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Post Reply [Translation] Myojo April2008 - 100 Q'z
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/27/08
Proposal words: I’m going to get your heart!!

Charm point: Well-padded cheek

One word to describe your personality: Selfish and stubborn. Because there are times when I rebel against my mother when she tells me to “go to sleep”.

Dominant hand, dominant foot: Right for both.

Eyesight: Left 0.3 and right 0.2

Weakness: Poking my sides.

Little pride: I can eat a cup of ice cream really fast. The other day Chinen and I were eating the ice cream together. When Chinen ate half of his ice cream I was shocked that I already ate all of my ice cream

Heal problem: My whole body is jiggly.

Type of underwear: Boxer brief

Sleep clothes: Jersey top and bottom or T-shirt and shorts. Lately it’s cold so jersey.

Sleeping pose: To put into one word, It’s horrible. My sleeping posture is really bad that I’m often not in the futon anymore.

How long do you bath?: 30 min. Even in the summer I always soak in the bathtub.

Where do you wash first?: Left arm.

Best mimic impression.: Yamashita (Tomohisa) kun. Sometimes people tell me I sound like him.

Favorite place to shop: Harajuku

What do you often buy at the convenience store? Snacks. Lots of candies.

Most expensive thing you ever bought: A wallet. It cost me $400 but I bought it because I thought it would last longer.

Treasure: My two pet guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a hamster. I’m house is like a petting zoo. (laughs) And the game I’m playing called “Biohazard”, that’s important too.

What you can apologize now: I don’t have any because I apologize when I’ve done something wrong.

Favorite fashion item: A hat. I have 20 of them but I actually only wear 5.

Hair cut you want to try: Brown hair.

Hobby right now: Game

Favorite phrase: “To be washed away”. I don’t want my thoughts being disagreed all the time but to sometimes just let it all washed away. I think that too is important.

Favorite song: Kinki Kid’s “Mafuyu no panse”.

Favorite color: White

Favorite movie: Biohazard

Favorite book: Yamada Yuusuke’s A-course and F-course, it was really funny!

Favorite manga: Close

Favorite ramen: Miso ramen

Favorite TV show: I watch a lot of dramas. I like “3nen Bgumi Kinpachi Sensei”. Oh! And “1 Pound gospel”

Favorite food: Strawberry and eggplant.

Least favorite food: Natto or Tororo. I can’t eat anything sticky. And tomato.

Favorite emoticon: *smiley face* ^_^

Most afraid of: Ghosts, dark places, and airplanes… is it too much?

Recently cried about: Come to think of it, I haven’t cried lately.

Recently laughed about: When Keito was teaching me English in shinkansen, Keito out of nowhere shouted “FIRE~!!”. I laughed so hard.

Recently happy about: CD debut and Tokyo dome concert.

Recently angered about: I said “You are thinking too negatively” to Ryutaro.

Recent dream: I was in the world of Biohazard and I was fighting with an enemy with my bare hands.

Recent JUMP moment: Yesterday. When I was dancing during a TV show recording.

Recent CAMP moment: I’ve never camped before. I’ve never skied either. What if a bear comes out?

Recently shampooed: Yesterday night, in my bathroom. I shampoo three times, that’s my obsession.

Favorite type of girls: Kind and honest girl.

Favorite action by girls: Of course, it’s her smile.

Date spot: The ocean.

Ideal kiss situation: Where there is beautiful illumination.

How would you confess to a girl? I like you, so go out with me.

Confession from a girl: Anything straight forward that I can understand her feelings.

What would you want to be called by your girlfriend? Ryosuke

Number of confession: 1 time in kindergarten.

What would you not want a girl to do?: To cheat on me. To me, I think a girlfriend going out side with another guy is like cheating.

Gift for a girl: A necklace.

A phrase from a girl that would make you happy: “Thank you”

A phrase from a girl that would shock you: Disgusting (Ugly, ew, etc)

Your girlfriend is late. How long would you wait?: 30 min. But isn’t it unthinkable to be late on a date?

First love: When I was in kindergarten.

When would you get married?: I think it might be late because I’m in such a business world. But if possible I want to get married by 25.

How many kids do you want?: 2 or 3

Anything you want to say to your feature wife?: I may be loud because I talk a lot but it looks like we’d live a lively life.

Name for your kids: For a boy Tsubasa or Sora. For a girl Umi. I want to name them something fresh.

What does your family call you by?: Ryosuke.

Memorable family vacation.: Before I started working we went to Hakone twice every year. I went in the hot springs and swam in the pools. I want to go again.

Favorite home cooked meal: Dumplings.

What do you call your mom by: Ka-chan (mom) and To-chan (dad) for my dad. Oh but when we are playing game together I sometimes call him “big brother!” (laughs)

What was your breakfast today?: Tuna and mayonnaise rice ball.

