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1)You can post photos to represent characters or scenes or anything else for your story as long as you put your story's title in the caption space
2)You can post any type of story, as long as it's appropriate enough for 13 year olds
3)If you want your story to have ratings, then give your permission on your post
4) To post stories you can just post them in the forums
5)Genre must be included
6)If you want to copy and paste a story from the Internet, make sure you write "copyrighted from _______"
if it is a book, make sure you write "from_________, by _________"

7) If you rate someone, and think their story is bad, don't say "you suck!!!" or anything that involves cussing or mean words. Just nicely say that you need to improve whatever they need to improve.
8)If people don't give their permission to rate their story, just comment on something nice in their story or make another story
9)If you have complaints, post them in the forums and i will try to fix your problem.
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