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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 3/30/08
Akorun – God/Lycan - put into a coma by blacksheep12

Zevon – Vampire/Arrancar - MewtMM's target

Toltayos – Necromancer-Sirberius's

Pathio – Prophet - fadisha's target

Cheruna – Demon - Sirberius's target

Leviat – Shinigami - dethreaper666 has dibs

Anemone – Witch - wolfydude_mk target

Rasharia - Dragoon (half human, half dragon)-MewtMM's target
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31 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 2/25/08
Blacksheep12 (Prophet) vs Akorun (God/Lycan)

I was always sleeping during my leave and kept moving from village to village. . . . .

I saw the battle of Dante & Sirberius against those Fallen pawns, they couldn't see me cause I just watched it in my dreams.

Hours passed when i reached a blood bar thinking about the fight they just did pissed me off in every different level of pissed off. "one" counting using my fingers "They killed all of em w/o leaving some for me". "two, they killed Sasha. I wanted to make sushi" "Three, I was planning on Interrogating Prophet Ovan, Wizard Zefon & Lycan Akro". "And lastly. . . . four, the way those two rugrats killed the pawns made me think, who the hell is in the side of justice!" then suddenly a person came up to me "uhm, sir we don't serve milk or beer here. This is a blood bar in case you don't know". I looked at him with an angry face "WHY YOU LITTLE BLOODSUCKING CUNT!!!" grabbing his head and slammed it in the table "I get it, you won't serve me cause im gay. . .well whoop dee doo" i took off my trenchcoat, my pants & undress myself. i danced in the table naked, till two ugly ogres grabbed hold of me and took out a knife and cut my hair then threw me out with my clothes. "Hey You ugly sons of bitches! come out here" it pissed me off that they cut my hair.

I moved on to the next village hoping for a happy meal. "Alooo, is anybody alive in here?" it was strange that a village would be this quiet in the middle of the day. i walked around and went to the nearest bar "hmmm no ones here, well more beer for me" I drank two bottles and borrowed a couple of cigars in the counter. I kept in surveying around asking some rocks and dust *holding a rock* "hey you rock head where were you at the night of april" *threw the rock*. I went to the strip club hoping for life, with a lit cigar on my hand "this cant possibly be a genocide" *I sat down, blowing smoke in the air* "the only reasonable reason here is. . . . .the land is cursed, a mass evacuation or a mass murder". then i felt a cold chill up my spine and went outside for a walk. i stationed myself to this wall full of vandals, i was about to light up my cigar then someone crept behind without me noticing "And who is my guest in the middle of the night roaming around my village" a strangers voice. I dropped my match because he surprised me, i continued lighting my cigar "You know that you smell like a dog right?" trying to calm myself with a joke and smoking my cigar.

My legs was shaking & i was sweating for no reason and i felt fear knowing that this wouldn't be a normal fight. "So which one of the Fallen Order am I talking to? is it Akorun?" I asked him without looking at his face. I felt his thick breathe in the back of my neck "I'm impressed prophet your still standing" I dropped my cigar. i tried to ask him what he meant but i couldn't move my body, I also felt a pain in my belly. When i looked down i saw his hands with those sharp fingers sticking out of my stomach. "oh dear, don't tell me you didn't noticed my attack" He quickly removed his hands out of me causing me to cough up blood.

I crawled away from him while he was talking down on me, following me. "How sad prophet, it seems to me that you don't live up to your reputation when your not with your hybrid buddies" my blood was like a snail's trail. "I thought our battle would be a bit challenging" Akorun talking in the air. when he got close to me i quickly pull my two blades "Challenge this" My two blades was caught by both his hands. He smiled at me and said "was that a move of a desperate man" and i replied "DON'T PATRONIZE ME YOU MANGIE MUTT!!, CLAIRE COME OUT NOW" suddenly a golem ripped through the ground and bear hugged Akorun.

Akorun Changed his form into a Lycan, fighting to be free from my golem "Prophet, no mere golem can stop me" shouting at me. "I know" *blood dripping from my mouth*. I then quickly used magic.

"Diminus ere callus suis" spell that caused the road to turn to quicksand sinking Akorun & the golem.
"Maras Volitium consortium" Bone hands pulling both of em below. I used some of my energy to grow wings and took out some of the matches and raised it up, the matches created a very bright light blinding Akorun. I flew away, escaping Akorun.

I went inside the church to hide from him and draw two seals, one was to hide my presence from him and the other was to summon someone. I could hear Akorun's voice screams "Was that the best you can do prophet!!" i was giggling while was listening to his loud shouts and bleeding at the same time.

After a few hours a demon came out of the second seal. "Ah, well if it isn't Larac. Knight, Shapeshifter, Prophet, Thief and Council" said the demon "what is it this time Larac? you want me to get rid of the hybrid loitering outside". "No Madellus!, I just need a simple patch up" while trying to light my last cigar. "Why thats an insult to my proffesion Larac, you called me here just to heal you. I might as well let that hybrid get you" I laughed to what he said. "Madellus, Madellus, Madellus. don't tell me your going to accept letting someone inflict massive pain on me before you do" I told him. . .*coughing*

"then let me fight him Larac" trying convince me, "No!, I told you patch up only" the demon then put his big hands on my stomach and restored my lost flesh, blood and bone. "And may I remind you that you only have three years remaining in your contract" after his sentence i showed him my thank you finger(middle finger).

The demon vanished in the darkness after healing me. eight hours have passed and the smelly mutt is still looking for me "PROPHET!! are you scared, i know your still here PROPHET!!".

After my beauty sleep i went outside the church and shouted "awhooo, where are you little dowgie" he then appeared behind me *he was in human form* and tried to stab me with his hands but i cut it of with my blades before it could reach me. "ahww, the mutt got his arm cut OFF!" i mocked him,"Don't get so cocky until you kill me prophet"

when i was about to laugh the arm that was lying on the floor turned into a dog and rabidly attacked me. the dog was equally fast as me, every time i cut the dog it would just regenerate its lost flesh. Akorun laughed "Larac your having a hard time with a dog?". I threw my blade to Akorun and it struck him in the head "bullseye" saying it with success "but why is this dumb dog still alive". the dog still chased me with its fangs trying to get a bite. Suddenly I felt my blade came close to me "LOL Weapons can't kill a God" when i looked behind me i saw Akorun with my blade in his head, I quickly took back my blade and moved far from the two.

"Larac!" he shouts "are you not tired of running around". "are you not tired of smelling like a dog" I replied.

Him and the dog quickly charged at me, all i could do was sword dance so that none of them can land a blow on me. while i was defending myself Akorun was chanting then his arm regenerated, then he was like an ameoba splitting in two. after the split there were three of em, 2 Akorun and 1 dog.

I used my last option. Time slowed down then I closed my eyes & my tattoos glowed, but while I was looking into every possible future all I could see was me getting killed by Akorun. I quickly opened my eyes, I was still doing the sword dance then Akorun said "You are nothing when you are alone". The words got to me, I suddenly slashed through Akorun but the blade got stuck in his shoulders. . . ."I got you" The dog quickly bit my left arm and the other Akorun literally ripped my heart out.

I was lying dead on the floor, "shall we eat him?" "Lets" when they took a bite. "ugh his flesh is foul". the dog just pissed on me the Akorun was joined into one and left me dead.

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25 / F / In a Big Black Sw...
Posted 2/25/08
Fadisha(hybrid) vs Pathio(prophet)

'Deidore lets go.' I said angrily.'I'm wired. Kiratchi is fuckshit plus you owe me 5,000 yen.'
'5,000 yen? Why?' Kiratchi asked.
'You aren't help. Deidore thought you would be.' I said absent-mindedly.
'Well... this channges everything. Sit Sit Deidore. Let me tell you MOST of what I know.' Kiratchi smiled.
'Damn you Kiratchi. Damn you and your fucking quizzes!' I yelled lunging at him. Deidore grabbed me, holding on to me while I try to kill Kiratchi. Damn I was wired.My hands couldnt stop shaking... I was shaking all over and needed sake.
Deidore put my cloth over my nose as my eyes turned from dark brown to grey and going blanker and fangs slide down.
Deidore smiled at Kiratchi as I grew more violent and vibrated. I wanted to kill. Kill....kill...kill....KILL!
'You will soon.'Deidore said soothingly.I didnt realize i was talking aloud. Kiratchi went behind the chair and spoke calmy.
'You will find whatyou need soonenough.He is injured.The best time to attack. He is powerful. Even he would be trouble for me.Deidore protect Ky. I wont want anything happen to my precious granddaughter.'
'Kiratchi do you think...' Deidore asked
'No! She is my granddaughter. She has and I think only SHE has the power to exceed me. Exceed above all.... Would make a lovely council member. Too bad she hates them. Bummer. I would too, if I had emotions.' smiles sadly.Continues.' I thought they killed my life, then she appeared. Her father, my son was at fault but sometimes the consequences are so drastic itseems cruel.'
'And her mother...'
'Was a bitch. Take her away Deidore she is losing it.' Turns around. 'See you.' Walks out the room.

