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Posted 4/2/08

LightShinigami wrote:

Ryuk revives Light cuz he is bored once more and then Light frees Mikami from jail then Mikami tells Light the real name of N and then using the Death Note Ryuk gives 2 him Light makes N die by hiring Marilyn Manson 2 a^^ raep him 2 death .....not crazy

mine is close to this only that it's less likely that light will free mikami and mikami must have been totaly turned off with the way Light acted..They could have had a "relationship" ya know.. hehe so yaoi! that series :3 okay, I'm ready to get burned

Posted 4/5/08

L to came back to life then have the same way of thinking as light's but i think that would be impossible... hahas
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08

ryancl_nguyen wrote:

dude u cant freakin bring L back the last rule of the deathnote clearly sates "once dead a person can never be revived"

he can be revived!!... how? well rem will use his death note eraser to revive him...maybe.... aww shucks i can't believe that i still believe at that pilot chapter of death note (at ~lol~
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Posted 5/13/08

i wish it would be about L an Light affter life or something xD i wish them to be alive but i dont think they will so till they apear im fine with it
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Posted 8/24/08

Dragonstea9 wrote:

L revived

I completely agree with you!!
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