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21 / F
Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
For a while I felt bad about not wanting to "hang out" with others, making conversation, or maintaining relationships, but I recently had the revelation that I'm a loner xD
I just naturally prefer spending time alone studying, playing video games, or researching stuff ^w^
Now, I'm not completely against interacting with others, but I prefer it if those interactions are short and rare. Spending a lot of time with someone and building relationships with others that aren't family just seem... blegh xD (Maybe I'm just lazy, who knows... meh =P)
Either way, this personality profile thing describes me perfectly in so many ways ;3 :

Well, here's my answers to the questions:
Q: How long have you been a loner?
A: Well, I guess I've always been a loner, even though I usually put on the mask of an extrovert ^^; It's only recently that I became perfectly comfortable with who I am.

Q: Did you give up on people?
if so, why?
A: I dont think I've really "given up" on people, but I'm quick to judge. I also carefully guard my "true" self even though a lot of people might say that I am close friends with them.

Q: What do you generally dislike about them?
A: I don't like how people try so hard to be something they're not, especially adolescents (I put on a "Miss Perfect" mask often though... so I guess that's hypocritical =P )

In general, I guess I'm just a loner who sometimes puts on the exterior of an extrovert. I don't hate people either... I just honestly enjoy spending time examining myself and trying to understand the world around me more ^o^
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 7/31/09
How long have you been a loner?
Since the start of middle school. It's seems that I've never really fit in with anyone. I've put on so many masks that's it's hard to tell who I really am.

Did you give up on people?

Technically no, I know there's good people in this world, it's just that society has become so corrupt...it's hard to find those few.

What do you generally dislike about them?
The problems from my past causes me to dislike people for a number of reasons, so many in fact that I can't write them all.

How well does it suit you?
I have to admit, it get's lonely. Eventually I'll brake out of my shell, but right now I'm taking one step at a time. I sometimes tend to have a "Miss Better Than Thou" additude, especially around kids my age, but I can't help it. I guess it became some sort of defense mechanism if that makes sense. It keeps people away from me so I can be alone.
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Posted 8/1/09
How long have you been a loner?
i dont know

Did you give up on people?
nope. im just a bit antisocial

if so, why?
i dont know why as well.

What do you generally dislike about them
i dont like crowds and noisiness of the public

How well does it suit you?
suit what? is this about "fashion"?
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23 / F / Smirkwood
Posted 8/1/09
ya.. silence is the best thing ... sometimes.. =)
Posted 11/3/09
I was a shy person wen i was a kid. . .i didnt even like my aunts & uncles cause they love to tease me alot.
wen i entered middle school, i began to "open up" to people, thats mainly because my fwens were there.
but wen i entered high school , during the 1st & 2nd year. My best fwen who was with me in middle school started to changed. she became a person that i didnt even like. instead of telling her or breaking our fwenship. . .I decided to pretend nothing as happen but i kept my distance away from her.[ meaning im not that close to her anymore ] i kept crying & beging god to let me have my past back. [ of course it will never happen ] yeahh, so i kinda gave up on human wen i was at the age of 13 & 14 but everything is all good now since i've told myself to accept reality.
Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/4/09
How long have you been a loner?
All my life.
Did you give up on people?
What do you generally dislike about them?
I don't generally dislike things about people unless I know what to dislike.
How well does it suit you?
Almost perfectly.
Posted 11/6/09
Currently I am a loner because I bought my parent's retirement home which means i live in an area with no one really my age. But then again i should be used to that ... a close friend moved away between 1st and 2nd grade; mostly boys in my tiny hometown so didn't grow up with people my age.

I don't remember being so much a loner in elementary school except i have always been prone to going off to my room to read even if a friend was visiting.

In junior high/high school is when I really got worse because of mental games my Mom played on me. I was quite the club joiner but I was also one of those people who did a lot of work and never got any credit. Mom would tell me that what i told her about getting stepped upon was not actually happening - I was just making it up. Also apparently in high school I became invisible! At lunch when sitting and trying to chat with "friends" I would be talking with someone when suddenly they would just start talking to the person next to me instead. Again Mom said I was just making this all up.

In college I was not interested in bible study (I tried it, but found it wasn't for me) OR going out to get drunk (did not drink). Instead i got invited to frat parties with a friend because he knew i didn't drink and wouldn't get into trouble. I was in cabinet for a club and did a lot of work in a position that was deemed impossible and received no help from anyone. Then got badmouthed for quitting and for speaking up. On a more positive note I gained a few guy friends at the frat parties. They accepted me like a little sister and i was more than happy with that!

