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Posted 5/10/10 , edited 1/11/11
What makes teen committed suicide?
•death of a loved one
•seeing a lot of anger and violence at home
•having parents get divorced
•having a hard time in school, struggling with grades or having problems with other teens
•depression or alcohol or drug problems
•anger or heart-break over a relationship break-up
•feeling like you don't belong, either within the family or with friends
•feeling left out or alone
•financial problems (but since the people ur talking about r not adults and i'm assuming that they're not helping in the house financial wise like help paying for the house, light, water and so on, then this may not be a factor)
•trying to get away from the pain
The warning signs that u should pay particular attention to are: a prior suicide attempt, talking about suicide and making a plan, giving away prized possessions, preoccupation with death, signs of depression, hopelessness and anxiety, increased drug and alcohol use.

ur friends (may they R.I.P.) could have been having problem at home or in school or was just feeling like she/he doesn't belong....remember cause everything looks great form the outside doesn't mean everything is great inside... in the past i've thought of killing myself and my reason wasn't because i didn't have friends cause i've always been popular, it wasn't because my family didn't love me cause they do, it was me, I felt for some odd reason that I didn’t belong, it wasn’t because they made me feel like I didn’t belong cause they didn't, another reason was cause I felt that no one understood me, that no one really took the time to listen to me….like I was talking but no one was listening, like I was speaking a language that no one speaks
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Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/13/10
Alright im under alot of stress since september and since then i've fallen into major depression i've also had some suicidal tendencies off and on even till now. Many bad things have happened in my life this year this is had to be one of the hardest years of my life, a good friend of mine she talked me out of killing myself on multiple occasions she promise to be there for me. and she still is plus shes my girl friend now. There were times when there was no food in my house and no electricty twice the water got cut off from my house and we havent had hot water since 2009 march. we also have no cable/internet either since october 2009 we have a family of 5 to and im the youngest, i have no idea how ill pay for college. and what makes matters worst is when all your friends are spoiled. also my mother is very sick and has been able to work for sometime. I know it sounds like a cheap novel or story but no this is my life. and this is all real. God help me. well thats about it.

Any advice? cause i really need it.
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In your Dreams
Posted 11/25/12 , edited 11/26/12

hatepainlove999 wrote:

Ive been thinking of committing suicide but i just stop myself by thinking that death is always going to be there waiting but life wont so that helps me out a lot.

A long time ago, I wanted to commit suicide as well but some issues caused the attempt to be impossible. Now I'm about your ages as well and I reckon it was a good thing that I didn't because...well, even if my life is not good now, I still can live it and use up all my time before it runs out~
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