'Hey.Hey.Ky.'Deidore said as he kept the cloth over my mouth. 'Soon enough.' He stopped by a flyer.
'How about him Ky.Seems strong enough.' he said gently as I vibrate.
What I wanted was release!!
We headed to a bar. Well Deidore did. I wasn't walking.

'Hey. Fuck! Get up.' Pathio said.
'What?'Deidore asked sitting me down beside him the cloth still over my mouth with the glint he got whenever he wasup to something.
'That's my seat fuckface. Tae your ho and go!' He said smilingly.
'Sorry. We're busy.'Deidore replied sipping his sake.
Pathio stormed off.
'Kill.' I begged.
'Soon enough Pet.' Deidore said absently.

We left the bar and as we guessed Pathio followed.
'Kill?' I asked still muffled.
'Wait a minute.' he said. All of a sudden Deidore broke into a run. Pathio followed. Deidore swerve round and threw me. I landed on all fours in front of Pathio and growled. My eyes clear now.
I was wired I didnt want to take long but I wanted fun.
'Fun?' I growled.
'Go ahead take all the time you need.' Deidore said sitting under the tree with a book.
'The fuck-? Pathio asked. ;No matter, I'll kick you first bitch.'
I licked my lips in anticipation. My claws coming out as I growled some more.
Pathio flicked out a knife with an end glowing green,
I sprung towards him. He slipped to the side as I got cut by a knife. I swerved around and headed towards him again. He cut me again but this time I didnt stop.My body was accustomed to the poison and I jumped toward him and held out my claws. I slapped him sending him spiraling into a tree. Blood stained his face and my claws as I licked it off.'Kill' I muttered.
Pathio sprung from the tree towards me. I caught him across his legs and swerve to the right throwing him into a tree as I went. I was pissed that he didnt hit headfirst. I wanted him dead!
I growled readying myself for the final blow. I run towards him.
Pathio pulled out a gun and aimed at my head.
Right through my forehead. The ice-white pain caused me to roll over. I pulled myself over again all inthe same beat and roared as I headed towards him.
'Damn.'Pathio said as I clawed off his head.
His body sunk towards the ground spraying blood and I purred myeyes slowly gaining back colour.
'Bya-Ju you bastard.I'll find you then kill you and all your new "friends".' I said. 'Want to see how it's done then watch me do me.' I mutteredasPathio's head hit the ground behind me.

'You ready.' Deidore said bending his page.
'Yes.'I said my wounds already healing.'But first lets stop for some sake.'
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 2/25/08
Sirberius, Half Vampire Half Dragon Hybrid. My prey is the Demon, Lieutenant Cheruna.

It has been six days since I teamed up with Dante and Zane to take out those grunts of the Fallen Order. Zane dissipated and returned back to my body after that battle. We both guessed that he could only stay out for a certain period of time. We were on our way through the town Vestoria. I picked up on a rumor that one of the lieutenants was meeting here with some of the lower ranks to inform them on the situation. I was planning on crashing the party.
“I wonder where they could be. They’re late.”
I look around for any sign of people. But I had no luck.
“Maybe they already had the meeting.”


I instantly look up to spot a Demon flying over our heads. He had silver hair, silver armor, and some kind of purple wings. I could tell he was a Demon because of his vicious Ka’dai signature. They all have a signature that gives off the sense of bloodthirstiness. I start tailing him by going into my Demi form and fly between the buildings, close to the ground so I wouldn’t be spotted easily.
He flew until we reached an abandoned arena. I stopped right outside and waited for him to go in.
“That must be the lieutenant. He has a very high Ka’dai level about him. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park. I’d better break these seal before I go in. Three should be enough.”
I put my left hand over my stomach, my right on my heart, and a hand made of fire on the right side of my chest. To speed things up I was gonna break them all at the same time.
“Icoru Do Ramshi Nocla Induado Hytosa, Ichirin Hotoka Sasumi Chigren Luvidno Zane, Jugos Levit Lunkara Yusoi Mandra.”
My first seal turned red, my second seal turned blue, and my third seal turned black. Then they all broke and my power spiked. I instantly powered up to my True Hybrid Form. My regular weapons disappeared and my DX-2 dual handguns appeared at my side. I grabbed them and walked into the entrance.
“It is true that most of our allegiance has been killed by Sirberius and two other people within his rank. But fear not cause now the lieutenants are able to step forth and help you all in this quest to destroy the Mystical Council. But there is only one person that stands in our way. And you all know who that person is.”
“Yeah it’s me,” I say stepping all the way in. “You guys want to avenge your friends? Will here I am. Come take your best shot.”
I took a quick scope of the place and spotted about 13 people. Then there was my target, Cheruna.
“Looks like I might need a bit of help here.”


“Fine, Aconto Hushabay Zane Hediyoshi.”
A blue aura came off of my body and formed Zane’s body.
“Hey why did the aura change, last time it was red.”
“Because last time you we were both in the process of going through the Growth,” Zane says. “But I think we’d better focus on the matter at hand. Throw me Empty Skies.”
I reached down on my legs and threw him his dual daggers. He caught them and they immediately broke out into their three bladed form.
“So who are our targets,” he asked cracking his neck.
“We are lucking. We get all of these people to ourselves.”
“Well that’s just lovely. I get to really put my power to-.”
Just then Zane’s body glowed blue and he was put back into my body.

