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Posted 2/25/08
talk on anything you want to talk about on the akuma here...
nothing more...
but talk about the akuma...

like i dun like the lv4..
cos he hit Allen like nothing...
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Posted 3/2/08
akuma are kinda strange. the only one that really seemed normal to me was Mimi, Lulubell's maid, who died. I like how Earl always say: "Happy Birthday!" When someone is resurected.... I liked the first lv.2. It was just kinda weird, too. Like a freaking jester....
Posted 3/7/08
i hate lvl4 as well! grr! why couldn't lvl 4 look like lvl3! they are sick and twisted if lvl4 have the appearance of lvl3 maybe i'll like it
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Posted 1/25/09
Lvl 4s are scary in their soul cause, they dun hav a soul anymore.
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