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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08

Special: Fireball
Shoots mutiple fireballs in the direction your facing and are able to bounce off walls
Side Special: Cape
Turns enemys the other direction and reflect projectiles
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Goes up diagnolly and does a lot of damage
Down Special: F.L.U.D.D.
Does not do damage, but is able to push an oppenent off the stage if powered up enough
Final Smash: Mario Finale
Giant wall of fiery rage that does masive damage and sends the oppenent flying
Posted 2/27/08

Special: Fireball
Just like Mario's Fireball attack, but green!
Side Special: Green Missile
The more charge you do the farther you fly and the more damage it does
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Same as Mario's
Down Special: Luigi Cyclone
Able to move him while he is hitting opponentes with this attack, Hint you can use this attack again and again if you keep pressing down special
Final Smash: Negative Zone
Engulfs most of the stage in a wierd dimension where if the opponent is in it gets hit with 2-3 of the random side effects listed here
1. Lower Strength
2. Flower Growth
3. Greater Launch Distance
4. Damage goes up
5. Dizziness (a.k.a. cannot control where he/she is going)
6. Drowziness (a.k.a. falls asleep)
7. Cannot control self and is stuck doing taunts

Posted 2/27/08

Special: Toad
Stops projectiles, and if hit right at the perfect moment, will release poisonous spores onto opponents
Side Special: Peach Bomber
Opponent gets knocked back by an explosion
Up Special: Peach Parasol
She flys up with her umbrella and hits anyone nearby then floats down on her umbrella
Down Special: Vegatable
She plucks out a vegatable from the ground, and depending on the face it has, depends on how much damage it will do.
Final Smash: Peach Blossom
Puts all enemys to sleep and a lot of peaches come out of nowhere, each peach you can eat can restore 5% of damage
Posted 2/27/08

Special: Fire Breath
Breathes fire in the direction he is facing, but the longer you hold it the smaller the flame is
Side Special: Flying Slam
He reaches out with his claw, and he makes contact he will grab the opponent and do some asrial somersaults in the air then bodyslam the enemy
Up Special: Whirling Fortress
Curls up into his shell and spins, and if in the air he will fly upwards
Down Special: Bowser Bomb
Bowser will jump into the air and land right in front of him causing damage to anyone around him
Final Smash: Giga Bowser Transformation
All Bowser's attacks become a little slower but a lot more powerful
Posted 2/27/08
Donkey Kong

Special: Giant Punch
The more charging you do for this attack, the more damage it does
Side Special: Headbutt
DK slams his head into the ground causing anyone hit by it to be temporarily stunned for a bit
Up Special: Spinning Kong
Spins in the air causing anyone around him to take damage, also up into the air
Down Special: Hand Slap
DK slams his hands onto the ground causing shockwaves
Final Smash: Konga Beat
The soundwaves from his Bongos cause a lot of damage and stunning, can cause a instant KO if a full charged Giant Punch is used afterwards
Posted 2/27/08
Diddy Kong

Special: Peanut Popgun
The speed and distance for the peanut is determined by how much you charge the popper, if you charge to long it will blow up in your face
Side Special: Monkey Flip
He does a flip and if he lands on someone, he will knock him'her in the head a couple times them slmas them onto the ground
Up Special: Rocketbarrel Boost
A charge on these Rocketbarrles and Diddy will fly upwards in any direction, causing damage to anyone he hits
Down Special: Bannana Peel
He pulls a bannana peel from nowhere and throws it onto the floor causing anyone to slip
Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barage
Its a combination of his Special and Up Special moves on steroids, he goes continuously on his boosters and shoots many peanuts until he runs out of fuel

Posted 2/27/08

Special: Egg Lay
Sticks out his tongue then swallows the closest enemy and turns him/her into an egg
Side Special: Egg Roll
Yoshi turns into an egg and runs rapid arcoss the stage while you control where he goes
Up Special: Egg Throw
You can charge how far up you throw these eggs into the air
Down Special: Yoshi Bomb
Just like Bowser he leaps foward and slams down in front of him
Final Smash: Super Dragon
Yoshi grows a pair of angel wings and is able to fly and shoot fireballs from his mouth, be warned as when it runs out his wings will disappear and you will be paralyzed until you touch land
Posted 2/27/08