This is good music to listen to while reading this fight

“Oh crap that ain’t good,” I say shocked. Now I’m really going to have to use some excess power.” I raise my guns and take aim, “Oh well, this will do for some good training.”
They start rushing at me in twos. The first two jump in the air. I quickly react and aim up at them.
“Infinity Bullet.”
Rengito glows blue and I fire off a blast of energy that completely destroys them. Then I am hit in the chest by someone’s foot, but it is too weak to cause any real damage. I grabbed his foot, swept him off of his other leg, shot him in the chest and threw him in the air. I put my guns away and summoned Shadowy Death. It formed out of fire right before me. I quickly grabbed it and jumped up, right next to the guy I threw up here.
“Hey there,” I say smiling.
I front flip and kick him back down. He hits all the others that tried to follow me into the air.
“Now for the finisher,” I say charging my scythe with as much power as possible. “Reaper’s Vengeance!”
The whole scythe glowed bright yellow and I swing it down toward them all. A giant yellow shock wave blast fires off at them all. It hits all of them and then hits the ground. The impact causes a big explosion that sends me higher into the air.
“That should have gotten rid of them all. Who knows if I got lucky, then I might have gotten Cheruna.” I spin around and knock a ball of Ka’dai energy to my side by back handing it. It falls to the ground and explodes. “Or he could still be alive and is trying to kill me. Either one works for me.”
“That was pretty impressive Hybrid. I think that if that hit me, I might have been injured,” Cheruna says with a serious face. His blood red eyes staring at me, making me feel his evil intentions in a cold shiver that went down my spine.
“You know I have a name. It’s kinda rude how only you call me by my race. All the others called me by my name as a sign of respect to the person that was going to kill them.”
“That’s just the thing. You have no hope of killing me. So what would be the point in calling you by your name when you are nothing but Hybrid trash.”
I look at him with complete hate tin my eyes, “Really you powerless son of a bitch. I’d love to see you succeed where all of your minions have failed.”
“With pleasure. But, so that we’re even. No weapons. This will be a fight of skill and sheer power. Or do you need your weapons to be your power. Is that it? Do you have no power without your weapons?”
I get really pissed now, “HOW DARE YOU, YOU INSOLENT, NAÏVE, LITTLE BITCH! Of course I do not need my weapons to be strong and defeat you. Do you forget that it is not the weapons that make the warrior, but the warrior that makes the weapons.” I let my scythe disappear into fire, “I will make you pay for how you have insulted me.”
He looks and me and, for the first time, smiles. “Then come on and fight me.”
I charge at him and throw a punch, but he just disappeared before my attack connects. He shows up underneath me and tries to kick me. I see him at the last minute and burst me body into flames. I gathered myself five feet away and form my body.
“Your actually pretty good,” he says to me still smiling.
“Same to you.”
“I am really going to enough this.”
He moves off faster than I can see and catches me with a punch in the stomach. I start to fly off backwards but get a grip on his arm. Using it, I pull myself forward and up, I manage to land a kick on his face. He does an aerial side flip and jumps at me again. I jump out of the way but was too slow.
Cheruna sees my actions and throws an energy ball at me. This one hits dead on me arm and I’m hurled back. I am able to stop myself and charge up an electric ball of energy in my hand behind my back.
“Man I do love my ability to absorb other’s powers. This electric energy from that god will do me justice in this fight.”
Cheruna dashed at me. He had his fist raised and, when he got close enough, he swung. That’s when I pulled out my hand and pushed my electric ball into his face. The electricity dispersed, ran through his body and made him drop down. I grabbed him before he got out of reach, tossed him back up to me, and spiked him down to the ground.
“This will finish you!” I put my hands in front of me together. I start to store up Ka’dai energy behind my hands. “Infinity Blast.”
I fire off a giant blue ball of energy that hits the ground, right on top of Cheruna, and explodes.
“That… was the… the hardest… fight… I’ve ever… been in. Thank god… it’s over.”
I turn to fly away, but start to hear a loud demonic laugh. I look down in disbelief and see Cheruna in his transformed demon state.
“HAHAHAHA. That is what I’m talking about,” he says pleased. “You are a worthy opponent. I haven’t faced a person who has been able to make me use my demon form. Now let’s have some more fun”
He was massive now. Not fat but tall. He had spikes sticking out of his elbows and his forehead. His skin was white and he had malicious red eyes. He was still wearing his smile but it was so creepy and scary that I could hardly stand to look at him.
Suddenly he vanished and I found myself stabbed in my stomach by his horns on his head. I cough up blood and try to free myself. It’s no good; he throws me off of his horns and blasts me with a ball of Ka’dai energy. I plummet to the ground and lay there.
“I need more power,” I say putting my right hand to my head. “Nana Jynkurio Lacti Huranu Quatdi Bomisan.”
My hand glows white and my fourth seal breaks. My Ka’dai level raises and I get up. But Cheruna streaks from the sky and pounds me back to the ground. I hit the ground and break through the bedrock layer. He stands over me and smiles.
“Die for me will you? Just stay still and except your fate. You’ve put up a good fight so far, so let me just end your suffering.”
He pulls back hit fist as if he was about to hit me, and then a spike sticks out over his over his hand from his wrist.
“No I can’t die, I will not die here.”
My power starts to build inside of my body and I let it all out at once in a giant blast.
He is thrown off of me and flies off to the other side of the demolished arena.
“Reaper’s Dance.”
Four clones of my appeared at my side and dashed for Cheruna’s falling body. He sees them and throws off spontaneous blast but none of them hit. One gets over him and punches him in the face. He zooms to the ground and is kicked to the left in his side by a second clone. He streaks across the ground right toward the third clone that uppercuts him into the air. And there the final clone is waiting and roundhouse kicks him.
I jump up into the air, do a flip and land a powerful fire induced kick right on the speeding Cheruna’s head. He hit’s the ground, bounces, and lies there trying to get up. I stick out my right arm toward the ground, right at him.
“Now to end this. Zane give me your strength for a moment.”

If you seek to use my Drain Cannon then be my guest.

Zane’s power flowed through my arm and the air started to crack from the immense amount of power.
“Draining Infinity Cannon.”
A gold eye appears in front of my hand and stare at him. Eight spikes stick out forming a circle around the eye. They all spin around slowly and the eye gathers Ka’dai energy into it.
It fires off the energy in a beam. It hits Cheruna and completely obliterates him. The beam subsides and a black ball of energy floats carelessly where Cheruna was. It flies to me and is absorbed into the eye. The eye disappears and I start to feel weak. My vision blurs, my strength leaves me and I fall to the ground. I put my hands to my stomach and see that I’ve lost a lot of blood.
“ Ha that’s all,” I say softly. “That’s nothing but a flesh wound… I thought you said that you were going to kill me. But in the end you ended up dieing like all the rest, you pussy…”
I dropped my head to the ground and lost consciousness…

Me outside the Arena
Zane disappearing in the blue aura
My own Draining Infinity Cannon
The Demon Cheruna
The Subjugator
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27 / M / Florida, United S...
Posted 2/25/08
dethreaper666 (Dante) versus Leviat – Shinigami

Man those Grunts were so easy, Sirberius and I abliterated the lot of them without breaking a sweat. I wonder how Larac is doing i heard he came into an encounter with a Lieutenant, i hope the bum is ok.
I walk out house and onto the street, alright now speaking of lieutenants i got a report that there has been on sighted on the outskirts of Sibilis looking for the one responsible for killing that stupid shinigami, i guess he means little ol me. I think as a grin crosses my face.

I arrive, and i am surprised at the amount of energy eminating from just the area he is suposed to at.

"Hey you cross breed freak, You killed my aprentace, remember. No deed goes unpunished, and your judgement is now. Prepair yourself you hybrid peice of trash." He states as he slowly flys to the ground.

"Ah so it is you Leviat I should have known it was you," I reply.
This shinigami was the leader of the Death Knight Clan that used to run the city i was born in. I ran away from the city when i found out about the cruel experiments that were being conducted at those facilities.

"Yes and i have come back for you my son, It has been awhile, you have become strong. Come join us in the Fallen Order we could use someone of your caliber." He replys
"After what you put mom and I through, you are lucky you still stand, but you will die today." I state without fear.
"That is a shame, you would kill your own father, im not surprised your mother was as foolish as you are, to bad she died in the process of the experiments she would have been a good weapon." He laughs

I Quickly go into my Oversoul Bloodlust Hybrid Form
I quickly appear behind him and stab him in the back through the heart. I pull out my hand and he falls to the ground.
"Is that all you had "father" you are pathetic" I mock

As i turn to fly away, i notice him in the distance. It couldnt be? I killed him, how did he survive.

"You cant kill an advanced stage god of death by stabing my heart im not a filthy vampire." He laughs
"Then i will rip you limb from limb." I yell
But before i could move he appeared in front of me and stabbed me in the chest with his sword.
"What couldnt you see me move? are you that slow?" he mocks

I collapse in pain on the ground blood flowing from my wound, good thing i am part death god or this would have killed me.
I get to my feet stumbling from the attack. But before i could even mutter a word he was on my slashing at my chest with his blade, and me taking every hit. The last hit throws me back into a wall where i crash through and into the building. I get to my feet again, my vision going blurry, i decide to use the souls i have aquired through my battles. I call forth the spirit of the Chimera, and the Necromancer. My wounds heal and i feel stronger then before. I grab my sword and we seem to be equal evry attack i throw is blocked and i block his in return. We clash swords until he jumps back and his sword turns into a scythe, "Reapers Arc," he says calmly as he spins the scythe in many different directions so fast you could barely see. But launching arcs of fire towards me, i block some of them but the just end up phasing through my blade and strike me anyway. I take immense damage, and i feel that no matter what i do i wont be able to win. But the thought of my mother being put through those tourtorus methods flashes into my brain.

"You will pay for the damage you caused, to me, to the village, and to my mother, you will die and suffer by my hand." I say to him.

My sword egnites with the signature black flame, and i charge at him. This flame is no ordenary flame, it is my soul syphon combined with my sword so every hit weakens him because it takes part of their soul. All i have to do is stab him and he will surely die.

