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Posted 2/23/08 , edited 2/25/08
The list of moderators can be seen on the front page of this group. I'll post all moderators here and their positions for those of you aren't capable of understanding, though..

Creator ;; CapeRyche - I run things around here. =]
First Moderator ;; Valie_Girl - Helps me keep the place alive and kickin'.
Second Moderator ;; // - //

So you want to be a moderator here? Good.
I'll be needing two of those. I don't like having loads as it makes the group look silly and over-trusting.
As time goes on I will need more mods.
Anyway, I'll be looking out for anyone who shines and helps the group out a lot. I'm not asking people to apply to be a mod or even ask to be one. It always ends up in heartache for them and me feeling guilty because I've had to refuse people.
So this is how it's going be. Post pictures, operate in the forum a lot, invite members to join the group. Just generally help me keep the group going. I'll notice anyone who helps in anyway.
However before you go doing all that in hope of becoming a mod, be aware of what I'm looking for and be sure you can commit to this group. Moderators need to be:
Active - If you're not active here, theres no point in you reading on.
Helpful - I can't work this place alone. We're gaining members at the moment and I need help creating topics and coming up with ideas to keep people interested. Not only this I need people to invite anyone who might like Death Note here. Every group could do with more members. Also, keeping an eye on the forum is always a great way to help out. Keep an eye out for any spoilers that haven't been censored, etc.
Communication - There has to be some form of communication between myself and any moderators outside of this group. Theres no way I can get by running this place without the moderators co-operating with me.
Loyalty - If you're going to bail on me and not bother with this group after the novelties worn off you can forget it. You will be de-modded. ( Eh. Is that even a word? )

A good mod will excel in each of the categories I have mentioned above.

Now all that remains are a few rules for any future or present mods. Read carefully.
1. You will respect my decision in anything to do with this group.
2. It would help if you could be active here for at least once every two days if possible. If such things arise such as a holiday or time to study, let me know. Being in-active for a period of over 28 days will result in a moderator becoming a normal member again. All I ask of you is to make a few topics every now and then, invite a couple of people, add a few photos. Keep things lively.
3. Respect other members and moderators. You're a moderator with responsibilities. Try and keep and cool head, okay?
4. I'm sorry but I like my mods to be a least a little literate. This means, being able to type standard english. No 'yh u 2' or 'i lyk dis group'. We learn english in school for a reason.
5. Freakin' live by these rules. 'K?

Okay. Now. Still want to be a moderator? Okay.
Whenever I spot someone who I think could make great mod material, I'll message them letting them know that they have the oppertunity to become a moderator here and from there on they have the choice of either accepting or refusing.
If you're going to try and suck up to me with your posts and pictures just to become moderator for the sake of it, forget it. I appreciate the co-operation but I dislike people who don't follow through with their commitments.

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