The Rules
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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 8/1/08
Okay, First keep everything PG-13, Second, the more help you out the club, the more fun it'll be, and finally any concerns, complaints, and questions please tell me because it gives me a chance to help the club and make it more enjoyable! Also feel free to add me as well!! Please don't Ignore me or this because I hate that!!

The Rules for the Mods:
Nocturnal, poisonrat, Werewolf_in_Your_Dreams,fallenkitten,my_lost_heart

1. Help Out the club, promote, post, do anything.
2. If anything comes up please report to me.
3.Remember I will need your help and support as well.
4. I Choose my Mods depending on what I see etc.
5.Get along with everybody I hate fights unless I start them!! :b
6. Mesaage me if you wanna talk to me privately about any matter!!
7.Any Ideas go ahead and do it but come to me first for approval!
8. Don't Abuse of your power because I'll take u Off!!
9. Do your Job!!

Creator Notes: Yeah I know they sound lame and everything but rules are rules even tough they are meant to broken, But all I'm asking for is fun and peace but no bitching at the same time. But Please Enjoy my club!!
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