"Is that so you think that will kill me?" He replys
"What how did you know what i was thinking?" I question
"I didnt only experiment on others but i did it on myself also, now my abilities completely surpass that of anything you could hope of doing. You cant beat an opponent who knows what you are going to do before you do them." He replys
"Well no matter this will still kill you." I charge at him

I get a direct hit into his chest, but nothing happens, he just laughs and grabs me by the neck and flys into the air. He takes his scythe and stabs my chest again and swing the scythe, with me attached, and throws me into the ground below.

I cant win, it is over, there is nothing more i can do, i need blood to do anything else. I get an idea i use the power of the necromancer and summon a powerful demon, i then drink the demons blood allowing me enough power to attain the next level in my Oversoul blood lust form, I am now at fifty percent.
This may not be enough still but i have to try, i feel my power almost exceeding my body's ability to contain it.

I dash at Leviat with a blood lust like never felt before, i unlesh a barrage of punches but he just laughs, im still doing no damage. How is he so powerful? Is this the extent of the Fallen Order? This is impossible to win.

Without thinking i bite into his shoulder when he least expects it.
"What? Get off of me you vampiric freak." Leviat yells as he throws me off of him, but i already got some of his blood and my body almost unable to contain it starts to compulse. He stares at me unable to decide what to do. Then he laughs again "ok you will get to see me transform then." He begins to grow, spikes shoot out from every part of his bodyand horns grow on his head. His skin becomes like that of metal, and he ignites with fire swirling around his body.

I start to charge up my vampiric energy along with the energy of all the souls i have collected recently. I raise my hands and a giant ball of black fire appears, I launch it at Leviat but he just sits there and chants something i cant hear. The ball hits him and his body is still there. He took no damage from the attack. I cant believe it that was all i could muster up, I only have one last chance to end this, but it could kill me.

I begin to channel all my energy into my scythe, my ultimate attack. Time to end this "Vampiric Reaper's Lust" I yell as i swing the scythe, Leviat snses that this is a worthy attack and puts out his hands in an attampt to stop the attack, it cuts right through his hands, and his body. He then erupts into flames and yells his parting words "This isnt over boy, you havent seen the end of me, The Fallen Order will prevail, you havent even scratched the surface. Just you wait."

The flame subsides into my scythe, I plummet from the air with no thoughts as i crash to the ground broken and battered and on the edge of death, but i resist the alure of death and fall into a deep sleep.

The End

Sorry no pics this time
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wolfydude_mk (Evangeline) - Vampire - Wolf - Demon Hybrid. My target is Anemone - Witch
Psiren - Alternate self or wolfydude_mk (Evangeline)


I was walking back from my evening hunt, when i suddenly smelled an unusual scent. Roses? I thought. The scent was different from any other ordinary rose i had smelled before. The scent of this particular rose was sickenlingly sweet. As I neared my den, the scent became even more intense. I gagged. WHAT IS THAT SICKENING SMELL? asked Psiren (My twin who fused with me... she is like my alternate self/personality. when i transform, she comes out) I ignored her, and dumped my prey that i had caught earlier in the shadows of sme nearby trees, and cautiously entered my den.

I followed the scent to my bedroom, and found a little girl, sitting on my bed, examining two bottles of my precious poisons. Black Rose, and Rose Thorn. I leaped forward and tried to snatch the bottles away from her, but I bounced off of an invisible barrier that was around her.

The girl looked up, and spoke to me 'hmph... such a weakling. You can't even get past my barrier. I don't know why you are on the bingo book of the Fallen Order, Evangeline.' I SORT OF AGREE... said Psiren in my head. Shut up Psi! I said in my head. I then growled at the girl, 'how do you know my name? And give me back my poisons you wretch.'

'I just said that you were on the bingo book or the Fallen Order. And why should I give you back your poisons?' scoffed the girl. 'And I'm not a wretch. I am Anemone. A witch in the Fallen Order.' 'I don't care who you are or where you came from. Just give me back my poisons' I growled menacingly.

'Give me back my poisons you b****.' I said calmly smiling. 'Dont talk to me in such an isolent way little girl' Anemone said threateningly 'or ill have to punish you little girlie'

That was the last straw for Psiren. 'Black Rose Hybrid Vampire, 10 percent, Permission Granted.' I muttered as I transformed into my Black Rose Vampire Hybrid Form.

Anemone hissed at me 'Move you brat, or i'll have to give you a spanking, Evangeline.'

Psiren leaped forward. 'I'm not Evangeline. I'm Psiren.' she said as she slashed at Anemone with twin daggers. Blood splattered from Anemone's wound. 'I like the smell of your blood much better than the smell of that cheap perfume you have on.' Psiren licked one of her daggers and laughed maniacally.

Anemone looked shocked, but satisfied. 'Hmph... good you, whoever you are, Psiren or Evangeline, are at least strong enough to wound me. It seems that I might be able to have some fun with this battle.' she said.

Psiren replied. 'This isnt even 10 percent of my strength. You know'

'Yes I know' Anemone said. She unleashed a powerful surge of magic, and in a split second, my half my den was reduced to dust, and Psiren's left arm was torn off. 'You should never have underestimated me' Anemone said as Psiren collaped in a pool of her own blood.

'Don't think that I would die just from getting an arm severed off.' Psiren said as she stood up. With lighting speed, Psiren dashed up to Anemone and cut off her arm, and at the same time, she bit her neck.

Anemone shrieked as blood poured from her neck, and her severed stump of an arm.

'an eye for an eye' Psiren said, 'well rather an arm for an arm'.

Psiren chuckled. All of a sudden, her legs went numb, and she collapsed.

Anemone cackled crazily. When I tore your arm off, I splashed an infusion or Black Rose and Rose Thorn onto your wound. Hmph. You shall die at the hands of your own poisons.' Anemone said satisfyingly.

BLOOD HOUND, 40 PERCENT, PERMISSION GRANTED I said in Psiren's head. Psiren's body was suddenly engulfed in a reddish black aura, and her body started to change. Her face stretched into a Wolf's snout, and her normal average vampire's teeth grew to be 2 inch long fangs. Her body transformed into a canine's as fur grew on her body, and her eyes turned into an eerie blood red.

Psiren leaped forward and sank her teeth into Anemone's remaining arm, and tossed her about the room like a ragdoll. Anemone kept shooting jets of magic from her fingers which kept missing me, and hitting the rest of my officially demolished den. Psiren bit down on Anemone's arm, and body. The sound or breaking bones was heard throught the squelching of Anemone's blood in Psiren's mouth. Psiren threw Anemone accross the room. Anemone's body hit the remaints of my den wall and more sounds or breaking bones was heard.

Anemone gasped through mouthfuls of her own blood 'I truly have underestimated you, Psiren or Evangeline or whoever you are. But this fight isn't over yet. This isnt the last of me. I, Anemone, Witch of the Fallen Order will be back to get my revenge. Just you wait and see.' Anemone then disappeared in a puff of pink smoke and sickly sweet odour.

Psiren howled at the moon, that was now high above in the sky, and in a cloud of white smoke, transformed back into me.

'Damn,' I gasped. 'She still has my poisons'. I sat up, my vision getting gradually clearer. She probably doesn't know that Black Rose and Rose Thorn infused together nullify each other so it has no effect what so ever. My wounds already had started to heal in the light of the moon. I got up, and looked at my den.

I think I'll have to switch dens... again... I thought to Psiren, but all i could hear in the depths of my mind was a faint snoring. I smiled faintly.

Actually, I should go to brother's house and ask to train there... I thought, as i gathered my belongings and my prey from earlier in the evening.

With that, I headed off to my brother, Sirberius' house.

Anemone covered in her own blood

Me in my Black Rose Vampire Hybrid Form
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MewtMM wrote this not me i just combined it for ease of reading

Mewt takes Zevon, the Vampire Arrancar

I was woundering from place to place when I came upon a ghost town. I searched every where people might be. I came upon a church, there was a body a few feet from its doors. It looked like a dead Prophet. He had a hole in his chest where his heart should be, there was also what looked like someone took a bite out of his left arm.

"What the hell happened here?" I asked looking around.

I sensed no life coming from him, so I heald his wounds and decided to bury him.

