Post Reply how has anime/ manga affected your life/personality
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Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/26/08
well it changed my personality by lots i used to be all quiet and stuff but not anymore nyah and one time i tried 2 act like ryoma from the prince of tennis if u dont know hes stoic and unsociable then i got grounded so im not anymore now im hyper like a whole lot of anime characters nyah so yeah anime also helped me make new friends like you guys nyah so i hope anime/manga has helped you guys in a lot of ways bye bye
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Posted 5/30/08
^______^ i'm still shy and quiet in person. Didn't really change much of my personality. I'm still like a child. :P

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Posted 6/7/08
umm;;;;I gotten SO much more talkative since i watched animes! It helped me make new friends and if we're talking about anime/manga i can talk nonstop XD
Posted 7/21/08
it inspires makes me do things i usually don't hav interest wid. for instance wen i watched la corda d'oro- a music anime mostly about musical instrument like violin i felt like i want to learn how to play the violin as well.
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