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Posted 2/24/08
This anime was about a boy who has a sister whos love borders on obsession at the start. He has lost his memory so he cant remember his childhood. Another girl tries to befriend him and a love triangle type thing starts. You learn that something is not quite right with the world. Then W-Wish throws the plot for a loop, you learn that the second girl is his real sister and his sister is really his younger sister that died at birth. So you then learn that a magical dial is the cause of this cause the boy wished for his sister that died at birth to be alive. So his real sister dissapears and his parents die to fullfil this wish. So somehow his real sister comes back into the world which cant be possible so the world starts to break down.

huh is right. There were several unexplained things in this anime that made it annoying. Especially how the real sister just somehow comes back. The opening song was probly the best part of this anime. The story was rather complex which is good and all but it would of been better had it all made since. Well the ending of this was maddening. They fixed the problem the same way the problem they were in started, with the dial. Then the new wish the three of them made just made the end really wierd, although it leaves you with an interesting quistion. Is it bad to go out with your sister who dissapeared, reappeared, then through a wish made it like she was never your sister?
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Posted 5/12/08
Honest opion: I kinda liked it in a weird messed up sort of way. Now come on if this happened in real life nobody would be that understanding..... you would have a whole lot of bigger problems them wondering who was your sister! But thats why we love anime! The unbelivable can happen with out all the real life crap!
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