weird/funny moments^_^
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
hi people this is my first time to put a forum..i thought why not make it funny yet entertaining just a little game >:Dmwahahahaha LOLXDanyways you just have to share you most weird/funny moments and it has to be real not imaginary that you made it all up, it wont be fun that way :angry: ..if you dont want to put ur wierd/funny moment you can vote to whom you think has the most best weird/funny moment !XD you only have 5points use it wisely ^_^

so here is the rules who would like to join:
*post your wierd/funny moment
*vote for your self if you like
*do not post make up stories it MUST be real
*pray you win lol..XD

rules to people who would only want to vote:
*you only have 5 votes please choose wislely
*you may comment too^_^

thank you^_^ please be nice this is only a past time game ..just for fun ^_^
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mine is that sometimes when i sleep i laugh there was this one time, my sister was sleeping right beside me and i laughed so hard i mean like LOL then i shut up and went back to sleep my sister was like WTH?!?!!?O_O my brother laughed so hard as he was rolling in the floor and my sister pushed me off the bed asking why was i laughing while i was sleepingO_O..the weird thing is i myself don't know why LOL i seem to forgot what was the dream that made me laughed so hard..
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
when im out driving or just hanging with someone, say in one room, i'd hear some tiny voices like a phone is left on somewhere and someone is still talking on the other line....kinda like when my mom and i was driving to Glendale, she had a phone call, then eventually hung up...a few minutes later, i told her, i think you forgot you're still talking with someone on the other line.but she wasnt coz she hung up. still, i could hear tiny voices. i did this at so many different times she thinks i'm schizophrenic(a mental/psychological disorder with auditory hallucinations).
i dont know if this is considered funny but it really is weird
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Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
...........the song was "Hero's Come Back"........then i started jumping in my bed and started to shout
"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"...or something like that and started jumping everywhere when i jump in my chair it broke
and i broke my right leg and started to run around in circles in the floor and my mom told me
"VINCE? BAT KA NAG BRE-BREAK DANCE?"........and said [email protected]%@[email protected]?!#! ......and my mom told my dad who told my uncle
who told my kapatid's and my big sis post i in the internet....WAAAHHHH!!! so embarrassing!
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