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Staring (in general)
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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 4/21/08
Its very rude!
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23 / F / Texas
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
you can't help it!
i mean, you try not to stare at like a mentally disabled person, but in the end, they think you're rude for not looking at them or something.
but if you stare too much, people still think it's rude.
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29 / M
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
Have you ever been stared at?
Yeah I have been stared at a lot, doesn't bother me though because it's my choice to look different in my case

If so, why would you be stared at?
Because my hair is "to long for a guy"(about the middle of my back) i get called fag a lot because of my hair too.

What or your thoughts on staring?
Staring is rude plain and simple especially when it is something beyond a persons control

Why do you think people stare?
People stare because they see something they aren't used to i guess

Tell why YOU would stare?
i try not to stare but i have a bad habit of spacing out when I'm thinking and end up staring at someone where ever i happen to be looking and that is embarrassing.
Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/21/08
I hate to people staring at me . my forehead will feel numb .
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78 / ~wherever sarcasm...
Posted 4/25/08
yeah.... I know some who would stare at me.... even though I already caught him, he would still stare at me.. damn! hate the guts of that guy <_<; so, what I would do... I would also stare back.... but it's pointles coz' I would end up smiling.... <_<; I'm not good in stare war
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24 / F / philippines
Posted 4/26/08
that depends on how they are staring....
staring for no particular reason,, well then, that would make a different story.
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26 / F / Gunma-ken, Japan
Posted 4/26/08
^^ Yeah...

it would depend on HOW they stare at you.

if it's like...*daydreaming* stares...then i don't mind.
I'll just stare back or something, hehehe

but, if its giving me crusties kind of stare....then i dont like it..
then again, who does? (besides my

oh yeah....
and staring at mentally disabled people is rude..person 5 up from me....

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28 / F / 全部の庭
Posted 4/27/08
i'm nervous when other people stare at me.. @[email protected]
Posted 4/29/08
i really do not like staring because it makes me feel self consious......
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28 / F
Posted 4/29/08
Sorry. I laughed at the polar bear one.

I usually stare back at them. And if they continue to stare back I would walk up to them and ask them to stop staring.

I hate people staring. Stealing a glance or two is fine with me. But staring is downright freaky.

I wont stare. I would steal a few looks then walk away.

You should try this. If the person keeps staring at you, you can say "Why dont you take a picture? It last longer."

Got that one from Little Britain.
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26 / F / somewhere under t...
Posted 5/2/08
its annoying when someone stares at you...
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25 / F / at the computer d...
Posted 5/8/08
everyone stares at me once I was there...
four reasons:
1.if they don't know who I am,they are looking at what I wear,a short skirt with high socks,or only the skirt(in my location,everyone would think you were a flirty ones)
2.they are looking at my legs...(I knew it..someone confessed he really love my white legs)
3.they are looking at my hair(it was tied up like bou's but not the color)
4.if they know me,they would go:"oh...the youngest girl on the _ family...the youngest rich girl"

I really hate it when they stare..
as if they were to eat me or anything..
when they start,I always just smile...when they come near,I always told them"I am not a doll"
least I remember someone on the mall staring at me..
he was a boy maybe,a lot from my age from an I-can't-recognize-country
he was like,"you looked like a doll..if everyone here was like you,I would wanna buy a look very asian..aren't you an asian doll?I wanna buy you right now..come."
he was holding my hand..
I was very nervous good that my friend saw me since she knew I'm afraid of strangers..
that's the reason why I love being alone and I always go on crowd-less shop
to stop it,I was like,"please stop staring at me..."
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22 / F
Posted 5/8/08
lol...just lookin? ppl stare cuz of hatred, interest, boredom & confusion
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29 / M / Spencer,Iowa 51301
Posted 5/9/08
Yeah I'm a pretty big guy so most people tend to ignore me or think I'm ugly *Shrugs*
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 5/24/08
When people stare... at you.... you stare back harder
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