Special: Chomp
While holding the special button down Wario will have his mouth open running to find somone to chomp on, when he does get somone he will continue chomping on them until they break free, it does a descent amount of damage
Side Special: Wario Bike
Like Yoshi's Egg Roll, Wario rides on his bike back and forth on the ground he is on, he is able to get off the bike whenever he wants, but when he does, any character can come by and pick it up and throw it
Up Special: Corkscrew
Its a very sad Up move, he hardly gets into the air, and when it does hit an opponent, it does very little damage
Down Special: Wario Waft
The longer you hold the down special, the more gas he builds up, and after you let go he does a fart equal to the strength of gas you built up. Its a great technique to master. Its a lot better extra jump then his up special
Final Smash: Wario - Man
Wario - Man is a stronger version of Wario, all his attacks (special and normal) are faster and stronger, warning dont use the ario Bike, unless you want to fall off the edge
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Hero's Bow
A standard bow & arrow, the distance is determined by the chrage
Side Special: Gale Boomerang
Better then the one in Melee, this one has a little hurricane on it that drags the opponent forwards or backwards depending how he/she got hit
Up Special: Spin Attack
Just like in Melee, he spins his sword and if in the air he will fly up
Down Special: Bomb
Pulls a bomb out of his back and throws it to do some descent damage
Final Smash: Tri-Force Slash
Link shoots a little beam of light, and the Smash only works if the beam makes contact with somone, he captures the opponent in the trifirce and slashes the repeatedly, then delivers a final blow, which could KO if they have enough damage
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Nayru's Love
Like in Melee, she covers herself in a blue diamond and attacks anyone nearby
Side Special: Din's Fire
The longer you hold the side special, the longer the little ball of fire will go
Up Special: Farore's Wind
She teleports in the direction you choose, does not do damage
Down Special: Transform
Transforms in Shiek (Hint: At the character selection screen you can choose if you want to start as Zelda or Shiek)
Final Smash: Light Arrow
Like Link's Final Smash, it only works if a little beam of light makes contact with somone, once made a conection, she frezzes the opponent and strikes them with a arrow of light, does massive damage or does a KO
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Needle Storm
The more you charge the more needles and the more damage it does
Side Special: Chain
Shoots a chain forward, doing damage, also as an added feature you can sue it to grab on the edge of a stage to survive
Up Special: Vanish
Disappears and then re-appears up on the stage, does not do damage
Down Special: Transform
Transforms into Zelda
Final Smash: Light Arrow
Same as Zelda's
Posted 2/28/08

Special: Warlock Punch
A giant punch surrounded in dark magic, does a lot of damage but very slow
Side Special: Gerudo Dragon
Lunges forward, and if makes contact with an opponent grabs him/her with dark magic and throw him/her on the ground
Up Special: Dark Drive
Does an uppercut into the air and if makes contact with an opponent, sends them flying
Down Special: Wizard's Foot
Same as his punch, surrounded in dark magic, does a fast kick
Final Smash: Beast Ganon
Transforms into his boar form, does a quick charge forward with 95% chance of KO, then transforms back
Posted 2/28/08
Toon Link

Special: Hero's Bow
Same as Link's but bow & arrow are a little toony looking
Side Special: Boomerang
Like Link's original boomerang from Melee, does not have wind to push and pull
Up Special: Spin Attack
Same as Link's
Down Special: Bomb
Same as Link's except a little toony bombs
Final Smash: Toon Triforce Slash
Has the same rules applied like Link's, the Triforce has a toony look to it
Posted 2/28/08
Samus Aran

Special: Charge Shot
Like the name says, you charge up a shot of electric energy
Side Special: Missile
Same as the one in Melee but a little different, if you hold side special for a bit, it will become a homing missile and not just a forward one (Normal Missiles look straight, the homing ones are round)
Up Special: Screw Attack
Same as in Melee, paralyzes you until you touch the ground
Down Special: Bomb
Samus curls up into a ball and drops a bomb underneath her
Final Smash: Zero Laser
A slow but huge pulse of her special attack, after she uses Zero Laser she becomes Zer Suit Samus
Posted 2/28/08
Zero Suit Samus

Special: Paralyzer
A gun that can be chraged to do more damage and go a greater distance, the blast also paralyzes the foe for a bit
Side Special: Plasma Whip
Knocksback the foe and does descent damage
Up Special: Plasma Wire
She whips her whip up into the air grabing onto anything above her while doing damage to a foe abover her
Down Special: Flip Jump
Does a backflip into the air, as an added bonus if you push the attack button while she does the flip, she will do a kick
Final Smash: Power Suit Samus
A gravitational pull that pulls all enemys around her and doing damage, then she gets her power suit back
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