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Posted 2/23/08 , edited 2/23/08

I think that this is a Yearly Competition in JE to find out who is the most popular guy they have, think of it as a 'Popularity Poll' that JE does every year.YAMAPI MUST BE FIRST,.. and im sure we can all make that happen !!

Just in case anyone is wondering how to do it
1) Click on the little circle by Yamapi's name to select him (or if not yamapi, anyone elses name)
His name looks like this :- 山下智久(NEWS)
2) Then scroll to the bottom and press the 投票 button (this sends your vote)
3) you will then be asked to leave a commet
4) once you have left your comment press the button underneath and there you go !!!

Yamapi is currently ranked 4th !! please vote for him !

Note that you can only vote once per day

It only takes 1 minute of your time , and you only need to vote once if you want , if everyone in this group contributes even if its only one vote, it will help him get higher x thanks , please help xxxxx
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