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What is the pros & cons of anime to humans' mind?
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Posted 5/11/08
Some animes have facts in it, others are just animes have pros and cons.
There are some benefits in certain animes, and there's only a few of them.
Posted 5/11/08
To me, the pros of anime aren't solely based on facts. Sure you can get historical facts in some anime and that is good. But if the lack of historical facts in anime doesn't necessarily make it bad. Some anime are purely fantasy and filled with magic and whatnot but it provides its watchers with values like friendship, justice, love, hope, etc. Also there are some anime that are based on real life they are usually filled with useful trivia like Baby Ba-chan.

But there are cons of anime. But to me, it's all down to the watcher. People perceive the meaning of anime differently. Some people see the deeper meaning of it but others dont even try to understand it. They may just be in it for the bishies or the action or all the blood and gore, etc... So bad outcomes will happen especially to those obsessive fans who think that what they watch is real
Posted 6/27/08
Pro: Great anime like Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, etc

Cons: People jack off to anime girls
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