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Post Reply SHUGO CHARA ROLEPLAY [[use other forum please]]
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Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/10/08
you really thought all the way didnt you >.> every detail as well huh..lolx
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/20/08
I love roleplaying!!

Name: Mika (Cute name >.<)
Age: 12 (Yay! sixth grade!! same class as Amu)
Looks like:White Hair, Brown Eyes, Lolita Fashion

Background: New at Seiyuu Academy, In the 6th grade, In amu's class, infatuated with Kukai, best friends with Yaya, ( lolololol love problems >.<) doesnt really know how to get along with other people.

Personality: Energetic, Clumsy, not really good at sports, can't get enough ice cream, has amazing art skills, hopes to be an artist when she grows up, she smiles a lot but only her true friends now when somethings up.


Charas: Yuki (meaning: wave)
To make her more of a singer, like in a band
Appearance: boots, short black hair, long shirt, and fingerless gloves.
Chara Change: Changes her in a way that she become more wild and really really bad
(Mika wears a Knee high converse, choker necklace, and a band shirt when tranformed. she attacks x's with her guitar, with loud music notes ^^)

To make her more artistic
Appearance: Long skirt, orange hair, has a pencil between her ears
Chara Change: Becomes more mature and imaginative, also becomes in love with romance stories.
(Mika wears a black beret, puffy skirt, knee high boots, and loose shirt when transformed, she attacks x's with a big pencil[lolololol])

Im going to try to draw 'em... *TRY*
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Posted 5/8/08 , edited 5/8/08

babygemmer wrote:

you really thought all the way didnt you >.> every detail as well huh..lolx

yup ^^
Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/18/08
name: Kameko
age: 12
background information: A 6th grader who's been at the school her whole life. She often try's to avoid people because she gets nervous easily and panics. She says she never wants to fall in love but does so with Kukai. She does thougth become good friends with Amu and Kukai. Has a unaturally fear of animals due to the fact that she has a scent that they like which make them bite her, she's unable to get the scent off. Her dream is to be a cafe owner or a musician.
charas: A cooking Musical Chara that can have fast mood swings named Kiku. Her chara change with Kameko is a small apron,a skirt,long sleved shirt and music notes to hold the apron.
personality: Clumsy, Happy, unusal, blunt, happy-go-lucky and often gets bit by every type of animal.
Unusal facts: She is scared of Ikuto due to he's half cat and with the fear he might bite her. but she finds him cute. She is often a bit childish on the outside but is really mature. She also seems slow and not understanding things but this infact is the opposite of the truth.
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Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/4/08
oh finally i get roleplay! well i will try my best since i am not experienced with roleplaying
Name: Sayuri Zuki
Age: 14
Background information:
Sayuri is an itellegent kind of girl who always thinks outside the box.She is quite polite and appreciative of other people, sometimes she can be rude,selfish, and mean but after 2 seconds always apologizes for her behavior. She has a lot of stress trying to stay at top class in her grades but always manages. She is misunderstood in her school when she is trying to make friends with her sense of humor but always the people give her puzzled and cold stares and always feels embraressed. Her parents are really embrassing compared to the classmates' parents like showing baby pictures and that kind of stuff which makes things worse as they take pity on her but she never bothers wrongly about them and understands people. As class would begin she would her other peoples thought about their life and problems she only wishes she can do something to help them. Though she has these weird personality traits she still manages to make friends. Her best friend is Sayou hinozaki one of the most popular girls in school, but she is the most unpopular girl in school and doesn't hang with her much since she is busy with her other popular friends going shopping and sleepovers. While she is stuck at home doing her chores all she wants to do is show everyone her talents and her best talent of all- drawing- which is why her shugo chara is born.
Appearence: She has brown hair to her shoulders, with a bow holding part of her hair up, her eye color is a lightish dark blue with long eyelashes. Her features on her face are quite delacate with a small mole under her eye, rosy pink lips and a small cute nose.
When outside of school she wheres an orange tank top with a short,long sleeve jacket over it, she usually wears a pair of capries with a pair of tennis shoes with low-cut socks.
Guardian Chara:
Name: Saki
Gender: Female
Speciality: drawing landscapes, people, and animals
Personality: shy, cute, and quite the fighter

Likes: to draw and train with another chara who is always mysteriously showing up whenever we have free time at home. Who she is seemingly starting to get a crush on and can never say no to him
Dislikes: being bored with nothing to do, saying good bye to the mysterious chara and me saying no to her

Chara Change: She is quite different from other charas she comes with 2 changes not one. In the first chara change she yells fight, guts, tension and so changes from an overconfident fighter to an eager fighter who knows how to take down the opponent and succeeds. In the second change she solemnly says pencil, brush, color, and changes from an unsure artist to a confident one.
Chara Become: Again she has 2 in the first we transform into a ninja-like fighter with 8 braided ponytails coming down from her head in the color of hot pink with a bunch of weapons she can just summon with her energy in transforming, she is wearing an outfit of a sleeveless shirt with short shorts attached to the shirt with shoes that can get her out of any bad situation and this is called RED NINJA
Attack: metal rain - there will be dark clouds connection in the sky and when told to will spurt out metal weapons heading toward the enemy only hitting him on the arms and legs since she is too soft to hurt him seriously and only used as a last resort and usually just throws weapons at the opponent
The second transformation we turn into a gentle sweet person with short blue hair just over her ears and a ponytail on the side of her head, wearing a blue top that stops above her stomach and a short skirt with both the shirt and skirt with it string-like on the shirt sleeves and bottom of the skirt. Also with ragged ribbons tied to her arms and knee high socks on her feet and legs with stripes of the colors blue and white, she can fly with attaching giant wings like of an angel and this transformation is called AQUAMARINE ARTIST
that took about a half an hour to type at least i got it all down. Sry can't include pictures but u should get an idea
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