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Posted 7/16/08
"The Silent Alchemist" Part 9

>>"i just hope that you won't judge the irresponsibility i had to take by force."
>>"don't worry. just tell me and we'll see what happens after." i took a very deep breath and exhaled.
>>"remember how i told you about the philosopher's stone and how i created it?"
>>"yeah? what about it?"
>>"well, the stone that i created was a fake. i don't know how, but it just wasn't real. a few years ago, when i was still in the military, i was sent on a mission with Mustang to the eastern region. it wasn't just us, though."
>>"was that the fight towards the ishbalans and the military?" she was intensly focused on the conversation and drinking her hot chocolate profoundly.
>>"no, this was after the war. when i joined the military, Alchemists and soldiers were coming back home to their families.i was sent to investigate, with Mustang and my squad, towards the eastern region. as we all approached the ishbalan temple, we saw massacred women, men, and children."
>>Melissa gasped and put the cup down.
>>"they were all dead?"
>>"yes. but the worst part was that if we found any survivors, they were to be . . . . ." i couldn't get the word out. i felt like if something was lodged in my throat.
>>"did you help them get out or what? what did you do?"
>>"i was to prosecute them immediately. no one was to be left behind. those where the exact words that the Fuhrer gave us."
>>"that must have been painful. but even though no one was technically left behind, you didn't kill anyone, right?"
>>"that's what i thought, too. we all went our separate directions and was sent to look for something. i wasn't given the direct orders of what to search for, but i knew that it must have been important, especially since the Fuhrer was sending a kid like me into the war zone."
>>"so, then what happened?"
>>"i was pretty lost and had no partner. it was survival of the fittest. i went in deeper to the temple and found red, flowing water. the same type of water that we saw in the town with Russel and Fletcher. as i tryed to find the trace, i saw Mustang standing next to it. he told me that it was the philosopher's stone turned into liquid. he said that it if i transmuted on it, it would make a stone. well, i took that chance and transmuted all the red water into a stone. as i turned toward Mustang, i saw that he was too close to the river and he had nothing protecting his mouth. that's when i knew that he wasn't the real Mustang. as i approached this imposter, it shape-shifted into the homunculi, Envy. i was tricked into making a false stone for them. Envy ran while another homunculi came after the stone. i saw the auroboros on its cheek. as it ran towards the stone, i transmuted them both and killed it. Envy, Sloth, and Greed saw what i did and they vowed they would kill me. that's why they are also going after Edward and Alphonse. well, after that incident, i left to the next corridor. as i went in, i saw thousands of ishbalans in hiding and they were all frightened. the only thing that i wanted to do was to get them out of there and safely. but as i turned around, general Bas Gran came in and told me to step no further. he said that i was to not help them and i had to accomplish my mission!" i sank down crying with my hands buried in my face.
>>"oh, Emily. please tell me you didn't." Melissa was crying also and it seemed that she was building up hatred.
>>"he told me i was not to leave until everyone was terminated! MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND ELDERS!! I KILLED ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHILE MUSTANG AND MY SQUAD, AND BAS GRAN STOOD THERE AND WATCHED!!! WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!" i couldn't hold it anymore. i cryed for a long time while Melissa just stared at me.
>>"i massacred all those people and i, with them, were completely helpless. this is why i gained the title of Silent Alchemist. we were helpless. . . . . . . we were damn helpless."
>>"so Silent Alchemist is like a code? a code to kill?" i looked up at her and just nodded.
>>"all that i did and will do is just kill. kill and destroy the evidence. i don't have a choice. i'm still considered a child to the military until i turn 21. there really is nothing that i can do about it. no way out.but what i still can do, is help you, Ed, and Al to NOT make the same mistake as i have. i don't want you all to suffer."
>>It was getting late and we should have been in bed already. we stood there at the table for some time. each with their own thoughts, confusions, and regrets. finally, Melissa stood up from her chair.
>>"are you going to bed? you need to sleep. it's been a long day." i stood up also. Melissa walked to the kitchen and put her cup in the sink. then, she was walking up the stairs.
>>"you need some sleep also. go to bed." she smiled and walked up to the room. i heard the door shut very softly. i turned off the lights and just went outside to the porch. i sat there while Den fell asleep on my lap. i transmuted a rocking chair and left Den on the floor. as i rocked myself, i couldn't help but notice teh sky. the stars were gleaming and the sky looked blue and clear. there was no air polution, but there were things that tryed to cause it. i thought of how many cruel people there are in the world and how little of us are there to stop them. after a while, i drifted away and fell asleep. i felt like a little bit of my hard rock shell was chipped off.
>>"RAVEN!!!" i slowly opened my eyes and saw Melissa staring at me. i yawned and turned to my left and closed my eyes.
>>"UGHHHHH, RAVEN!! GET UP!" Melissa transmuted on my chair and i fell and bumped my head on the hard-wood floor.
>>"OWWWW!!! can't you let me sleep 5 more minutes, sis?"
>>"we don't have time for this! we have to move quickly!!"
>>"why? i'm not ready to leave yet."
>>"you might not be ready, but i'm sure as hell that Mustang wants us to." i stood up quickly and started to panick and run around all over the porch.
>>"oh, not today! were is he? is he here? PLEASE TELL ME HE'S NOT HERE?!! what do we do? should i call headquarters?"
>>"ummm, Raven?" i couldn't calm down.
>>"what if he reports me? what if i'm stuck with him for a week? what if --"
>>"RAVENNNNN!!!!" Melissa's eyes were flaring up and her ears were pointing to the air.
>>"he's on the phone. he wants to talk to you." i was breathing heavily and Melissa walked towards me. she put both her hands on my shoulders and she looked me straight in my eyes.
>>"calm down and BREATHE. we'll get through this. trust me." she let go of me, and i walked inside to answer the phone.
>>"thi-thi-his is R-ra-r-ra-" Melissa came behind me and slapped my back with my automail arm. Winry gave it to her, but they both intended to do wicked acts with it and me.
>>"this is Raven reporting to Cl. Mustang. what is your request, Colonel?" i was standing stiff while holding the phone with both hands.
>>"jeeze, no need to sound so formal. get your stuff. you are both leaving to Lior. we have another mission for you. Edward and Alphonse will be notified also. by the way, go to the town and someone will be there in the coffee shop waiting for you. Good luck!" as soon as he told me that, the line was cut off.
>>"did Mustang tell you this also, Mel?" i looked behind me and put the phone down. i was very extatified.
>>"yeah. you were still asleep. so? where do we go first?"
>>"DAMN THAT MUSTANG!!!! HE GAVE ME ANOTHER PARTNER! I'M DONE BABY-SITTING!!!" Melissa was giving me an evil glare. i just chuckled and said nervously,
>>"i didn't mean you, sis. you know i love you."
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