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does anyone write poetry
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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 4/16/08
nope..i dont hav talent in that thing...but i like reading poems.

good job everyone!!!
Posted 4/4/08 , edited 4/16/08
Cut your throat
Slit your wrist
Shoot your heart
It's the end of this
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Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/16/08
blood is a crime
blood is a curse
blood makes me thirsty
it also makes me hurt
as yours runs cold
mine is boiling hot
as i drink it up
and you may not
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Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/22/08
Cause and Effect

When she was here:
Why did she apear?
When she passes:
Is she near?

When she is with you:
She is annoying.
When she is gone:
She was the best.

When she came:
Who is she?
When she left:
She was an angel whom was never loved.

Oh pitiful soul
Wandering this world
Causing torment and pain to others
It is time to die.

You will never know the joys of heaven
And you soul will be left to wander
You will forever walk through flames

This is vengence
I am to ferry you to Hell.
Fallen Angel

Little angel
Fallen from joy
Crying blood
Hurt by boy

Little angel
Fallen to Hell
Pushed by wings
Cried and fell

Fallen angel
Seeks revenge
I am to ferry you to Hell.
This is Vengence
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