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27 / M / M'sia
Posted 2/24/08
Tsunayoshi is an average high schooler that doesn't do too well academically. His mother tells him that he's going to be tutored, by someone named Reborn. It turns out that Reborn is actually a baby-sized hit man. Skeptical, Tsunayoshi continues his way to school when suddenly Reborn fires a "will" bullet at him. Tsunayoshi's last words before death was "I wish I confessed to Sasagawa, Kyouko". With these words, the power within the will fire emerged a passionate, powerful Tsunayoshi. With all his potential strength surfacing, he dashes toward Kyouko to confess, sporting nothing but boxers.

and Kyouko runs away scared...

This willpower doesn't last forever, just a mere five minutes. What Tsunayoshi also discovers that he is in the bloodline of the Mafia, which means that Reborn's real purpose is to train him to become a great Mafia boss!
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Posted 2/29/08
I wonder how many episodes will this anime have
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