"Well, well, well, look at what we got here" some guy said behind me. "We got our selves a visitor, If you want to you can run, but it won't help any..."

"That's my line, it's not yours to say." I said turning around

There was a group of them, there were ten of them. They looked like a buch of nobodys acting tough. I decided to show them why they should not mess with me. I quickly summoned a spear and thew it at the one that was talking. It hit him dead in the face, this must have made them mad because they all attacked me at once. I dodged most of their attacks, I let a few hit me o toy with them. I took in my spear and summoned a helberd instead. I cleaved off three arms and two heads. I then took it in and summoned two swords(think plasma swords with minor changes). I finished the fight by beheading the rest of the group. Blood was every where.

"Not bad, a little bloody, but you get blood when you fight." A guy appeared from the shadows. He sped towards me with incredible speed. He kicked me before i could react." You will die just like that prophet you buried." He then kicked me in to the air, appeared above me and backhanded me back down to earth.

"AKORUN, THATS ENOUGH!! You have other things you should be doing. Leave this to me." A vampire said standing atop a building.

"Whatever! You want him? Take him, he's yours, he's too weak for me anyways." He disappeared

"Your luck has just ran out, I'm Zevon, the one who is going to kill you" He said this with an evil smile

Not finished yet, will finish next time. Srry

He grabbed two daggers and launched at me. I dodged most of his attacks.

"I see I need to step up a level." At this his daggers grew into swords. They had red cloths on their handles."My sword is fueled by blood. With enough blood it will increase to the next level. I am known as Blood Thief or if you must, Zevon."

He attacked me randomly, this kept me from blocking his attacks.He then kicked my cut up chest and sent me flying though a building. I stopped when I hit the wall of another building. All my blood must have fed his swords because they changed again. This time the blades grew serrated and the cloths changed into strings with gold beads at the ends. The jaw of a hollow mask formed below his mouth. A sadistic smile formed across his face as he licked the newly formed mask piece. I changed one of my swords into a spear and thew it. He caught my spear, broke it in half, and it desolved in flames. This made me feel as if my arm was torn off.

"Hurt didn't it?"

I turned my remaining sword into a set of ten throwing daggers. As fast as I could, I threw them daggers one by one. To my surprise, each one connected with his body. I consumed the daggers and summoned my swords again. He attacked me once again and pushed me back, into a wall. I used the wall to jump off of and pushed Zevon back. I began slashing the instance there was an opening. I cut him a good many times but I noticed that the blood coming from his wounds attracted to the swords. The swords then took the blood. I continued hacking away at him with a sick smile on his face. He changed again, this time the sword had rubies in the blade, the serrated edge changed into a more fancy design. Also, his mask enveloped his head and grew fangs (think snake fangs) top and bottom. After he was done he flew at me and we fought once again. I tryed but I coulden't land a hit on him. He was getting more confident and began to lessen up on his defence. I combined the swords and stabbed him through the chest. This made him howl in pain, he then exploded in a mess of blood. I consumed my sword and left in search of a stream.
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Posted 3/18/08
Mewt takes Rasharia

A wolf howls in the distance off to my left. I some how washed the blood off of my cloths. I am a mortal god, demi-god if you may. I am a god who lives like a human and among humans. If I was allowed my full power and form, the mortals around me would suffocate from the power. This is the reason why the elder gods control the power I possess on earth. They allowed me choice, and I chose to wounder the earth. My powers allow me to summon items such as weapons and extra limbs(no guns).

These items are made from things taken from me (Blood, Bone, Skin, Fat, ect...), they are alive and a part of me. If they are destroyed, apart of me is. Over time however, it will regenerate back. I can also use the same method to summon projectiles.

I stared at the fire thinking of whats to come. Looking around I notice a female figure in the trees above. I continued acting like I didn't notice her.

After an hour I get fed up of waiting.

"You can come out of that tree now, I won't bite you, I promise."

She then jumped out of the tree and landed in front of me.

"So your the one who killed Zevon, huh? Just goes to show that he was a weakling. That won't happen again!" she said angerly.

"He was honestly pretty strong, it's just he got over confident." I corrected

"Whatever, he was a wast of life, space, and time. He's dead and gone now so it doesn't matter." she retorted, spit and then ran at me, sword raised.

I doged the attack and kicked her in the back which made her fall.

She got up, dusted herself off, and came at me again. I atttempted to catch the blade with me hand but instead got four of my five fingers severed, she then turned around and cut my arm of.

"FUCKING DAMN IT!!"I yelled,"Man that fucking hurts!" she just smiled and gave a faint giggle,"I dont like getting mad, but when I do I can give demons nightmares. You just did, which was the dumbest thing to do..." I regrew my arm and summoned a sword which was all I can do until I gain more strength."Lets go!"

Our swords connected with flying sparks. My mind was empty with only the thought of killing her to occupy it. I hungered for blood, her blood. By the end of the night there wont be anything left of her, not even a carcuss. We clashed over and over, neither of us tireing. In the midnight air, we created flashes of light with each collision. She wiped her sword with her free hand, and blew fire on to it from her mouth. Her sword ignited in a blazing flame.She swung it a few times and sent arcs of fire at me.

I dodged the blazing arcs and they turnd a tree behind me into a torch. Every leaf and branch was on fire, it smelled of burning leaves and wood.

"A dragoon huh? It has been awhile since I seen one. They have a slight smell on them like something's burning. They were blessed with dragon blood or so the legend has it, by the dragon god." I said recalling what I heard.

"Is it true? Being blessed by the dragon god?" she asked in an innocent manner

"Don't know, I never met him. However he does exist."I said

"It does not matter anyways, because you die here and now!" I continued.

I took in my sword and grabbed the blazing tree behind me out of the ground. With a quick swing I knocked her through a few trees that broke in half and fell on top of her. She push them off, stood and spread her dragon scaled wings. She jumped and flew into the sky, I took aim and launched it at her. It hit her and she fell like a rock, leaving a crator where she landed. I walked over to a lifeless body lying on the ground.

Within a second she opened her eyes, stood, and scratched me five or six times on my chest. My clean shirt was now shreaded, under it were bleeding cuts. The stinging made me feel complete. It was differnt then the pain of having my arm severed. The only way to describe it was that it felt good, as if releasing something within me. I felt better, free, lighter, alive! the last time I smiled was when I was a mortal.

I was a mere hybrid of pure & chaotic energies, a more advanced human. I just killed the piece of shit who killed my parents when I was little. Having revenge brought a smile on my face. My parents could rest peacefully now that that lowlife was dead.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. As bones began to break and she fell back to the ground in pain. After the bones in her hand were all broke, I broke her arm in three places. She winced at each crack her bones made. She didnt make a sound the entire time. I did same with her other hand and arm. Again, she made no noise. I have calmed down a bit since the beggining of this fight.

"Why have you not made a noise?" I asked

"I deserve what I get." she answered

Again I asked, "Why did you not fight back?"

"Because I wanted to die. If I die now maby the elder gods wont judge me as harshly." she replyed innocently

"Go, I believe you'll get better results if you try and change your ways." After saying this I turned around and felt flames burn my back. I relinquished my sword and stabbed her in the heart.

"I said I want to die, not live!" As if uttering a spell, she exploded taking my sword, right arm, and a chunk out of where my arm connected to my shoulder.

"Damn it! I was supposed to kill her!"I mumbled to myself before before falling to the ground dozing off...
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Posted 3/21/08

Sirberius (Dragon/Vampire Hybrid), my prey is the
Necromancer Toltayose.

