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Posted 7/29/07
Hi im Marc, I enjoy writing poems because it adds character to my opinions and ideas. Post any self written poem you have. So ill start. I wrote this when i was on high-school.

secret love
Marc Avila

I dont know how i could stay
For always feeling this way
Not saying what i feel
Could really be a very big deal
For days, weeks, months ive suffered
On the nice words i could have uttered
All have been said
But this words seem dead
Because it will stay in this paper
Probably forever

Well?.. Comment on my poem....
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31 / M / MY HAPPY PLACE -...
Posted 7/29/07

I dont need a reason to smile, when im with you.
i dont need a reason to cry, when i see you crying too.
I dont need a reason to do all the things i do,
All the reason i need is... YOU.

its short and twicked a bit...
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31 / M / Japan
Posted 7/29/07
You can post your works in this thread:


Besides that, there are other creative works threads out there. Use the thread indices next time to make sure you don't create a duplicate topic.

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