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Studies show materialistic socitey is damaging children...
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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08

metalduck wrote:

All I'm saying is that people have control over their thoughts. I think that a person's state of mind is determined by their environment, not solely because of chemical imbalances. True, chemicals play a role, but people are accountable for themselves when it comes down to it. And just because millions of people are hospitalized and medicated, doesn't mean that they're getting treatment for the right reasons. I read somewheres that some depression medications have made the same difference in consumers as placebo treatments have. Ah, here it is.

Also, the brain isn't something that should be messed with. Thoughts should be dealt with with thoughts. It's different for, lets say, mentally disabled people, who may not have control at all, or who may not be able to understand some things, but people with depression are fully conscious of themselves. They may be at a disadvantage, but they're not hopeless.

Well said....
If the brain is not controlled or maybe reinforced but environment, than what is....
I mean we are animals, but this is probably the only real difference between us and a monkey! We adapt, we behave instead of evolving....

Maybe we are just full of ourselves, we think we know it all, we think that we understand how the brain works and even more why it doesn't work, but we don't understand squat! In 200 years we're gonna be seen as retarded, stupid.
I think it's impossible to know if our life style is good or bad for us, unfortunatly, the whole world is kinda the same now, there's no way to compare anymore, so I really don't know how they've come to that conclusion, but I dout it's even possible to find subject for a research that are not from our planet.... welllllll
Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08

DreadDenimPirate wrote:

I don't know if it's materialism, but something is definately wrong with kids today

who needs family life? i think those girls already know how everything works...
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