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Windheart Story

High up in the Clouds is the small,peaceful country,Windheart. The Royal family has three child;Princess Eleanor the eldest,Prince Cloud ,and Princess Heartily, the youngest.
It was said that the youngest was to have the most power over all three."The child has the power to control the water,wind,fire,earth.She can destroy the world with ease." Said the Guardian. But the King and Queen was kidnapped ever since the the youngest was only a week old. There laid a note next to the child the night the were missing that read:
"Your King and Queen are taken by us,all of those that live beneath the surface. We are now enemies. Remember this Princess Eleanor and Prince Cloud this child will become evil and turn to us.She will join us no matter what you may do."

Eleanor begin the eldest was to take the throne until the Prince was old enough.The Princess tried to keep all the angels and creatures calm but there was no hope. The elves began to attack blindly toward the enemies.The angels would to,but fail every time. Massive numbers were lost. The young leader tried her best,but her best wasn't enough. Now twenty years of age she is to give the throne to the rightful ruler,Cloud.He refused he said that the rightful leader is the strongest,Heartily. Heartliy only eleven was to take the throne,because no one would. Before that when Eleanor had power ordered her to take command of the new force,Heartily Royal Force. The force was to fight under the command of the Princess.The enemy will fall like of a shooting star under the command of the strongest.
It was time for her to take command not only of a force,but a country held together by a heart,and everyone fighting to protect this country,Windheart. Knights all different,to the angels and elves,to the healers and humans.; We will all fight.
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Posted 9/9/09
If anyone wants to add their own narrative please add gets boring with only ruki's story.
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