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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/29/08

I m writing this forum as a memorial for L's death in the movie

I was hoping for a miracle that he will not die in the movie even though he wrote his name in the .

Haiz..still if he was suppose to die he will have to die. However, I m glad that he died in a heroic way by sacrificing his life & not get killed by Kira. I don really care much when Kira died in the movie (oops). I m not evil ok but i seriously did not feel anything when he died. Instead I found L's death to be pitiful. Those who prefer Kira to L..gomenasai

The truth is this is not much of a funeral but rather i m just putting photos which have been taken by mi & my fren

This is my friend's friend whom i do not know but i put up the photo cause he was dressing up as L when he went to watch

The pic is a bit dark cause they were in the cinema

Even though he don look like L he is still very cool!!! Brave some more for wearing it to the cinema!!! My fren said many people were staring & admiring him.

This is mi & my fren holding the Death Note MuHaHaHa

my fren manage to get both death notes for FREE!!! I mean how cool is that!!

With this photos I m ending e ceremony. I will be trying to put more photos up cause i m into cosplay. I hope those who are interested in cosplay wont mind sharing them here!!!
I will always be his number one fan

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