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27 / F / in hell
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/27/08
make poems or quets for your friends then the next person says if its a good one or not!!!!

I'll start

you are my friend
the angels of my llife
the biggest gift destiny gave me

you were here to protect me
you were here to make me smile
now I think I should repay you
by writing this poem
I wanna say thankyou for the happiness you gave me
the laughter
the joy
and the light that would always brighten up my day

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77 / F
Posted 4/17/08
err... 7?

okay so here I go:

My friend, my friend, my friend,
oh how i wish we could be together 'till the end

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F / earth.
Posted 4/17/08
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is sliver and the other gold !

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25 / F / The Sea of Love....
Posted 4/17/08
3.1 you stole that from girlscouts.

Like the moon and the sun,
Different in so many ways.
Never exactally to be one,
One goes while one stays.
But also like wings,
We have to be together or we can't fly.
And like the angel sings,
Or friendship NEVER dies!
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23 / F / Texas
Posted 5/6/08

I loved the way you smiled,
the way you looked at me,
the way that time just stops
just like in a reverie.

i loved the way you laughed,
the way you'd hold me tight,
the way you'd talk to me
everyday and every night.

i miss when you were happy
just to be with me,
but the person you've become
is not what you used to be.

you've changed the way you feel,
and shut me out your life.
what happened to the talks
about me becoming your wife?

i wish that he'd come back,
what you used to be
so we can set aside
the painful memories.

i want him to come back,
the guy you used to be,
because he's the one i love,
so full of hopes and dreams.

not this dark, estranged soul
who's so cold to me.
i want the old you back,
the sweet guy you used to be.
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F / earth.
Posted 5/9/08
Once was here
now is gone
I will always
love forever
the laughs
the tears
the smiles
without her
my life has no direction
no ups nor downs
no smiles or frowns
I miss her
I cry
I see her
I lie
what ever went wrong
I can mend
I will always
love forever
my very best friend
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 5/26/08
.... I donno.... i fucking suck at poem....
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/5/08
poems?...here goes..
♥Pain of love♥
When you lose someone you love
The pain seems too strong to bear
And you wish you could go back in time
To make sure they know how much you care

What are my loved ones doing
Up in that beautiful place?
Walking on the streets of gold
Or talking with Jesus face to face?
But think of how enjoyable it must be
Where you can no longer experience sorrow,
The thought helps take away some of the sting
And helps you get through tomorrow,

Your loved ones want you to continue,
Living life the best way you can
With purpose, love, and happiness,
And not with a bitter plan
When you lose someone you love,
You will see them again someday
But in the meantime keep moving forward,
And keep the Lord first throughout the day.~
Life is full of secrets and lies,
so when you get screwed over,
don't act surprised,
Promises may Get Friends,
but it is.... Performance that Keeps Them.~
more? visit my pages..
Posted 9/3/08
i love you
i really do
you act so cool
but i act as a fool
i see you walk by
but we don't say hi
i am in love
with the girl from above
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25 / F / USA
Posted 9/3/08

To be brought into eternal laughter and smiles
to walk together those lengthy miles
You are my friend

To wipe away moments of tears
to share our deepest loves and fears
I am your friend

To support and admire the acts of the heart
To never end, to never walk apart
We are true friends.
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