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Posted 3/31/09

leesyx wrote:

haiyo..frens mar..anywayys they are girls..u dun suppose they are les??

Yes...That would be why we call it "Yuri"

blopa wrote:

Andrea145219 wrote:

Nanoha and Fate are just Friends and they are both girls

Hahaha, I love how innocent can a person be...

lol, QFT xD

They will never make Nanoha and Yuuno get together because then they'd lose 85% of the fanbase that supports NanoFate. Likewise, they'll never make NanoFate canon either because they'd lose the fans that don't like yuri. The creator's main purpose is to make money so they won't risk losing any of the fanbase. Thats why they'll just keep giving us subtext and shiptease to keep everyone happy (or at least to not make anyone go ANGRYRAGINGSMASHSMASH) xP

I personally think that if Nanoha got together with anyone, it'd have to be Fate. Even someone whose not into yuri would have to agree that NanoFate is the most likely out of any other pairings in the show (besides Erio and Caro of course, they're practically canon lol). I mean seriously, Yuuno appears for like 2 minutes in StrikerS while Fate shares a bed and adopts a daughter with Nanoha. I think they only made Yuuno appear in the last episode was because there was too much NanoFate subtext in StrikerS so they just added him there at the last minute to keep the ambiguity.
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Posted 10/1/10
NANOFATE FTW nippa~ :3
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