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Should ppl quit anime for better grades?
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Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08

narutocall32 wrote:

Ok,it`s all about Anime Haters,let`s exclude the bullis and Criminals,well,one of the best learning students in my class,is an anime hater,and I know it.When we were talking about Disney cartoons,he told that those cartoons are very good,and I said animes also,but he said Animes are Bullshit(I was like WTF!!!?),and he insulted my drawing bcuz it looked like anime,when did Disney cartoons were being cooler,how could some fairies be more beautiful than some really cute girls in anime,when did Peterman was Better then Ichigo from Bleach.Well That`s not really the point,it`s bcuz most of the fans in CR hate school,and I`ve never seen a nurde watching anime,well I don`t wanna be a nerd ,but I want to take High Grades,and keep up with him,you know?If you get high grades you don`t hate school,you know?Should I be like him and stop watching Anime and Concentrate on my studies,bcuz I studied hard this year,and I still got bad grades

I`ve got a choice,school (life) or Anime (fun),I choose them both,but still one slippes d*** it

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