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Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/26/08


that is wat i did after watching 'L change the world' on 23 feb 2008. After watching the movie i screamed cause i did not find the ending for the movie satisfactoried enough..i think the ending was LOUSY~~


After that i screamed again cause L is so kakoii (handsome) & COOL!!!!

i don wan be his fan i wan be his girl friend...haha kidding..if i be his girl friend, all his fans will attack mi.

In this recent movie 'L change the world' the whole story focus on L only. I mean as in really only HIM..which is fine with mi since i like him!! but one part of the movie is horrifying. the part is where the prof inject himself with the virus & then he start growing 'chicken pox'. There was blood coming out every where of him & it was very scary when he was electrocuted in the lab!! i have to admit the little gal was very brave cos if i have seen the scene i would have fainted on the spot. All in all the movie was ok

i m crazy about kenichi matsuyama after he act as L. so i got his pic & put here for those who like him too..hehe..this is him wearing a suit!! so formal & kakkoi~~ >_<

this is a pic of him with long hair

this is him with short hair. actually i prefer his hair in death note cos it really suit him!! but he also look kawaii-ne~~ in this short hair. he look a bit boyish!! This pic is from the drama 'sexy voice & robo'. It is one of the dramas he acts in 2007. I m not sure if the show is nice but if u r interested u can go watch the drama!! After that u can tell mi if it is nice anot hehe.

this is him wearing glasses

this is him when he look serious

this is him when he smile

these are the stars of death note but kenichi is stil the best!! i like the way he hold his lollipop!!
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Posted 3/16/08
bleh... l change the world sux me eating cheese hotdog and popcorn until half i nearly spit out so disgusting all those disease it totally not related to the death note de ... waste my money to go nad watch anyway i support light he more handsome we must fightifight liao hehe jkjk
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