The Death Note RP Rules.
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Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08
So you want to RP as the Death Note characters? Come on in.
There are just a few rules [yeah, yeah, I know. More rules, eh?] and stuff that I need to run through first. Whether you follow them or not is up to you, but keep in mind there will be consequences.

Firstly, if you want to RP you have can either join someone elses RP topic or make your own. The author of each topic should have a character reference in their first post; e.g; who plays who, who's related to know, etc. You can have Death Note characters or make up your own, as long as it fits into the Death Note storyline.
Instead of having ONE L and ONE Light and so on for this group, there will be different members playing different characters in different topics. For instance, if you go into a topic and the role of Light is gone and theres only say, Watari left, you can go to another RP topic and find one where the role of Light isn't already taken. This makes it fairer on you all.

Now, a few rules for when you make your topics/RP.

1. Always have the letters "RP" somewhere in the topic post. This is a must. It prevents confusing for other members and helps people locate RP topics easier.

2. If people are very much into the whole 'Death Note Role Play' thing I'll consider adding a topic where people can upload their RP profiles (ONLY FOR MEMBERS WHO ARE MAKING THEIR OWN CHARACTERS, if you are playing a ready made character like Yagami Light, this is not neccesary).

3. Follow the basic rules of the group ! I cannot stress this enough.

4. Don't whine if you don't get the role you want. The author of each topic remains the right to refuse someone the role of a certain character for whatever reason. Don't like it? Make your own topic.

5. NO GOD MODDING. ( for those who don't know, this is when someone plays god for other characters and stuff inside their post. For example, if my character was in a room with another persons character and we were RPing together in a topic on this group and I posted: "Ryche looks at >name< and laughs, >name< walks over to her and punches her in the face." <-- THAT IS GOD MODDING. Controlling other characters. Of course, thats just an example and my RP skills are a lot more detailed than that XD )

6. As long as the characters vacant, anyone can play their role regardless of gender in real life. &as stated before, If the author of the RP disagrees with a member playing the role of a certain character they have the right to refuse them this.

7. IMPORTANT. To authors;; Please include a setting in your first post detailing where, when and under what circumstances the RP is to be played out under. For example, the RP could start from the end of the anime series left off, it could play out the anime from the start, it could be the same death note characters but without the death note in the story, ergo, L, Near, Mello and Light aren't at war with one another, etc. This prevents any confusion between members.

8. Follow all the above rules to the friggin' letter.

Thanks and enjoy.
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