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Amaterasu burns out Sasuke's flame and Zetsu comments on its ability to totally burn up its target, even flame itself. Itachi unleashes wave after wave of Amaterasu bursts and Sasuke moves to dodge. He avoids the flames as some catch the surrounding trees below on fire. One burst connects with Sasuke's wing and he goes to the ground. The wing burns off and the flames are subdued by Itachi. Itachi moves to take Sasuke's eye but the body disperses, revealing a crack underneath. We then see that Sasuke waited until the right moment of Amaterasu's use, to sever the roof with Chidori and use his replacement technique to generate a new body and fall back to the original room below. Sasuke goes level two and Itachi grabs his eye in pain. Sasuke then begins to unleash wave after wave of Grand Dragon Fireballs. They begin to destroy the roof and Itachi moves to avoid them. One connects with his arm, burning his cloak away. Sasuke looks up, winded, and tells his brother that Amaterasu appears to have weakened him. Sasuke collapses to his knees and Zetsu considers that both brothers look weak and about out of chakra. Sasuke then states the next jutsu will be his last. Itachi replies that his Sharingan reveals Sasuke is almost out of chakra. He offers that Sasuke used Orochimaru's special replacement technique, which consumes a lot of chakra. Zetsu recognizes Sasuke's absorption of Orochimaru and the young man acknowledges that he is indeed almost out of chakra. However, he didn't come to this battle unprepared. As it begins to rain Sasuke offers that this next jutsu will be impossible to avoid, just like Amaterasu. And with it, he will reproduce his vision of Itachi's death...

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