First ever memory that you remember: My childhood friend’s father chasing me with the mask of Alien Baltan on and I was so scared.

Childhood dream: To be Ultra man but when I got older I wanted to be a soccer player.

A serious injury you ever experienced: The first time it was during a soccer practice where I broke my right index and middle finger. The second time was when I failed my back flip and broke my right index and middle finger again but with my pinky that time.

Lessons you took as a kid: Soccer and Art studio class.

Favorite place at school: My desk. I can sleep well on it during break time.

Favorite school lunch: Soy sauce ramen.

Least favorite school lunch: Shishamo (Grilled fish, often while full of eggs.) It’s so bitter..

Favorite school curriculum: Everything but national language (Japanese), math, and social studies.

Least favorite school curriculum: National language (Japanese), math and social studies.

Favorite field day activity: 50m run. Because I’m always in the top 3.

Least favorite filed day activity: Tamacorogashi (rolling a giant ball into a certain course into the goal) because I remember I used to trip a lot.

Committees involved in: Health duty.

How do you spend your break time?: Sleeping or playing soccer.

The longest phone conversation: 40 min. It’s usually about business so most of the time it ends in 2 seconds. Like calling my mother to tell her “I’m coming home right now.”

How many times do you mail in one day?: 6 times. But it’s mostly my family members.

How many numbers are in your cell phone?: About 80.

Place you want to go: England where Keito used to live.

Most respectful person: Hikaru kun. Because he can easily move the muscles in his face.

Person you want to see most: (Domoto) Koichi kun. When we were the guests in “Shin domoto kyoudai” I was so nervous I couldn’t talk to him. Next time I see him I want to ask him to “please take me out driving!”

Most desired thing right now: Time. Because I have so many movies I want to watch. If I have a day off I’m going to the theater.

Most respectful senior: Koichi kun and Yamamoto Ryuta kun. He (Yamamoto) is the same height as me but he have an amazing dancing and acrobatic skill!

If you were to become the prime minister of Japan: I’m going to make the prices of merchandises cheaper.

Especially clothing prices. It cost too much for just a fabric!

What would you do if you become a girl? Talk in a really high pitched voice.

You won $3billion, what would you do?: First, I’m going to be confused on how I would use it. Then I would buy a Ferrari and go to a movie theater for one day. If there is any left then I would save the rest.

What do you want to be if you were reborn?: I want to be an Johnnys talent again.

Your house is on fire, what do you grab out?: My pets.

The last day of earth, what would you do?: Sleep! If I sleep during my death then I don’t think I’ll feel the pain.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend?: Takaki kun. Because he’s nice to everyone.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your son?: Keito. Because he’s quiet and he’s not a hassle.

Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? : For elder brother, Hikaru kun. For little brother,
Ryutaro. Because both of them are really funny and I don’t think I would get bored being with them.

What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? You got older. (laughs)

HSJ’s number one goal: To have a concert at Tokyo dome again!

[FULL CREDIT TO: さっちゃん (smalltownsburns)]
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Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/27/08
wow! i really like yama-chan! but now, i like him even more!!
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29 / F / Australia
Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/27/08
Thank you so much for translating.

Haha Ryo-chan is so adorable. I realise I have alot in common with him (maybe coz we are same star sign) but there's alot of fascinating things about him too. Would be so great to hang out with him for a day.
Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/28/08
thanks..thanks thank for translation
Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/29/08
his eye sight is 0.3 and 0.2? that's bad... he can't see anything...
Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
oh, I know this. It's shown on a website along side the 100 Q's of other hey! say! members. anyways, thanks.
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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 3/1/08
what website is that, can you tell me????????
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Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/1/08
Watda? lol, i was laughing when reading this.. Thanks to the one who translated it and posted it here.
Thanks fr sharing!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
i never knew that...but thanks for translating!!!!!
now i understand him a little more!!!
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24 / F / in the suburbs of...
Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
kewl!but i still think that yamada has alot in common with me.and the freakiest part, i have the same eyesight as him!
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25 / F / zendonesien
Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/16/08

anime_luver_64321 wrote:

kewl!but i still think that yamada has alot in common with me.and the freakiest part, i have the same eyesight as him!

WOW! maybe... just maybe.... you are his twins! haha, i've always dreamt to be his twins, that won't happen anyway
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Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/21/08
wow nice! thx! ^0^
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25 / F / anywhere..hehe!
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
thanks for the translation..'
about his eyesight..'
does he need glasses??..'
i dont really understand his eyesight..'
thanks again..'
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Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
well. i've been looking for this.. guess my sister would be thrilled
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Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/8/08
Haha, I used to like him... now I love him!
His answers were so funny, and turns out we have a lot in common!
I'm wondering, does he need glasses?
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