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An Army on Heartily's Shoulders

The Army little and untrained stood motionless in the open courtyard staring dumbly at the Queen and Princess. The little princess shuddered at the thought that this was her's to command and lead into the unknown. And more fearful was that everything was this way because of a prophecy made by a Guardian. A Guardian, more powerful then anything in the world. Powerful and rare like a gem and like a gem they belonged to man.

"My dear brave men and creatures." Queen Eleanor's bell toned voice rang in the yard.
"Heartily's Army, I give you your Princess,leader,commander,general, Princess Heartily." Queen Eleanor gave a radiant smile as she back down to revile the fragile little princess.

The army went into a frenzy cheering for the young girl in a pale white dress that matched her skin, their Princess, their leader. Memories overwhelmed Heartily as she remembered how she had gotten into this mess.

Not a moon ago her sister, Queen Eleanor, had asked her if she would do something for her before she handed the crown to their brother, Prince Cloud. She agreed obediently and unknowingly. Full of bliss until her sister reviled what it was: leading an army.
It will be good for you. You are the strongest of us three. I know it is a bit unwise but you won't really lead anyone into battle. Almost uncomprehendingly she added:I hope. "You're letting me play with the Country's only defense?", Princess Heartily asked defensively. "No silly. Trainees, veterinarians, and some Knights, and maybe some volunteers." Her sister answered with a laugh. "You'll do fine. You're just training like the rest of them for battle. Whenever it will come. If it comes at all."

Little Heartily looked out at her pitiful army. What if battle comes to quickly for us? An untrained ... Army?"
Posted 2/24/08
Hey i'm training right now
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good for you
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