My eyes flutter open and I raise my head up off of my
shoulder. I looked around and saw Zane fighting off a
Harpy. I tried to stand up off of the wall that I was
leaned up against, but my grogginess was too strong
and I stumbled back down. Zane blew out dragon fire
and the Harpy was burned to ashes. He ran over to me
and helped me stand up.
“You alright?”
I looked up at him, “Kinda, my head is spinning like
freakin crazy. How long I have been out.”
“I don’t really know,” he says scratching his head.
“I’m guessing about a day and a half.”
“What!?” I yell.
“Yep, somewhere around that time period. I came out a
little after you passed out. Fallen Order members have
been dropping down here like the plague.”
“How many have you killed this far?”
“Probably about 11. But they were only underlings. My
power’s about used up because of them all. But I think
I should stay out.”
“What for? I’m good now. I can fight off any other
Fallen Order underlings that come this way.”
“But that’s the thing. I think that a lieutenant is
coming. There is no other explanation for all of these
members coming this way. Although I haven’t let any of
them live, some may have help back to go and tell
their master. We just need to be more careful. We have
to make sure that we are alive to kill Okuram.”
“I know. We promised everyone that we would and I
don’t intend to go back on that promise,” I say
standing up and shaking off my grogginess. “Ok let’s
start moving before we are stopped.”
“That’s a little too late,” came a voice from the
shadows behind me.
Green flames shot out at Zane and me from the
darkness. We jumped back and stumbled as I landed. I
looked at the direction from which they came and
observed the area while checking for any Ka’dai
signatures that were unknown to me.
“You don’t have to look so hard. I’m right in front of
you Grand Mystic Sirberius. Or should I call you by
your other name, The Demon Destroyer of Gods.”
I looked at him shocked. I hadn’t been called that for
a long time.
“Do I know you? Only people from the 19th century time
period know me from that name.”
“Oh no you don’t know me directly, but you do know off
me. Just as I know of you and all of your
accomplishments. You went rampages that filled the
world with fear. You committed pure genocide against
anyone that went against you in your quest kill those
who went against your master.”
I was once under the control of the Demon Lord for a
long period of time. This started back at 1842. I was
sent to kill anyone that did wrong against him. Anyone
that denounced his name or brought slander to his
reputation met the cold steel of my blade and sinister
red eyes of hatred that I carried. I am 17, but I
lived see this time period because in the Mystical
Realm, time moves slower than in the Realm of Mortals.
About 50 years pass in the Mortal Realm to every 1
year in the Mystical Realm.
“I was there to repay my debt to the Demon Lord. I
have paid for that sins that I committed back then.”
“Oh it wasn’t just you. It was also your brothers.
Okuram, The Demon of Lost Souls, and Zane, The Demon
of the Black Engulfing Flame. You three were known as
The Blood Stained Demons. You the Demon Lords elite
soldiers. He gave you powers beyond anyone’s wildest
“I TOLD YOU! That was a long time ago. I have atoned
for the sins I created back then. But I really had no
choice. I owed him for saving me and my brother’s
lives. It was part of our deal. And now that our deal
is over, I have no other connections with him.”
“Oh really? Well what of the power that you still
have? And what about the form that you keep locked
away under all of your seals. The form that gave you
your name.”
“That is ENOUGH!!!”
Zane went flying past my side and streaked toward the
“How dare you speak of me and my brother’s past like
you fully understand what we had to go through. I’ll
make you regret every bit what you have spoken.”
He drew his three bladed dual swords and black fire
erupted from the around the swords. A cloaked figure
came out of the shadows and passed right by Zane. I
(being in my first {vampire} form) grabbed my
broadsword and swung my sword at him. The blade passed
right through his body but it was like the sword
didn’t really touch him.
“Come on Destroyer of Gods. Where is that power that
you used back then. The power you took down the Gods
of the Black Circle. Where is that secret power of
Another cloaked figure came out the ground right in
front of me and hit me with some type of green fire.
And just as he did that, Zane kicked him into the sky.
I doubled over, looked up, and jumped up to him. I did
a front flip and kicked him back down to the ground.
He flew down, hit the ground, and flew right into the
“Do you know who I am Sirberius? My name is Toltayose,
The Possessing Corpse. Not a very good name but it
does describe my power very well. I must say, that if
you won’t show me your power, then I will have to make
you expose it.”
Suddenly my body started to ache, and then an immense
pained seared through me. I felt like a thousand
needles had pierced me in a fast sequence one-by-one.
“Get away from him,” yelled Zane from behind
He swung his swords through Toltayose, but (just like
before) it passed right through like it never touched
“He’s under my control now. I’ll force that power out
of him if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll use it on the
very people that he has grown close to.”
“No… You can’t,” I mutter on the ground in the fetal
“But I can. I will have you destroy the things that
you love the most. Just to see you in pain and
Zane tried to slash at him again but was just blasted
away by three balls of green fire.
My first seal broke, then my second, third and forth.
Finally, my fifth and last seal started to glow. It
was a massive seal that I used should my power ever go
out of control. It cover my entire body, the lines and
markings glowed red-orange. It seemed like it was
about to break.
“No. I will not allow it. I can’t.”
“BUT YOU CAN,” came a deep voice from within
“No!!!! I won’t allow it.”
My seal started glowing brighter and brighter. I
powered myself up to my True Hybrid Form and broke
free of Toltayose’s hold.
“You want to see me power that bad? Then let me show
you want I can do like this.”
I drew Rengito (My dual guns with blades) and shot one
bullet at him. It stopped right inside of Toltayose’s
chest and glowed. Suddenly, he floated into the air
and spread out his arms and legs.
“What the hell have you done to me?”
“I’m showing you my power. Demon Lord’s Edict”
A white aura glowed around my body and split out into
four different segments. The segments formed me in al
of my different forms. There was my Vampire form,
Human/Dragon Hybrid form, Vampire/Dragon form, Reaper
form, and then me in my True Hybrid form.
We all circled around Toltayose.
“Demise Claw,” yelled my Vampire form. It raised its
right hand and fire covered it, forming a claw. He
streaked in and slashed through Toltayose’s body.
“Dragon’s Fury,” yelled out my Human/Dragon Hybrid
form. It’s black wings spread out and erupt into fire.
He drew his sword sword (which was also on fire), flew
towards the middle, and cut him in half.
“Dragon Spiral,” said my Vampire/Dragon form. Its
whole body became engulfed in fire. It flew toward
Toltayose while spinning in a circle and pierced his
“Reaper’s Wrath,” cried my Reaper form. He held out
his hand and a giant fire sword appeared. He raised it
over his shoulder and slammed it down. A ripple of
fire shot toward Toltayose and burned his whole body.
“Your still not done suffering yet. Let’s go Zane.”
He ran to me, jumped onto my held out hands where I
threw him into the air. I let my Ka’dai flow through
my arms and legs, and then I jumped up with Zane. He
grabbed me, put me above his head and spun my around.
I fired off 12 beams of energy and had Zane stop me
from spinning. The beams turned into spikes and a
giant black and red eye as big as the Coliseum we were
in appeared. I putting my hands down facing the ground
and Zane did the same from the opposite side. A giant
ball of black energy formed beneath us.
“Now feel the power and learnt the reason why I was
called the Destroyer of Gods.”
We spiked the ball of energy down and it flew at
Toltayose. It hit the ground, crushed the whole
coliseum and exploded. We were sent flying higher up
ourselves. We looked down and saw a giant crater.
“I won’t ever go back to how I was. If only you
weren’t so driven to obtain my forbidden form’s power.
If you had truly known of by true power then you
wouldn’t have died. But now you shall be left at the
mercy of the Demon Lord. I shall pray that your
pathetic soul be tortured until you weep blood……”

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31 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 3/27/08
Blacksheep12 (Prophet) vs Akorun (God/Lycan) with a little help from Ezra_Kulit

"wha, where am i?" my body could not move an inch, still dizzy still sleepy. . . ."hhhhh hhhh *cough*". "Shit!" I struggled "Fuck!!! i cant shapeshift" after a few minutes of struggle i got my hand out of the ground. i forced my way out of the ground. I breathed deeply, choking on dirt. "Who the hell buried me?" wiping the dirt on my coat. "AHHHHH!!, Impossible!. Lesson number one Larac, never underestimate your enemy" talking to myself.

"God damn it!! hmmmm.thats weird, someone regenerated my heart & flesh" looking for a match in my dirty/bloodied coat "I really need to celebrate" . . . ."seven years in hell can be very damaging for my mental health". a carriage passed my way, I took a ride (a few days on earth is a couple of years in hell)


I woke up in the middle of a very dry desert. I walked for days without the feeling of thirst, Only the feeling of pain, suffering, suffocation, torment, regrets and burn. Hell, describing the pain wouldnt be enough.

I hid myself from everything that moves whether it was human, spirit, or friend. I made sure each day that nothing will get me and that I would reach Madellus in one piece.