Did you give up on people? if so, why? Well ... I couldn't exactly give up on my Mom. I lived at home and would just have to accept her parenting as long as i did. Sometimes you love your family but you don't like them.

But ... what happened with my best friend in high school shook me up for quite a few years. My Dad was going to drive my friend and I to a big mall out of town. I called the day before we were planning to go to set up with my friend's parents to drop her off and we set a time. The next day she didn't show up and it was an hour later so i gave my friend a call. She seemed more than eager to get off the phone - said she was a little behind in homework. Suddenly her Mom snatches the phone away and basically tells me because I wasn't a 4.0+ student i was not good enough to spend time with her daughter! Yes, my friend was an honor student, yes, she was a cheerleader and had a busy school club and church life. But that was pretty cruel! My friend and her Mom had no clue about the personal family issue I was dealing with at the time and that was why my grades had slipped to B's and C's. I barely talked at all to anyone at school after that.

I gave up trying so hard to make new friends because i couldn't handle being emotionally beat down anymore. It seemed the most healthy thing to do!
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20 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 11/8/09
Well I would say I'm both a loner and social-bug.
I mean, there are times when you look at groups of people and you tell yourself
"Man, I know I can't blend in with these groups"
So I would be a loner.
Then at other times, you find people that you can have fun with and
so you become a social-bug.

I say everyone has both so it's normal to be a loner at times.
I hate how some people hate on loners.
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27 / M / Usa
Posted 11/8/09
From an early age i have been a loner, a certain incident prove that in my English class 8th grade we were reading the book Shane. And the teacher was talking about how the main character was a loner and he asked the class if they knew someone who was a loner; the whole class pointed at me. To be honest the only reason i was a loner is because my school mates turned me in to one, they made me the outcast by avoiding me and like i had some kind of disease. I was a quite the shy kid in school i didn't talk much and always stare at the ground( mainly because i had bad acne) i felt as if i wasn't good enough to look into the others faces. I mean they were beautiful and clear and i looked like a pizza. Because of that shyness people sought to take advantage of my weakness by bully me into submission thus i made few friends. Eventually i developed my voice and i was like HEY! wait a minute dammit you cant do this to me and i wont let you, i decided to fight back thus becoming the bully that i so hated....preying on the weak. Because of all the bullying i became robot like, in order to survive i had to become stronger even if t meant discarding all emotions. Apparently i have this unexplained animal magnetism that attracts others to me; its how i made friends i used to push people away but they kept coming they wouldn't take no for an answer. So i just gave up and said fine....you can stay......what others see in me boggles my mind are they secretly attracted to me, or something else?
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26 / F
Posted 9/25/11
I am a loner.
I have no friends.
It really sucks, because u tend to feel that you've missed out on a lot.
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32 / M / Alberta Canada
Posted 9/25/11
How long have you been a loner? I can't say that I have had a close friend in my 28 years. I've had acquaintances, classmates and some who were friends but I haven't see or talked them to in years (because they died or moved away).

Did you give up on people? No, I haven't given up on a people just large groups of them.
if so, why?

What do you generally dislike about them? Large groups seem to force the human mind to be more reactive (using the hind-brain more and the fore-brain less) which leads to an increase in stupid/dangerous things.

How well does it suit you? I dislike being a loner, but I don't have great self-esteem and communication skills to try and rectify my current situation.
Posted 9/30/11
I'm a loner from upbringing. The education system isolated me and I was bullied because I had aniridia and Aspergers.

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34 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 10/3/11
once they open up space for the public, sign me up! Because I don't mind being alone for long periods of time. I would love working in space. I am a Dr. who has no people skills out side of the net. So coach put me in a laboratory in space. That would be 2 dreams of mine coming true.
Posted 10/4/11 , edited 10/4/11
I've had a number of friends during my life, but there's honestly not many people in my area. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so I don't really have all that much to do. I also suffer from severe Tourette's Syndrome, which made it almost impossible to be in a school. As thus, I was home schooled until grade 8, when I decided I was done with schooling. Man, notice how weird the word "Sch oo ling" looks?

I've always been shy, but I've had a surprising easy time making friends. My two friends both moved away about a year and a half ago, and there's nobody else my age in a large area. I mostly just spend my time alone now. I feel lonely, so I seek companionship online. I miss hanging out with friends...
Posted 10/14/11 , edited 10/16/11
Loner, no friends, no trust for anyone....at least not easily.
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