser. i assure you that she will keep on doing good things. just hope that nothing or no one gets in her way. or the rest of the bunch.(yawn) i'm going to bed. i still need to finish Emily's arm. 'night."
>>"good night, winry. try not to stay up too late." winry walked up the stairs and stopped halfway. she turned towards me and Melissa and smiled. she waved and said,
>>" 'night, you too! don't stay up too late. behave!" then, she kept walking all the way to her room. we finally heard, a few seconds later, the door slam.
>>"hey." i sat down at the table with Melissa. she was drinking hot chocolate.
>>"hey." she responded. she took a quick sip from her cup and then put the cup down on the table.
>>"i'm sorry for running off like that, Mel."
>>"i understand. you just have too much on your mind. it's common for someone with a lot of stress." she kept sipping at her cup.
>>"there is something that i need to tell you." i was fidgeting with the sleeve of my sweater.
>>"is it about your title?" i nodded and she looked down at her cup. she sighed and then said,
>>"do you really want to tell me? if not, i'm ok with that and i respect your decision."
>>"i'm obliged to tell you the truth. you need to know." i looked down at the table and put my elbows there.
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