Pride can be the stupidest thing you can have in hell, a lesson i learned in my first and second term. Thats why I always hide myself in monster shit, in human flesh/guts and even in topsoil.

while sneaking in corners "hmmmm" I see a burnt corpse holding a cigar. I went to get the cigar then suddenly "Well, well if it isnt Larac" A voice calling me. Shit! i said to myself "Phius, How long has it been?. was this the old cigar in a corpse trick".

Phius, Demon bounty hunter class A, Prefers to use two handed weapons.The thing that i hate about him is that he knows where to sell me if he catches me.

"Larac out of all the sinners, to be roaming in my hunting ground. I'd never expect you"Phius said.
"So am I the 40th idiot who tried to get the cigar?"
"Nope, your the 23rd" while sharpening his axe
"Ouch. business isn't going so well, is it?" slowly moving myself to retrieve the cigar from the corpse.
"No more games Larac" Gripping his axe.
"hmph. even though I cant shapeshift here, I can still take you one on one." grabbing the cigar.
"Don't worry Larac, I won't take you one on one" then demons slowly showed themselves.
Fuck! I said to myself."hmmm Phius and the ugly brigade. How about you sell me to Madellus and we can all live happily ever after".
Phius smiled"No Larac, I think i would sell you to the Sakre Family. how about it?"
"But Phius he's a prophet, can we take him?" one of the demon spoke. "Idiot!"Phius replied"In hell his prophecies wont work. Hes just a worthless magus". after Phius spoke, My feet quickly reacted and I started to run. "Hunters go after him!" one of the demons used a harpoon with a rope tied to it's end. It pierced through my right arm
"Hsie merus sirnei" It turned the harpoon into dust. I kept on running, holding my bleeding hand and being chased by demons. when I was about to lose them another demon appeared in front of me, after we see each other eye to eye i used an explosion spell to daze him. when i looked back a black goo was flying hitting me, It was sticky, immobalizing me, sticking me in the ground. The scent of the goo made me fall to sleep.

"Sinner!, hey sinner wake up!. . .wake up sinner!"

Back to the real world

"Mister, Hey mister wake up. .Mister wake up".sitting on top of me
"what is it kid?, and why did the carriage stop?".looking at the kid, she smiles and sitting on me.
"were here mister. . .kingdom Andrea, its so pretty" she was fascinated by the structures.
"here kid"giving her two pouches of gold"give this to your father, thanks for giving me a ride sir"waving my hand to the carriage family "your welcome stranger" he said.

"yeah. Andrea is pretty" Andrea. known for its rich stature, cleanliness & safety. Me, the only thing i love in this place is its only inhabitants are elves, humans, angels and elementals. the only downside is. . . .

"Hey!, you with the coat!"an elf guard shouting at me "Yeah yeah, I know. no smoking in public". aside from smoking is they don't have any bars, only liqour stores but no bars. I had to buy my own drink, not cheap too.

I rented a room in an inn so I could meet with someone.

"sorry Youichi if you have to sneak in and out of the MC"He wears a robe to hide his identity.
"That is not a problem Larac. I brought you the blades you asked for. . .best quicksilver ever"he presented it wrapped in leather.
"ahh, so its already finished. this weapon would have been useful when I fought Akorun"
"So, it means youve killed Akorun already"
"No, the bastard is still breathing. thats the second thing i want to ask you about"
"what is it?"Youichi Hiruma asked.
"Do you have information, about Akorun's worshippers?"
"I'll give it to you in exchange, you must let me see my future again"
"What? your still having doubts about the last vision I gave you"satirical remark
"its not that". . ."If you want your information give me what I want thats how this deal works"Youichi said
"Ok ok, dont get testy about it" I placed both my hands to his head *tatooes glow*.
*cough* I fell down on my knees and hands on the floor
"jesus!, I hate it when I'm showing you your future" saliva falling out of my mouth
"my cough is too dry, I'd rather have blood spewing than a dry cough" Me complaining.

I stood up and wiped the saliva on my coat"Youve got what you need. So spell me the details friend"
"Oh sorry. I believe there is a shrine in the east, With his Lycan statue. Women are used as sacrifice. and also Larac your quicksilver blades are still prototypes"
"Yeah yeah, thanks for the update, and dont tell any of the MC about my whereabouts. im still on vacation"
"I heard rumors that you were dead, it seems they were wrong" about to leave the room.
"Oh, and i also need some gold. It seems I can't find mine"I smiled while I asked.
"You really are bothersome. and your actions, are a doubt to why your a council member"
Youichi throws me gold.

Yeah, In all of the council members I am the most doubtful, I wonder how many council members are there. I was never in any meetings and i only met a few of em. "I need some sleep"


"Pls help me!" who is that shouting "OMG pls forgive me!" my head hurts.
"You pieces of shit, shut up or else we'll feed you to hell hounds" someone Yells.
"Where the hell am I?" I asked.
someone behind me answered "don't be stupid prophet, your in hell".
I fully opened my eyes, I saw men and women naked and alive hanging on a chain. the room was filled with seals probably to prevent magic casters.
"I know that im in hell, i was asking where in hell am I? and how do you know im a prophet?"I asked.
"Were in an auction chamber, about to be sold to demons and freakin vamps" someone from the front replied.
"Your tattoos exposes you of your identity prophet, and Im sorry to tell you this but it seems your their main course for this days catch" the stranger from behind me answered.
"and you?"I wiggled to see the man behind me"lemme guess your a rapist or a killer back on earth"he had a look of a military man.
"I wish I was only a killer so at least I'd only be a dog here but no, I served as a holy knight on earth. It seems whether we kill for a good cause, killing is still killing. I regret joining battle in the Old war"the odd looking stranger had a sad face while talking.

"Yeah, everyone got fucked during the old war. nothing we can do now but hope we'd end up as dogs"

"Sinners, time for the best product to be sold"A hell guard entered the room and looked at me.
i spit on his face, he then smashed his hammer on my face. I went dizzy but still conscious.

When I fully woke, I was on a stage naked and chained on the floor then I heard a voice.
"Demons and Others, Our final Auction for this day is a prophet. Name Larac served as a Knight in the old war, Hates vampires, a magus and He's also a hell runner two times. this is his third term"

"Yeah yeah, I'm an ass how bout we start the bid at 50,000 credits"I shouted to annoy them.
somebody threw a bottle hitting me in the head"HAHA 50,000 credits my ass, shut him up!"
one of the guards covered my mouth with this creature with tentacles, silencing me.
"700 credits" "700 credits from the demon from the back" the auctioneer said.

The thoughts in my head were I'd rather be taken by vampires & demons.
thinking that some incubus/necromancer/Alchemist/Zombie might be able to buy me scares me a lot

"I forgot to mention that this prophet is known to have foul blood. but his body is perfect for incubation or preserving, And for those who has other interest this prophet is also good at sword handling"

"1200 credits" "1200 credits from the incubus"

the thoughts of being sold to an incubus sends shiver up my spine. Being toyed around Like a lowly fuck puppet.

"5000 credits" "5000 going once going twice, sold to the dark angel"

fuck, the problem with dark angels is that their wicked, sadistic minds could think of anything hellish to anyone. I just hoped that i never did anything to this angel during my past terms

the hell guard smack me on the back of my head with his hammer, totally knocking me out.

Back to the real world

Leaving Andrea was a downer, but at least I could drink again.

I investigated the east hill for any signs of cult worshipping, and luck struck again when i saw a village with a wall full of skulls. no one was even minding it. I felt no seals that might cover it up, it was in plain sight and no one still bothered to report it.
At night.
I changed my form into a woman and hid my blades inside my flesh and dressed myself with just a couple of cloth and pants, after loitering for hours in the eastern forest I let myself be caught by Akorun's worshippers.

We reached the Altars by the hills,it has the smell of blood and the most ugliest dog statue you could ever see. there were four women hands bound, including me of course. one of em was crying, the other was showing a gloomy face and the woman beside me was just staring at the ground.
The worshippers performed a ritual, the usual knife, cup and blood. After a few chants and mantras, Akorun showed himself in human form, wearing the same shirt when we fought.

I lowered my Energy so that he will not sense my presence. Akorun moved and observed us, he started with the woman beside me. He sniffed her hair then suddenly the woman showed a broad smile.

