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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 2/25/08 , edited 2/25/08
Can you tell me
why your
I see you evrytime
why are you
can you tell me that

Im looking at you
you dont look back
your lughing whit your
I know that you fell
that someone
is looking
cuse your turning your head
and looking around
when no one is seeing
you cant see
who is looking
you cant see me..

Walking down
the hall way
talking in your phone
im walking
the other derection
we go past echother
You stopped as I have passed
whit confusion and
fear in you eyes
" Why are you"
" running?"
The words echo in the
silenc you feel and hear
You turn around
but no one is ther
Im not ther...
your eyes filled whit fear

Walking whit your frinds
out of the
school place
and lughing
you stop and turn
and look up
in a window im standing
looking back
at you
your frozen
you cant move
the seroundings fades away
and it only you
and me
in the darkness
" Why are you"
" running?"
your eyes widen and
fear comes

Somthings grabing your
you turn around fast
" are you allright?"
your frinds
standing ther
your looking back
dint they see it?
dint they see the person?
dint they see me?
you noding
and smiling
and they sighs in realif
but when you walked out
I think your still
heard those words
dont you?
" why are you running"

Your sleeping now
so peacefull
I only look at you
You are just a normall girl
in those dreams
but I know
that you do the same
as you
do here
in the real world
I leen over you
and wisper ito yor
so soft as the wind
" Why are you running?"

Walking down the road
so realexed
so many days have passed
I havent seen you
in a while
It hurts me
to see
that your just
the same as
those days before
and that
hurt my heart
to see what your doing
why do you do this
why are you running?

You have stoped now
your standing still
the sun is seting infront of you
giving the play ground
a magic glow
you walk to the swing
looking at it
the wind is stroking your
hair back from
your face
you sits down now
your sitting ther now
swinging forth and back
your face dont really
show anything
its just like
a dolls face
whit no feelings at all

You think
your alone
but your wrong
your not alone
thers mayby no shadow
ther are no sound
of my footsteps as I
walk but...
Im here
Im here and Im not
leaving yet..

" Why are you"
" running?"
Your head shoots up
your frozen on the spot
your eyes filled
whit fear and suprise
you are seeing me now..
your mouth is open
do you whant to speak
or are you
to afreid
to do so

We are just looking at echother
no words spoken
no moves made
just silenc
the place is geting darker
I think that you see that
but its not
the drakness of the night
no its more darkness
are you scared
are you afreid
do you know whats
I dont think you
I think...
that you dont
whant to

" Why are you running?"
your see me right in the eyes now
your breathing
is fast and paniced
you have lifted
yourself up
and the darkness
drowned the rest of
the swing
we are alone now
its just darkness now
your looking
at wher the swing was
your eyes filled whit fear
you look back at me
" Why are you running?"

" What do you mean!"
" let me be"
your screaming
tears of fear
is running down your
" why are you running?"
my voice is so empty
as I speak those
" What do you mean"
" Im not running"
" pleas"
" stop this"
" I dont whant this"
" Pleas"
" let me be, pleas!!"

Siting ther on the
no dirt is on your clothes
your skin so normall
and warm
Im not like that
my clothes torned
my skin
so pal and
so cold
Im looking like Im
am I dead?
no not yet
you havent killed me

Your begging
your begging this
to stop
but I wont stop
I dont really whant
I whant you
to undearsten
what I feel
I whant you to see
the truth
" why are you running"
such a simple question
its scareing you
fear filling those green eyes
of yours
pleas undearstand..

Your lying on the ground now
holding your head
and shaking
in fear
are you scared of the truth
" pleas"
" I beg you!"
" I cant, I cant"
so you do
you know what Im
here for
or do you mean that
you cant hold on

Im walking to you
and kneeling infront of you
" Why are you"
" running?"
your looking up at me
we are so alike
and at same time
we are not
you whit those
bright colured clothes
and me
whit my dark ones

Then I feel it
that my body
is to weak
you watch whit suprised
as I fell on my side
Im laying ther
now to weak to rais up
your looking at me
and Im looking back
tears are coming now

" why are you running?"
I wisper it so weak
my eyes so dull
blood begins to run
out of
my mouth
" no pleas"
" I wont do it"
" I wont do it"
your screaming
holding your hair
you are looking at me
whit terefyed eyes
my heart hurts more
why do you do this
why do you
hurt me

Im streacing my
hand out for you
you take my hand
after a while
its so warm
its long time
since I feeled that warm
Im looking at you
when I open my
mouth agein
and speaks whit a
weak voic

" why are you running"
" your not"
" running in the real world"
" but your running"
" in your heart"
" why do you do that?"
" why are you running from"
" me?"
Im looking at you
your so unsure
I can see it
in those green eyes
of yours
and I can feel how your heart breaks
cuse I know you
better then anyone

" I must do it"
you wisper
yor hair shadowing your face
" I must do it"
" to not be leaft out"
" I whant those frinds"
" They will not accept it"
" pleas"
" understand"

" Do you know"
" what your doing"
" to me right now?"
" or as I can say"
" yourself"
your looking at me
whit scared eyes
you know who I am
Im you
Im the past you
the one you was befor
you began to run

" pleas..."
you wisper
" no pleas"
" your killing us!"
" you cant do this"
" you cant just destroy me"
" and think"
" that you can change"
" Im you and you are me"
" if you kill me"
" then you kill a part"
" Of yourself!"
tears are running down your
I know Im hard
ageins you but
you need to see it
you neede to

" Do you really"
" like that"
" that they just accept you"
" for that and not"
" who you truly are"
I lift my hand to
your heart
" dost it hurt"
" cuse me its hurting"
" its killing me"
" do you whant to"
" become like them"
" a person who dont"
" accept other for who they are"

I have raised
from the ground
and walking away from you
Im holding myself
I stopet but
dint turn
as I countinue
the last part
" Pleas dont to that"
" mistake"
" it will only destroy you"
" and hurt you"
" you will just"
"end up as a shadow"
" think about those last words:
" If you cant accept"
" others for who they are"
" then"
" you cant accept"
" yourself for who you are"

Your shoot up from
the ground
the darkness
is gone
your still on the playground
was it just a dream
no it can
why are you crying then
you rais up and walks away
but your eyes are
and the tears are still ther
On the swing
Im I sitting
looking at you
what will
you choose
will you become
me agein
will you keep running
and I will
hunt you then
In your mind and heart
whit the one
simple question
" Why are you running?"

You cant guess that I love to make looooong poems
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28 / F / ΨThe world is my...
Posted 2/25/08 , edited 2/25/08
Omg, that was too long. *laughs* but a good story no less. ^____^
Posted 2/25/08 , edited 2/25/08
ur poems are kinda long but they're always worth the read great poem again
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/26/08

kagura4 wrote:

ur poems are kinda long but they're always worth the read great poem again

Thank you
yeah I know they are long but I just such at short poems xD
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/26/08

Yamira wrote:

kagura4 wrote:

ur poems are kinda long but they're always worth the read great poem again

Thank you
yeah I know they are long but I just such at short poems xD

that doesn't matter i love ur poems no matter the length lol
Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/27/08
i love this poem i love how long they are it is great
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