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Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08
just copy-paste it XD

You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.

ok I'll start just delete my answers:

1. Beer: budwiser

2. McDonald's: gaara? LOL

3. Relationships: want one? haha

4. Purple: one of my fave

5. Power Rangers: pink ranger!

6. Grass: itchy!

7. Steroids: eew... mucsle man

8. Cartoons: anime?

9. The President (of your country): her mole is so big!

10. Tupperware: that were we place cookies! yummy!

11. Florida: U.S. hehe...

12. Santa Claus: beard

13. Halloween: horro movie fest!

14. Alice: silly little lost girl...

15. Grammar: school subject?

16: My world: is a better place?

17. Clowns: Mcdonalds!

18. Marriage: hmmm

19. Paris: Eifel (spl?) tower!

20. Pussy: my cat

21. Kisses: chocolate hersey kisses!!

22. Blondes: haircolor..

23. Pass the: cookie?

24. One night stand: no way!

25. Donald Trump: money,money,money..

26. Neverland: peter pan and tinkerbell

27. Porn star: pamela anderson

28. Vanilla ice cream: no better than cookies and cream!

29. Bars: granola bars?

30. Pajamas: shikamaru?! lol

31. Woody: wood pecker?

32. Wet Socks: needs a wash!

33. love:is God!!! ^__^

ok you're turn!! XD
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Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/23/08
1. Beer: Gross!

2. McDonald's: Good sometimes...

3. Relationships: my Marine!! <3

4. Purple: colorful??

5. Power Rangers: PINK!!!

6. Grass: green

7. Steroids: make you lose sperm! lol!

8. Cartoons: NARUTO!!!

9. The President (of your country): Is stupid!!! XP

10. Tupperware: what?

11. Florida: hot.....

12. Santa Claus: SANTA!!! I know him......I know him!!! hahahahaha!

13. Halloween: CANDY!!!

14. Alice: in Wonderland??

15. Grammar: English....

16: My world: is cool and full of Ninjas!!!! XD

17. Clowns: kinda scary.....

18. Marriage: getting married soon!!! XD WOOT!

19. Paris: i went there!!!

20. Pussy: my cat

21. Kisses: goodness!

22. Blondes: my hair! XD

23. Pass the: knife?( I say this at work)

24. One night stand: ok.....

25. Donald Trump: who?

26. Neverland: kids

27. Porn star: is gay! lol!

28. Vanilla ice cream: Rainboe Shurbert(?) is better!!! XD

29. Bars: candy!

30. Pajamas: sleep!

31. Woody: the singer??

32. Wet Socks: ewww! it was raining! lol!

33. love: great!!! XD
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