"You idiots!!"Akorun shouted"quickly get your swords and axes!!". I was confused on what was happening, I dont know whether Akorun knows that i was present. Akorun then jumped away and the woman beside me quickly disappeared.

I slipped through the rope that tied my hands and helped the two women. Some of the worshippers went nuts all of a sudden, they kept scratching their bodies some even just fell down and wobbled a violent wobble. I fought with some of the worshippers while defending the women with my true form.

After the two women escaped I quickly returned to the altar to finally kill Akorun. when I reached the altar I saw Akorun choking the woman who was beside me, Lifting her high with her neck. when Akorun was about to strike the woman I instantly changed both blades into a whip and severed both his arms.

Akorun surprised by the lose of his hands turned his head "Who dared to interfere with my kill?!".
"I think Introductions are not my specialty stupid dog" I replied.
"Prophet?". . ."Impossible I made certain you were dead. I even saw you buried by a stranger"
hmmmm so thats why i was six feet under.

"DIE! AKORUN!" the woman attacked Akorun with her hand with long sharp nails. Akorun kept dodging at the same time trying to grow a new pair of arms while the arms that was just ripped was slowly morphing into dogs.
"I wonder if i should join in or just sit back and watch a God getting beaten by a girl".

Suddenly the two dogs that was arms started to attack me, they still have the same speed like our last fight. My blades then transformed into a shackle with a long chain. I kept dodging the dogs, waiting for the right time to strike. I got cornered, when they attacked i quickly
dodged and both the dogs got knocked out when they hit the wall.

I swiftly shackled the two dogs, and locked them to the wall before they could wake up. I was left unarmed until i saw two swords lying in the ground and it also had a hand attached to it.

Then suddenly the wall behind me exploded propeling the girl, slamming her to the wall. Akorun walked towards the girl, still in his human form.

"Tsk tsk, such a waste. your blood couldve at least be of use but now your going to die" Akorun talking in the air.

I rushed to aid the girl.

"Prophet? your still alive" he ran towards me and the girl.
"I'm like herpes. I always comeback" I then took a deep breath, the time slowed and flashes of images that was about to happen, moves that Akorun was going to take are now burned in my memory. then time returned to its proper pace.

Akorun kept on trying to land a stab on me with his hands but i could dodge every attack he could make and take.
"Are you scared on taking another blow prophet?". I was dodging him not because i was scared but because i wanted us to move away from the girl.

"Oh prophet, dont forget to watch your step" Akorun then stomped on the ground causing a small quake which lost me of my balance.
Then he jumped on top of me. I grabbed both his hands "How the the hell did you become a council prophet?!" He said while trying to get his hands close to my neck. "Your council will die soon along with you"

The two dogs that i chained to the wall then appeared still carrying the chains in their necks. I quickly generated two extra arms. the dogs then ran towards me, they both missed their attacks and gave me a chance to hold their necks.

"tsk tsk, prophet. you will die now"Akorun started to turn into a Lycan. My hands increased its grip, my veins grew while holding Akorun.
Akorun became more agressive, more rabid. His teeth became sharper. I'm now holding three dogs who wants to eat me bit by bit

"Prrouphet, Yourlll die nowrrr"when his lycan mouth tried to bite me my hands then reacted, I removed my grip on his hands and to his jaw. by the time I grab hold of his mouth both his hands stabbed me in the stomach.

*cough* I started to cough blood and Akorun started to wiggle his fingers inside of me. I was in so much pain.

"Akorun you dumb dog" I said "dont think that your going to kill me again". I placed both my hands in his forehead. "wanna see what you put me through, you faggot!!".
Time lowered its pace, then my tattoos glowed. Akorun then saw visions of all my tortures in hell and in earth, all of the pains he relived it as if he was the one being tortured.

Akorun jumped away from me, pulling his hands painfully out of my belly. "what?" he fell to his knees breathing like he was drowned"what did you do prophet"Akorun asked. "I'm a prophet remember, I can show you visions not only in the future but in the past as well"

Out of nowhere an eerie noise disturbed both me and Akorun. The uncanny sound made us fall to our knees, squirming in the ground and made us beg for the sound to stop.
for a second the noise stopped. "I dont know who you are but no one will get in my way. Akorun, you will feel a witch's wrath" It was the woman holding a flute.
When she continued playing the flute, I quickly shapeshifted my flesh to cover my ears rendering me deaf. I quickly head off and grab my blades that shackled the dogs, both of the dogs were violently shaking in the ground.

when i got my blades I returned back to Akorun, I saw the same scene again with akorun holding the girl up high. He looks a bit tired now, and his ears is gushing out blood.
I ran towards them carrying my blade. when i got close to Akorun I dodged his attacked but still ending up being stabbed in my upper shoulder, I forced my way to get close to him.
every step I take to get near him was painful but i still got close enough to stab him in the neck and in the heart.

The three of us were stuck to each other. Akorun clutching me and the girl, me shifting the shape of my blade to drive pain and the girl gasping for air from Akorun's grip in her neck.

"No witch and prophet will kill me" Akorun said.
"We'll see about that You monster" The girl said.
Akorun started to split in half again. Death is getting closer for me and the girl, If Akorun gets completely separated. We'll die for sure.
The monster chuckled when his head became two.
"Hey you girl!, Use witchwalking on him!! now!!" I shouted at the girl.
"What are you talking about" she said up high in Akoruns grip.
"Use your magic that will drive Akorun to insanity, witch walk him or something" I replied with blood drooling out of me.
"You mean evil eye!?" she stared at Akorun's eyes.
"It is useless Prophet when I dont look at her" Both of Akoruns head was looking away.
"he wont look at me" she said. I shapeshifted three arms to hold his head, He closed his eyes which forced me to shapeshift tiny fingers to pry it open.

One of Akoruns head was shouting like it was being cut open, screaming, begging for her to stop.
but the other head was still ok and I was too weak to shapeshift.
"fuck, I hate you!" I said to Akorun because I was forced to use my prophecy on him again, only deeper and more magic into it.
"wait prophet!! what are you doing?!" Akorun fearfully squirms.
my pointing finger became longer and sharper and once it hit the very skin of his forehead time literally stopped. My tattoes glowed brighter than the sun.
Akorun and me went to my damned experience/nightmare again but the difference now is theres a chance that our very souls might be or will be dragged by a higher being if they notice it.

Madellus a demon acquaintance of mine even noticed my presence, but he knows it was not my time to be dragged. We were in a horror warp, I felt kinda sorry for him. he was half of a god after all, and he was dragged deeped to my insanity. He saw my goals and plans in life, every memory of mine he experinced it ten fold.
until we reached to the end of time, color doesnt even exist. no black no white.

time started again. Akorun and me fell, his eyes was white and his body was still in lycan form.
The girl fell to the ground then her hand started to glow like a prophet and tattoes crawled up like a new born baby. she stood up and had a satisfied face in her. she didnt even realized that her hand glowed
"I know white magic ok. so sit still, i will heal you" she said while trying to cover up my bleeding arm.

the time she finished healing me I quickly jumped on top of her with my blade in her neck. "Your a prophet now! tell me, what do you practice?!" I forcefully asked her.
she tried to get free but I already pinned her every inch of her body with hands. "what are you doing? i helped you breathed again" she said "Im a witch ok".
"I know your a witch" I said while cutting a portion of her neck "but what do you practice? in your witchcraft?".
"I practice herbology, white magic, chaos and black magic" she answered. I ripped her clothes off "Hey, what the fuck do you think your doing?!". I did not listen to what she said, I bit my hand and poured my blood in her chest.
I chanted mantras to bind her to me.

"You are now under probation as a prophet, until i will know what your side is" I said to her."and dont bother trying to run away cause youll end up choking and dead. thats what the seal is for"
she picked up her wand and tried to to cast a spell on me but her hands ends up shaking"I also forgot to mention any malicious thoughts towards me is futile until I remove the seal"

"YOU PRICK!" she said to me while i was laughing
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The ugly brigade

East hill town

hell, no use for pride here. and no one gets pleasure here

The people of east hill town, to afraid to fight akuron. to crazy to be without him

Killing is killing, no cause is good enough to take a life


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