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Posted 2/21/08 , edited 2/22/08
Innocent Venus is one of those animes that get you excited at the start,but left you disappointed in the end.I really have high hopes after watching a few episodes,but somehow i dont like out things turn out in the end.

There are many characters in Innocent Venus that did not get proper introduction.This show could have been better if not because it is only 13 episodes.Because of its length,too many things happen and some characters died too fast.The characters are interesting though,each has their own personality and play an integral part to the story.The most interesting character to me is Jin,but i feel like i dont know much about him yet.I was shocked when he suddenly changed.Till the very end,i still refused to believe that he was such a person.It suddenly dawned on me that everything that he did before did not come from his own heart.It's not a pleasant feeling.Then you have Sana,the typical heroine who needs to get 24 hours protection and lastly Jo.Jo is quiet but really strong.He is like an older version of Setsuna from Gundam 00.Other characters such as the pirates are also interesting.The one i find annoying most is definitely Gora.He can't seem to shut up for a minute.It is a pity that all of those characters get little to no character development and background story.I am not disappointed by the ending,but the plot.The ending is not bad,in the sense that it is not like other mecha animes out there,you know,save the world and everyone lives happily ever after.Not that i am a sadist and want some of the characters to die,but i have always been yearning for something different.Innocent Venus gave me just that,but disappoints me in other parts of the plots.

However,the animation is pretty good.The facial expressions of the characters are good.Most of the animes tries to save budget by limiting the facial expression.Doing that makes the face looks the same all the time and really pulls the show down.Films frojm Hayao Miyazaki really stress the facial expression.Anyway,the characters here are drawn nicely,unlike some animes where in some episodes the characters designs is kind of off and distorted.It seem like they mantained the standard here.But it does have its flaws.The battle scenes sometimes gets pretty repetitive,but i guess you can't ask it to be perfect since there are other animes to be animated and the fact that it is better than most animes is good enough.Aside from that,it is good.The battle scenes are better than other mecha series,in the sense that it is detailed,and more realistic.But there is a lack of blood for such battlefield out there.As for the music,nothing much to praised about but not bad either.

I wouldn't say this series will satisfy you to the very end,however the battle scenes are better than your typical mecha animes,and the characters there will leave you asking for more.However,dont expect too much from the plot,as you may just find yourself watching a 26 episodes anime crammed into a 13 episodes anime.It started of with a bang,but may generally left you disappointed.I definitely would have strongly recommend this series to mecha lovers if not because it is too short.There are only a few things that i am not satisfied with.One is the character development and their background.And second,there are too many things crammed into a 13 episode series,making the story feel rather underdeveloped.Anyway,it is not your typical mecha anime.It proves to break away from the tradition.It is worth watching if you want something different

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