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does anyone write poetry
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Posted 2/25/08
poetry is a fav of mine. here is one i just wrote:

Dreamer or Dream

as one day passes
another day comes
a dreamer moves forward
as a dream stays still
we all believe we are dreamers
when we might actually be dreams
so are we dreamers or are we dreams
it all depends on what we believe
so are you a dreamer or a dream?
Posted 2/26/08
I'm no good at poetry. But I do write books.
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Posted 2/27/08
that's really good. i write poetry and i'm writing a book as well
Posted 2/27/08
You're a really good poet. I write poems too but nowhere as good as that. See here's one:

True Emotions

In this world,
You're living to die or
Dying to live
Simple as that
Life is filled with emotion
Some are negative
Some are positive
Those are fake
The emotions you feel
The emotions that're real
Are all unhappy
Pain, sorrow, agony
Love brings hurt
Hurt brings hate
Hating one is useless
Hating all is fun

Kinda sucks but it's what I write. :]
Posted 2/28/08
Lost Girl

To you, the boy with her heart
The heart of the girl who knew not love
The girl who was not able to love
She hated all even herself
She thought love was worthless
But still cared for others
The others didn't care and just
Pushed her away
But one boy tried to befriend her
So she didn't know what to do
They started to get to know each other
And began to fall in love
She couldn't understand the feeling
But knew she wanted him more
She couldn't let go of him
But couldn't help wanting to die
On a day, she was suddenly upset
And felt like cutting herself
She did but only slightly
Not enough to die
When you found out
You were upset
You tried having her promise she wouldn't
But it was a promise she couldn't keep
So you threatened her
"Promise me or I won't be yours anymore.
She couldn't promise it because
She was mentally unstable
You broke up with her
She felt like her world was gone
She felt lost
Couldn't handle living anymore
So she took out her knife
And cut deeper than usual
Enough to die
She did nothing
But watch the blood flow
"Blood is so beautiful...."
She regretted nothing
But she was saved
By something unknown
So she lives to this day
But a horrible life she lives
You found out what happened
And became even more worried
"If you won't do that again,
We can try to do it again."
So you promise her you'll stay with her
Because she promised to stay strong from now on
So she's a bit better
And trying to improve her life
Now she's still unstable
But can live life easier
Just because you promised her
You'll be together forever

Wrote another poem :] Not too good though. But this is a real girl. I can tell you who it is if you like. But, I won't say on this. So if you want to know, you'll have to send me a private message.
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Posted 2/28/08
a tear can represent many things
a tear can be of
happiness, joy, sorrow,
sadness, kindness,
anger, hate, a loss,
despare, light, love, death,
and life
but one thing that no one thinks a tear can be is
but that is the one thing that it is.....
Posted 2/29/08
roses are red violates are blue................. I forgot.
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Posted 2/29/08
this is one of my earlier works.........


Alone I Stand
In The Middle Of The Crowd
Looking For A Face
To Hang-Out With In Some Place.

But I Know No One
Not Even One
For I Thought The People I Knew
Were My Friends Whose Honest And True.

Once I Was Alone Walking
In The Busy Crowd Full Of People Talking
I Stopped On My Tracks Only To Find
All Were With Someone While Im With The Wind..

Birthdays And Christmas Just Pass Me By
Alone In The Corner I Silently Cry
A Single Smile Up On My Face They Thought Im Fine
Little Did They Know Pain And Sadness Is Next In Line.

My Childhood Days Were As Of Sad
They Say Im Like A Butterfly Whose Crazy And Mad
But I Just Wanna Be Free
'Cause All I Want Is To Flee.

Free From All The Sadness And Tears
That Must Live On For All The Years
Free From Every Pain That I Must Bear
That The Truth That People Dont Give A Care.

But I Do Know There's No Place For Me
In This Land Full Of Losers And Must Be
Sometimes People Misunterstand
'Cause The Pain That They Dont Know Is Where I Stand.

Sometimes I Wish Someone Is With Me
But I Know Its Just A Dream Made By Thee
I Blame Particularly No One
For This Is The Life I Want, A Life Spent Alone...
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Posted 2/29/08

So much pain, so many regrets
So many questions left unanswered
Why? Why do i have to suffer? Why the sorrow, the emptiness?
Is this the price i have to pay on giving you up??

Lying in my bed
So many thoughts kept nagging on my mind
The love we shared, the joy you gave
How does the sweet became so bitter??

Regrets, thats all I have now
What if I never let you go?
If only I could turn back the hands of time
But now all I have is memories
Longing for you to ease the pain in my heart....
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Posted 2/29/08

I took all your pictures off the wall
Tried so hard not to think about you
You left a deep scar in my heart
But I already had my one last cry...

I was finally getting over you
Made myself believe that I don't need you
I was finally accepting you had another girl
Then you smiled and ruin it all....

You still turn me on
And it bothers me a lot
I still get the same old feeling
How am I supposed to move on if there's a part of you in me??
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Posted 3/1/08
Is poem consider as a poetry? If so here's one

Follow your heart
On the whispering night
I saw your light

At that glimmering moon
I it was just all too soon

My heart was at race
for i can't face

That beautiful place
and your face

I just have one wish
that we could have kiss

That was a night of love
just like two dove

But all my fear
it all turned to tears
Posted 3/18/08
Ooo... Look what I wrote. Sorry if it's a bit offending, I was upset.
I trusted you.
I tried helping you
Is this what I deserve?
For you to come and backstab me
And treat me like I'm shit
If that's the case, well
Guess what?
Don't expect shit from me
You should just go
And fuck off
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Posted 3/21/08
Love Is...
Love is like sewing seeds,
Every moment it grows.

Love is like a four leaf
Clover, if given to
Someone it can make them
Feel happy.

Love is a porcelain
Doll, it is pretty on
The outside, but it can
Easily shatter.

Love is like a football
Player charging at you
At full speed, it can knock
You off your feet.

Love’s like a hurricane,
It comes to you strong, but
Leaves you devastated.

Love is like death, it can
Come as a shock, but does
Relieve you of your pain.

Love’s like a Zanpakuto,
It can either hurt you
Or heal you.

[P.S. The spacing is weird because it's written in iambic pentameter]
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Posted 3/21/08
This one is from SNL. I just love it!
Dark and lonely on a summer night.
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Watchdog barking. Do he bite?
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Slip in his window; break his neck.
Then his house, I start to wreck.
Got no reason. What the heck?
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
C-I-L-L my landlord.
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